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Here are the compilations and ranking posts we’ve made. You can also head on over to Films and Dramas to see full list of reviews and recaps!

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#MSM Rankings

Drama OSTs & Songs
Calling All You Villains
Worst Hairstyles: Boys Edition


Top 10 Favorite TVB Songs
Top 10 Favorite TVB Songs (Part II)

Current Faves
Korean Edition

Holiday/Year End Picks
Happy Thanksgiving (2014)!
2014 Countdown #5: Best OST
2014 Countdown #4: Best Directing
2014 Countdown #3: Best Cinematography
2014 Countdown #2: Best Actor & Actress
2014 Countdown #1: Best Drama

2015 Countdown #5: Best Cinematography
2015 Countdown #4: Best Chemistry
2015 Countdown #3: Best OST
2015 Countdown #2: Best Actor & Actress
2015 Countdown #1: Best Drama

Happy Thanksgiving (2016)!
2016 Countdown #5: Best OST
2016 Countdown #4: Best Chemistry
2016 Countdown #3: Best Potential
2016 Countdown #2: Best Actor & Actress
2016 Countdown #1: Best Drama

2017 Countdown #3: Best Actor & Actress


EXO-M – Exodus
[Album Review]

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4 thoughts on “The List

    • Anna just started a project so she probably won’t cover it. I’m in the middle of one so I’m not sure yet. I’ll decide after I check out the series, but even if I do recaps, it probably won’t be episodic because it airs too rapidly for me to do that.


  1. SSM says:

    Your recaps are so well done. Thank you firmaking the series so much more enjoyable. Can you please also recap:
    – Rent a girlfriend home for New Year; and
    – Ancient Terracota War Situation.

    I hope you can. Many thanks ☺


    • Thank you! We try to recap currently airing dramas, but if we ever need a project we will definitely check out the two you mentioned 🙂 Sorry for the late reply!


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