You’re All Surrounded (Series Review)

Murder, birth secret, unrequited love, family drama and sweet romance all rolled in one. Is this the series you should watch? Find out now!

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You’re All Surrounded (Ep 20 Recap – FINALE)

CAN you believe it? After nearly three months this show is at its end. Today is the finale, I am both excited and sad at the same time. Here’s to hoping it is a satisfying end! Care to join me?

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You’re All Surrounded (Ep 17 Recap)

In episode 16 Da-gu and Soo-sun finally confessed their mutual affections, and we found out Ae-yoon is definitely Dae-gu mom’s killer. Why would she want to kill Dae-gu’s mom? What past is yet left to uncover? Could Toad have predicted it all when he compared Team 3 to a makjang drama? Is there a birth secret waiting around the corner? What happens now? Let’s find out!

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