The Talk: Who do you want to vacation with?

These glorious sunny days of summer have got us daydreaming of going on vacations around the world. And speaking of daydreams, we do a lot of that with our favorite drama characters too. So, imagine if you could hang out with them in real life! Maybe it’s the handsome chaebol who’s got a lot of extra cash to spend or the sassy BFF who always tells it like it is.

If you could go on vacation with any character from any drama, who would it be?

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The Talk: What was your gateway drama?

Thank you to everyone who gave us such a positive response to, “The Talk.” Y’all are awesome! This time around, we want to discuss that one gateway drama we all have that kick-started our drama addiction. You know…the one that made our lives so much more entertaining and better, of course!

So in other words, what was the drama that started it all for you?

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The Talk: Would you date Myeong Soo?

Happy 1st anniversary to us! Yay, we can’t believe we have already hit the one year mark of Drama for Real, but we couldn’t have done it without YOU, our loyal readers! So for this new year, we would like to get to know all of you better by starting this new feature on the blog called, “The Talk.” Think of us as your drama-obsessed friends and we’re just having a typical chat about our favorite drama things.

The way this is gunna go is we’ll post a question (drama related), share our thoughts and cross our fingers that someone will respond. Please save us from embarrassment and somebody comment! >.< Pretty please?

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