2014 Countdown #2: Best Actor & Actress

Their performances in 2014 made us smile on the inside, laugh out loud, cry fat tears, and even forget that their characters aren’t real. Actors and actresses can often hold the fate of a drama in the palm of their hands because bad acting can completely ruin even a well-written script. So, it’s only right that we applaud the actors and actresses who were able to take a good drama to new heights.

Number 2 on our 2014 Countdown: Best Actor & Actress!

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2014 Countdown #4: Best Directing

It’s not always easy to quantify what makes directing “good” but you know it when you see it. Or maybe not. Either way, you definitely know a drama is brilliantly directed when you experience the feels. We’ve all definitely had our fair share of the feels when watching a particularly engaging drama, and we can thank the directing for playing a large part in that.

Number 4 on our 2014 Countdown: Best Directing!

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