Worst Hairstyles: Boys Edition (#MSM Rankings)

Gel, wax, mousse, hairspray…who knows what else goes into achieving those elaborate drama boys’ hairstyles. Sometimes what they really need is a proper haircut and a good look in the mirror before leaving the house.

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Drama OSTs & Songs (#MSM Rankings)

Welcome to “Milestone Monday” or #MSM here on Drama for Real! Every first Monday of the month, we’re going to be posting our rankings, or milestones if you will, for various aspects of all the dramas we’ve watched. These rankings are going to range from the very serious, e.g. the ultimate OTP (one true pairing) couples, to the pretty silly, e.g. worst hairstyles.

We’re starting off our #MSM series with something that can either make or break a drama: OSTs and songs. Who amongst us hasn’t hummed our favorite theme songs randomly during the day? So, grab a glass of water and clear your throat, and get ready for a little drama singalong!

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