2015 Countdown #3: Best OST

Sometimes a good track is the only redeeming factor of the drama and that’s when we say “at least the music was good.” Sometimes the track is not as tolerable and will leave us thinking “not again” when it plays for the twentieth time in a pivotal moment. Original Soundtrack aka OST is not as important as the acting perhaps, but it is often the most memorable. Long after the lines and the plots have faded in our minds will we still remember the tunes that went along. We will hum it happily while doing our mundane chores and it will add a little pep to our steps when we hear our favorites at the most unexpected places.

2015 Countdown’s #3: Best OST is for all the music we heard in dramas this year!

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The Talk: Would you date Myeong Soo?

Happy 1st anniversary to us! Yay, we can’t believe we have already hit the one year mark of Drama for Real, but we couldn’t have done it without YOU, our loyal readers! So for this new year, we would like to get to know all of you better by starting this new feature on the blog called, “The Talk.” Think of us as your drama-obsessed friends and we’re just having a typical chat about our favorite drama things.

The way this is gunna go is we’ll post a question (drama related), share our thoughts and cross our fingers that someone will respond. Please save us from embarrassment and somebody comment! >.< Pretty please?

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