2015 Countdown #5: Best Cinematography

We’re comin’ at you again with our annual “best of” list for the many dramas and movies we watched this year. It’s only right that we give some recognition to the highlights of Dramaland in 2015! Count down to the new year with us in this recap of the entertainment that made our year just a tad bit more interesting and memorable.

Kicking off our 2015 Countdown are our picks for #5: Best Cinematography. The artistic quality of this dramas helped highlight the romantic, endearing, sad, fantastic, mesmerizing moments and made them even more unforgettable.

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2014 Countdown #3: Best Cinematography

Even when a story isn’t top-notch, the aesthetic quality of a drama may sometimes be enough to sway you to watch it. After all, who doesn’t like seeing pretty people in pretty settings? Lucky for us though because we’ve found dramas in 2014 that are not only beautiful to look at but also wonderful to watch!

Number 3 on our 2014 Countdown: Best Cinematography!

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