2016 Countdown #5: Best OST

Another year of dramas has gone by, so y’all know what that means…it’s countdown time! Just like the previous two years, we’re going to be counting down to New Year’s Day with a post each day highlighting some of the best parts of the dramas of 2016. Join us in recapping and reminiscing about the dramas and movies that made the airwaves this year!

First up in our 2016 Countdown is the quintessential drama accompaniment, #5: Best OST.

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2015 Countdown #3: Best OST

Sometimes a good track is the only redeeming factor of the drama and that’s when we say “at least the music was good.” Sometimes the track is not as tolerable and will leave us thinking “not again” when it plays for the twentieth time in a pivotal moment. Original Soundtrack aka OST is not as important as the acting perhaps, but it is often the most memorable. Long after the lines and the plots have faded in our minds will we still remember the tunes that went along. We will hum it happily while doing our mundane chores and it will add a little pep to our steps when we hear our favorites at the most unexpected places.

2015 Countdown’s #3: Best OST is for all the music we heard in dramas this year!

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2014 Countdown #5: Best OST

To ring in the new year, we want to celebrate the eventful 2014, during which we got caught in the crazy, obsessed over new love, reminisced about the past, travelled to the future, stood behind enemy line, pushed impossible boundaries, learnt a few lessons about life, and feasted on amazing cinematography.

We are going to cover the BESTs of 2014 until New Year’s Day, kicking off with Number 5: Best OST!

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Drama OSTs & Songs (#MSM Rankings)

Welcome to “Milestone Monday” or #MSM here on Drama for Real! Every first Monday of the month, we’re going to be posting our rankings, or milestones if you will, for various aspects of all the dramas we’ve watched. These rankings are going to range from the very serious, e.g. the ultimate OTP (one true pairing) couples, to the pretty silly, e.g. worst hairstyles.

We’re starting off our #MSM series with something that can either make or break a drama: OSTs and songs. Who amongst us hasn’t hummed our favorite theme songs randomly during the day? So, grab a glass of water and clear your throat, and get ready for a little drama singalong!

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