Podcast for Real: Episode 3

America, Meet K-pop!

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We are all familiar with kdrama, but what is this new craze that’s taking the world by storm? Perhaps you saw them on TV, heard them on the radio or read a couple of articles about them. That’s right, we are talking about BTS, and more specifically the phenomenon of K-pop in the western hemisphere. Who knew that a country so closed off to foreign language music would embrace K-pop so easily? Yet despite the number of fans, there still seems to be a sense of closed-off-ness, turning a blind eye to chart climbing hits.

Intrigued? Listen to our podcast, walk down the memory lane with us, hear us talk about the past and present of K-pop, and what this all means (and what we hope this means) for the future of Asian music in the Western world.

Who started you off on K-pop? Are you surprised by the recent wave? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay Real,

Anna & Estelle



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