Podcast for Real: Episode 1

Lessons in Shamelessness

…And we’re LIVE!!! Welcome to the very first episode of the Drama for Real podcast hosted by us, Anna and Estelle.

Episode 1: Lessons in Shameless will cover the topic that all drama fans have passionately debated at one time or another: main male lead vs. second lead. Ahh that’s right; you know it and you feel some way about it. Are you the one who believes in predestined OTPs or do you root endlessly for the kind and gentle second lead who’s just waiting in the wings for his turn to shine?

This podcast is the latest extension of Drama for Real, where we hope to further share and discuss with our readers all of the beloved topics we cover here on the blog. We also hope that listeners will get to know us a little bit better through it! The format is super casual and is really just a glimpse into the drama discussions we have in real life…and a few tangents here and there.

Please feel free to leave us a comment or message us via social media with any feedback or thoughts that you have on our first foray into the podcast world. And maybe don’t make a drinking game out of how many times we say “like” or “ya know”, haha 😉.

Stay real,

Anna and Estelle


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