Happy Birthday & Good News!

Woot woot, we turn four!!!

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it? This little blog that started out of a random conversations between the two of us have now been around for four whole years. It has been growing and evolving beyond what we had first imagined, and we hope it continues to bring you the freshest, realest and best reviews and recaps out there. We are grateful for your companionship and support, and we look forward to more of this journey with you!

As you know, we are a big fan of trying new things. This blog came out of just that, so why not keep it going? Here are a few things that are coming your way this new year!


Join Us!

We recognize that a big part of this blog’s success is our readers, so this new year we would like to open this space up for your thoughts, ideas, recaps and reviews, and who knows, maybe a special category dedicated to just you! If you enjoy binging dramas on a regular basis, spreading the drama fever to others, sharing your opinions/thoughts, then go ahead and drop us at line at hello@dramaforreal.com! Please be sure to include a topic of interest or a completed draft with your preferred pen name.


Hear Us!

Yes! Drama for Real is going live on podcasts! No longer will you just be reading our words and imagining what our voices sound like – you will get to hear us rave about dramas we love, react to overdramatic scenes in the latest episodes, sob over the once-again-passed-over-yet-perfect second lead, and rant about the drama that you need to skip. Let us lay it all out there, raw and honest just like we have always been. Our first podcast will be out later this month, so be sure to check it out and give us feedback!!


Read Us!

No! Adding all these new elements does not mean we are abandoning our posts as the main bloggers of this website. We will continue to produce content, but we hope that by adding these pieces our blog can be more interactive, engaging and inclusive. We want to hear from you just as much as … well, as much as we want you to hear from us. We hope you will continue to support us and let’s make year five one to remember!

Stay real,

Anna & Estelle


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