2017 Countdown #2: Best Underrated Gem

Every year, there are those few dramas with famous headliners that get a ton of hype even before they hit the air. But what about the other ones that fell under the radar because they didn’t have as famous or popular of a cast? Never fear; that’s what we’re here for! As true drama fans, we’re willing to give everything a watch a least once. In our neverending quest to find the best drama, we’ve come across quite a few that were truly excellent, but didn’t get nearly enough attention this year.

2017 Countdown’s #2: Best Underrated Gem is for the dramas that deserve spotlights shone on them!

Best Underrated Gem of 2017

Anna: As I’ve become older, my taste in dramas have, undoubtedly, changed. (Less flower boys, and more successful professional men, please.) But, if there is one drama theme that I’ve always tried to steer clear of is the school theme. There are some really great ones that I’ve watched and loved over the years, but it’s gotta be something special. In 2017, however, Solomon’s Perjury was that for me. This drama captivated me with its murder-mystery storyline and strong performances by its mostly rookie cast of actors and actresses. The twists in the plot were well done and propelled the story forward in a logical manner. What I liked the most about this drama was, surprisingly, the school setting. Unlike other school-themed dramas, the school itself in Solomon’s Perjury played the role of an actual character in the story. Perhaps because it was not burdened by a famous cast or viewer expectations, but Solomon’s Perjury was allowed to do whatever it wanted and consequently became one of my favorites in 2017.

Runner-up: Estelle and I came across The Sound of Your Heart completely by chance when we were hanging out on a Friday night and browsing Netflix. Right away, I was hooked onto the show and loved how irreverent and funny it was. The jokes in it aren’t the most sophisticated, but can’t we all appreciate a well-done poop joke once in awhile? The cast (Lee Kwang Soo, Jung So Min, etc.) is solidly funny and charming in its own right. I also appreciate that the drama is made up of relatively short standalone episodes. Since that Friday night, I’ve watched The Sound of Your Heart many more times and continue to laugh each time.

Estelle: Though I’ve gotten older, my taste in drama has more or less remained the same, unlike Anna (hehe). I’m still a sucker for a good school drama, not because I want to recapture lost youth or anything like that, but because I love the innocence, the simpleness, and perhaps some of that nostalgia – bits that remind me of how easy it was to just go next door to split a late night pizza with friends. Maybe my already biased opinion towards school themed dramas has something to do with it, but I really thought Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo was beautifully written, and showed us a different heroine whom we can all appreciate. I have already dedicated an entire post to this drama, so I won’t bore you all with details about how much I love it, but it is definitely one I would watch again and again. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the girl outshines the guy in this – I mean c’mon dramaworld, let’s break out of these predefined gender stereotypes already, it’s almost 2018!


What were your favorite dramas from this year that more people should know about and watch? Any that you came across by chance and loved?

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone, and stay tuned tomorrow for the finale of our 2017 Countdown… Best Drama!

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2 thoughts on “2017 Countdown #2: Best Underrated Gem

  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    Well, I just started the completely ridiculous and fluffy “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me” and so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Most dramas set in schools with rich kids appeal to me about as much as Heirs did. But I’ve only heard discussion of this on My Drama List so that makes it an overlooked gem to me.


  2. I agree Weightlifting Fairy was a rare gem. But my vote goes to Cambrian Period. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so underrated if it had gotten subbed by Dramafever or Viki. But since it didn’t, there are precious few who have even heard of this drama which was very different from most dramas I’ve seen and a well-told, gripping story and swoony romance.


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