Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (Ep 3 Recap)

Here’s to love and war!

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Estelle’s Recap

After drunk sleeping for about a month, Si Ying is brought to Li Jing’s fancy Jacuzzi aka where he is chilling with his maids/concubines. He toys with her a little and gets her to confess that she is a woman before telling her that Ling Yu is still resistant to the idea of becoming Qing Cang’s adoptive son. However, given that invitations for the adoption ceremony has already gone out it is no longer up to Ling Yu and what he wants. A panicked Si Ying is uncertain what to do, but Li Jing reassures her that he will help her escape.


Meanwhile, Mo Yuan returns from his retreat because he saw Si Ying’s predicament in a dream. He immediately sets out for Yi Jie to rescue his beloved! I mean his beloved students, ahem.

With a poof of magical smoke Mo Yuan appears in front of Si Ying. The pair then busts into Ling Yu’s cabin and saves the latter.


boom and all the bad guys go floppidy flop flop

Qing Cang takes this opportunity to blame Mo Yuan for inciting war, but Mo Yuan is not one to take that sitting down so a fight ensues. Both of them are so powerful though that no clear winner is emerging. Just then, Li Jing appears and shields Mo Yuan & co. as they flee. He also tells them that Qing Cang has a special weapon called the Dong Huang Zhong which has yet to make an appearance, but I’m going to assume its a clock of sorts or maybe a bell based on its name. According to the last episode, this is a powerful weapon especially entrusted to the Other Clan in order to appease them after it has been decided that that Sky Clan would rule.

Mo Yuan, Si Ying and Ling Yu escape successfully. However, this does not bode well for our lover boy Li Jing who not only gets a hard slap across his face, but also gets locked up by his papa. Womp womp.



that slap looks like it hurt!

Remember that tian jie thing they were all talking about in the last episode? That something dangerous that Si Ying has to endure aka be protected from? Well, it is here, in the form of three lightning strikes, which Mo Yuan takes on behalf of Si Ying. No wonder that rumor is going around like it is – I mean this is more than just your average favoritism!

Supposedly once you are of a certain age and have enough training you will be eligible for an “upgrade,” which is only granted after you endure a tian jie. Though Si Ying didn’t take the lightning strikes herself she technically “endured” and so she was upgraded to the level of Shang Xian. Despite this seemingly fancy title Shang Xian is still one below Shang Sheng, the level of big shots like Mo Yuan and Zhe Yan.


trapped behind a force field


In the meantime Yan Zhi breaks Li Jing out of his containment. Where does he go? He decides to visit Si Ying! What’s more is that the moment he sees her he proposes that they leave everything behind and elope! Woah! That confession came real fast.


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The extra mile:

  • Li Jing realizes he is in love with Si Ying because all he could think of was her when he was trying to make out with this other woman by the lake. Cue eye roll.
  • Yan Zhi laments that as part of the Other Clan she can’t be with anyone from the Sky Clan. Li Jing quietly relates.


  • Li Jing confesses to Si Ying and attempts to kiss her while drunk, but falls asleep before he could. Then, Si Ying pushes him onto a blanket and rolls him up by the side of the bed. Of course he doesn’t remember when he wakes up.


  • Qing Cang and Mo Yuan’s powers can cut through blades apparently.
  • Si Ying gets a visit from her fourth brother Bai Zheng who is worried over her well-being since they are likely heading into war. He’s also got a cool ride.
  • The head of the Sky Clan is plotting to use Li Jing to overthrow the Other Clan.

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