Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (Ep 2 Recap)

And the adventure begins!

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the glamour of the Tian Clan

Estelle’s Recap

As it often is the case with these grand masters, Mo Yuan needs to go on a solo retreat with a date of return right around when something dangerous is predicted to happen to Si Ying. Before he goes, Mo Yuan entrusts Si Ying to Ling Yu, his ninth disciple, who immediately protests the task since he knows well how mischevious Si Ying can be. However, Mo Yuan is confident that the task of copying one of the books will keep Si Ying preoccupied. Well, I wouldn’t be so certain if I were you!

Sure enough as soon as Mo Yuan leaves Si Ying proposes that they go witness the birth of the first grandchild of the leader of the fox tribe (aka her dad, but Ling Yu doesn’t know). Knowing well that Ling Yu is a big fan of her dad Bai Zhu and the phoenix Zhe Yan, she entices him with the opportunity to see them. Plus! She promises that this trip will only take half a day since she knows a shortcut. This doesn’t sound good I tell ya. Shortcuts never work out.

The shortcut that Si Ying is referring to is through this place called Yi Jie, roughly to mean the strange world. While travelling through, Ling Yu warns Si Ying to be careful because they can’t use their powers here and the lord of this land, Qing Cang is eager to overthrow the Sky Clan (the group that Mo Yuan etc. belongs to) and take over the world. Mo Cang and his peeps? They belong to Other Clan (literally this is what their name means). Oh my gosh, this world is so complicated! Gah!


“we have one more hour of walking left…”


“be ware of Qing Cang!”

Anyway, back to the story – some men in black suddenly appear out of nowhere and start to attack our friends. Before Si Ying can figure out who sent them they all commit suicide at the sound of a horn. Shortly after Qing Cang and his daughter Yan Zhi appear. Si Ying and Ling Yu pretend to be followers of Zhe Yan in hopes that this will ensure their safe passage. Since Zhe Yan has retired from the fight of the Other Clan, Sky Clan and Demon Clan, folks typically leave his people alone. However, just as Si Ying and Ling Yu attempt to make their departure Qing Cang uses this half man half lion creature to stop their path and “invite” them back to his place for a banquet.



do you get more horns when you age? they just break through the skin or something? sounds painful…

Of course, Qing Cang is not there to entertain. He already knows that Si Ying and Ling Yu are Mo Yuan’s disciples and not Zhe Yan’s followers. In order to incite Mo Yuan and therefore the Sky Clan to start a war with them, Qing Cang insists on taking Ling Yu in as an adoptive son. Ling Yu is clearly not interested, and so our two friends are thrown in jail. The jail cell is actually quite nice though with a plate of fruit, a bed and a lot of space to roam. It certainly is nicer than that water cell Yao Guan had.


how come she’s dressed like this but ling yu is just in white?

Later that night while in bed…

Si YingYao Guan liked my teacher so she imprisoned me. Qing Cang wants to adopt a son and he imprisons me too. I’ve lived hundreds of thousands of years and me, Bian Qian, the daughter of the leader of the fox clan is just here to play a supporting role… and my powers don’t even work!

The next day Yan Zhi, who is apparently infatuated with Si Ying sends a black bird into the latter’s room to help her escape. While en route Si Ying unknowingly runs into Qing Cang’s second son, Li Jing. For some random reason Li Jing becomes obsessed with Si Ying’s outfit and insists that she takes it off so he can offer it up to his father as a birthday gift. When she refuses (I mean who wouldn’t) he ends up chasing her around and they both fall into the lake together. In order to avoid being caught by the men in black walking pass, Si Ying has to remain under water. However, because her powers are useless here she quickly runs out of breath. Luckily Li Jing uses his powers to pass some air to her and she survives! No kissing though =\


that underwater murkiness

After they resurface Si Ying asks Li Jing if he is also brought here by Qing Cang as an adoptive son –.– do you not see the horns on his head??

Si YingIt’s so cold here!
Li JingYou are afraid of the cold as if you are an ordinary person.
Si YingAm I not like an ordinary person here? All my powers are rendered useless.
Li Jing: You are part of the Sky Clan?


you are who??

Si YingOf course. You must be too. Were you kidnapped as well to be an adoptive son?
Li Jing: What did you say? Adoptive son?
Si Ying: Yeah. Doesn’t the lord here like to adopt sons? You must be one too.
Li Jing: I’m the second Prince, Li Jing.

And of course, as soon as she hears that Si Ying attempts to run away. Li Jing pulls her back via his powers and she falls into his lap. Voila, the first eye lock of the series!



yo man he definitely wore color contacts

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The extra mile:

  • Princess Yan Zhi asks Si Ying if the latter is married! LOL.
  • Li Jing is played by Zhang Bing Bing who is KO in Love O2O. Hey oh!
  • The lord of the Sky Clan is worried that Qing Cang is going to rebel and agrees to Tian Di’s suggestion to align with the foxes through marriage. Tian Di is the original lord of all the land, but gave up his seat when the world became peaceful.
  • Li Jing agrees to partner with Yan Zhi and help Si Ying.
  • Si Ying’s second older brother has a baby girl named Bai Feng Jiu.

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  1. darkn3ss says:

    Even though I already watched this, because I’m going through withdrawals I will read your recap Estelle. Thanks for the hard work much love.


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