Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (Ep 1 Recap)

It’s finally here!


Estelle’s Recap

One hundred thousand years ago there was a terrible war in which various ancient gods lost their lives, leaving only three clans – the dragons, the phoenixes and the nine-tailed white foxes. Bai Qian is the youngest daughter and the direct descendant of the leader of the fox clan which makes her royalty. However, because of her mischievous personality her parents sent her to their friend, the phoenix, Zhe Yan who in turn brought her to his brother Mo Yuan, the god of war, to train.

We are quickly introduced to a far off land where mountains are high and trees are green, all cloaked in clouds. And nestled in this perfecting setting is the residence of the mysterious Mo Yuan and his disciples. Sure enough there atop some peak are his students draped in white robes, running around chasing this flying fan, all hoping to capture the fancy of this magical item. Mo Yuan suddenly appears from a corner and grabs hold of the fan. As the fan wiggles in his hand he wonders if he is about to get a new student.

check my fancy fan yo

Ah, of course you are you silly man! How else will this story continue? No surprises here as that new student is Bai Qian. However, since Mo Yuan only accepts male students (what is this gender discrimination going on here?) Zhe Yan has turned Bai Qian into a man, and she now goes by the moniker of Si Ying, a random homeless fox that Zhe Yan adopted. Mo Yuan appears to buy the story, but he has actually already seen through the trick. Womp womp, bring on the misunderstandings!


And so twenty thousand years past with Si Ying living as a man among Mo Yuan’s other students. One day while she’s out in town with her friend Zi Lan she happens upon a goddess named Yao Guan who apparently has been crushing on Mo Yuan for who knows how long. Because unsavory rumors regarding Si Ying’s relationship with Mo Yuan has been circulating the courts, this goddess has decided that she must remove Si Ying by kidnapping the latter in the middle of the night. Not only that, Yao Guan insists that Si Ying become her disciple instead. When Si Ying implies that Yao Guan is doing all this just to get Mo Yuan’s attention, Yao Guan has her put in a water cell. Oops.

Panic starts to set in as water rush in. But fear not Si Ying! Your teacher Mo Yuan is going to save you! And save her he does – going from storming Yao Guan’s lair to rescue Si Ying personally to challenging the goddess to a duel. I guess Mo Yuan does make it pretty clear Si Ying is someone special to him. It’s probably hard to not act on your jealousy when you have been ignored for centuries.


Anyway, day of the battle quick arrives and all of Mo Yuan’s disciples gather to watch their teacher fight. Of course, Yao Guan is no match for Mo Yuan and she quickly loses. And according to the deal Yao Guan now has to leave their shared mountain. Before she departs, she makes one last attempt at drawing closer to Mo Yuan, but fails miserably.

Yao Guan: You and I were friends once during the war between gods and demons , but now… now, everything has faded.
Mo Yuan: You and I were never close. I’m afraid your words are too heavy (you have mistaken).

Ouch! Imagine being told that by the man you have loved for hundreds of thousands of years. Geez, that’s harsh.


you are my hear-hear-hear-heartbreakerrr~

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The extra mile:

  • The magical fan picks Si Ying as its owner and Mo Yuan gifts it to her for agreeing to be the youngest disciple.
  • Si Ying loves to drink alcohol so Mo Yuan gifts her some for her birthday.
  • Si Ying’s fourth brother has sent Xuan Nv, their sister-in-law’s sister, to her to escape from an arranged marriage.
  • Ling Yu is played by Zhang He. Zhang He was in Love O2O as Tian Shui Wu Xiang.

4 thoughts on “Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (Ep 1 Recap)

  1. lynette31 says:

    Thanks for the recap! It’s always nice to get more insights into a drama I like especially from a Chinese speaker. I love learning more about the subtle nuances.


    • Ah! Then this drama recap series is the one for you. So many details I feel like I could spend quite a few separate posts just on the complicated character relationship map.


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