2016 Countdown #4: Best Chemistry

When two actors really hit it off on screen, you just know this drama will go far. It doesn’t even matter if the rest of the plot sucks as long as they’ve got this special thing called chemistry. Perhaps nothing is more elusive than this in a drama. You’ve either got it or you don’t; there’s no fakin’ it. But if you do, watch out because things are about to get lit.

2016 Countdown’s #4: Best Chemistry is for all those couples we ship and love, friendships and bromances that warm the heart, and the perfect partners in crime!

Best Chemistry of 2016

Anna: Let’s be real here, it’s kind of shocking that I lasted an entire post before mentioning Signal (K). But let the lovefest begin now because this drama’s three leads, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hye Soo and Cho Jin Woong, shared some of the best chemistry I’ve ever seen in a drama. Each of the actors and their characters had their own individual relationship with the others, but this series was at its most excellent when all three shared the metaphorical spotlight together. All three of them never actually shared a scene together, but their chemistry was nevertheless palpable and drove the plot forward. I felt the full weight of the emotions expressed in each of their conversations and interactions despite the characters being literally separated by time and space. If I had to pick, the Lee Je Hoon-Kim Hye Soo and Kim Hye Soo-Cho Jin Woong pairings were my favorites, but the real magic happened when all three were “together.”


Runner-up: Although my loyalty firmly remains with Linda Chung, I must admit that Ruco Chan‘s coupling with Nancy Wu in A Fist Within Four Walls (HK) was pretty fun. They benefited from having characters that were quite similar and well-matched, but I enjoyed their friendly banter and rapport. I don’t get the romance-y OTP vibes from these two, but they’d make great friends.


When thinking back the drama that came to mind this year for best chemistry will have to be Refresh Man (TW). Yes, I had my fair share of gripe about the drama, but I do think Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng really pulled it through for this series to do as well as it did. I had never seen their pairing before, but after this drama I welcome any coupling of them for future series or movies. Aaron’s smug charm and Joanne’s cuteness match well together – they are fun-loving, but not over the top, which is exactly what I look for.


Runner-up: How can a post about chemistry go without mentioning Hwang Jung Eum who snagged both best and runner-up last year in this category? Her role in Lucky Romance (K) also created some serious sparks with Ryu Jun Yeol. I didn’t think they would do well, but boy did they prove me wrong!


Which actors and characters really wowed you with their chemistry in 2016? Did you have a favorite OTP? And stay tuned tomorrow for… Best Potential!

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One thought on “2016 Countdown #4: Best Chemistry

  1. ¡Mejor pareja! Me encantan estos premios *_*.

    Las dos primeras parejas y sus dramas no los conozco :O.

    Refresh man no me gustó nada y odié la pareja 😭😭.

    Lucky romance quiero verla 😍😍😍

    Mi mejor pareja del 2016 son Mimi y Wolf de Prince of Wolf 😍


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