Back to 1989 (Ep 21 Recap)

Will they meet again?

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Estelle’s Recap

This episode begins with Chen Che demanding to know where Zhen Zhen and the rest of the gang are. Mom wonders why Chen Che doesn’t remember that Zhen Zhen was in a car accident. Womp womp.

Suddenly we are brought back to 1993 when Zhen Zhen happens upon a couple taking wedding photos while out with baby Chen Che. Zhen Zhen immediately imagines that the couple is her and Chen Che. Isn’t this even a tiny bit weird for her though? I guess not because she also agrees to baby Chen Che’s request to get married when he’s older…. uhhhh.


Anyway, baby Chen Che almost gets hit by a car while chasing a dog.. And Zhen Zhen pushes him out of the way just in time to get hit herself. Argh. Seriously?

Now in present time, adult Chen Che lifts up his shirt sleeve to reveal a scar from the accident. Mom tells him that no one has seen Zhen Zhen ever since that day. A traumatized Chen Che asks out loud why this butterfly effect is happening to Zhen Zhen his one true love.

So Chen Che busts out of the hospital and runs all the way to grandpa so he can find out how to get back to 1989, but grandpa is clearly not all there mentally. A desperate Chen Che decides that he’s going to speed through the tunnel again, but no matter how many times he try he doesn’t succeed.


A deflated Chen Che heads home and apologizes to his mom for always asking about his dad. While flipping through some old albums, Chen Che discovers the old engagement ring Jin Qin gifted to Ya Juan years ago. Chen Che asks about it and mom refuses to say too much. A determined Chen Che then decides that he must find Jin Qin!

As luck would have it, Chen Che accidentally bumps into Jin Qin on the street. The latter is back from Germany for some event and Chen Che immediately encourages him to get together with mom. Fortunately for Jin Qin and Ya Juan, neither is married and they happily revisit their alma mater, reminiscing the past. Jin Qin takes this opportunity to confess to Ya Juan again, and the latter produces the ring she has been keeping all these years, asking him to put it on for her! Awww!


Meanwhile, Chen Che visits the tailor shop which is now run by Zhen Zhen’s brother Guo An. Chen Che asks to see Zhen Zhen’s room in hopes of finding Zhen Zhen’s diary, but Guo An confesses that he just had a local bookstore take away all of Zhen Zhen’s stuff. When Chen Che gets to the bookstore though, the storekeeper tells him someone else just grabbed the diary. Is it Zhen Zhen!?

Chen Che dashes out of the shop and runs into the school that he took Zhen Zhen to before. And in the seat he used to sit in, there’s a girl in a yellow outfit!!


He calls out her name, and the girl turns around – it is Ye Zhen Zhen!

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Onboard the time machine:

  • In 1993 Zhen Zhen’s heel gets stuck in a hole that is the exact size. The heel is like a platform block – how the heck was there a hole just big enough?
  • While riding in the tunnel Chen Che mistakes the shining headlights of an oncoming truck (was he in the wrong lane?) for his path to 1989. He gets hit as a result, but the truck driver just drives off? What?
  • In 1990, Zhen Zhen meets a random dude who tells her she should’ve died last year in a tunnel. It suddenly makes sense to Zhen Zhen that Chen Che had saved her when he arrived. Dung dung dungggg!
  • Everyone ends up really successful. Jin Qin is a famed professor; Xiao Long inherited his family business and expanded into tourism; Zhong En opened a Chinese restaurant in America, got married and have two kids.

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4 thoughts on “Back to 1989 (Ep 21 Recap)

  1. So he literally ends up with someone old enough to be his mom? Who for some random reason disappeared after a car accident? Or did she get swooshed to the present time so they are closer in age?


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