Back to 1989 (Ep 19 Recap)

So, are we back at square one…?


Previously on Back to 1989… ep 18 recap

Anna’s Take

Round and round we go. That should be the tagline of this drama. There are only a couple of episodes left, but the story doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Every episode, we’re dealing with the same issues. What will happen to Ya Juan? Is Chen Che finally going back to 2016? How can Zhen Zhen be such an idiot? Seriously. I’m pretty over this story that seems to be going absolutely nowhere. 2016…that’s where it’s at, y’all.

Episode 18

Zhen Zhen tries to console Chen Che after he finds out that he’s the son of a wanted criminal. He totally regrets not having Ya Juan go through the abortion earlier, and now shit could have really hit the fan with this Guo Sheng Tai & cell phone drama. Chen Che is determined that he must leave NOW to stop things from getting more crazy. Cue the temper tantrum from Zhen Zhen; wahhh. I don’t understand how this chick still doesn’t understand that baby Chen Che and the adult him cannot exist in the same time and space. How is someone this dumb…?

Wait...don't go...ok, bye.

Wait…don’t go…ok, bye.

After making up from their fight (again), Zhen Zhen gives Chen Che the notebook that Guo Sheng Tai dropped during the chase. The two of ’em do some sleuthing, and discover that the Hepatitis B medicine patent that he advised Xiao Long to invest in is a big hoax! Since Xiao Long obviously won’t listen to Chen Che, it’s up to Zhen Zhen to make him sell all his stocks 10 AM. And legit 5 minutes after he does, the fake pharmaceutical company is busted. Crisis averted!

Psychic Chen.

Psychic Chen.

After hearing that lighter clicking sound, Ya Juan keeps having recurring nightmares of her attack. Jin Qin tries to comfort her, but she can’t stand anyone touching her. Even the slightest motion freaks her out now. Ya Juan and Jin Qin go to Zhen Zhen and Chen Che, respectively, for advice about their current situation. Being the nice guy that he is, Jin Qin ain’t going nowhere despite this obstacle. True love?


In a scene straight from a horror film, Guo Sheng Tai literally appears out of thin air in front of Chen Che and Zhen Zhen as they’re walking home. Turns out that the douche can’t open the cell phone, and is now on the run from President Wang for the fake stock info. Chen Che busts out the lighter and demands to know what the hell he did to Ya Juan.



The douchebag won’t admit to anything, and instead tries to threaten Chen Che by saying he saved him, so now he owes him. Chen Che’s all like, fine…take it then! Guo Sheng Tai starts beating the shit out of him, but Chen Che doesn’t retaliate because this is his way of “giving” his life back to his dad. The police come just in time to cuff the jackass and take him away. See ya never!

Jin Qin comes home all excited about his new job, but Ya Juan is about to rain allll over his parade. She tells him that they should break up because she just can’t let him be burdened by her and the baby anymore. Even though Jin Qin insists that her child is his child, Ya Juan refuses to be that selfish. And right when she’s explaining how guilty she feels when she sees Jin Qin’s dad treating her as if she’s carrying his actual grandson…Jin Qin’s dad appears at the door! Guess he heard everything, oops.

Break up speech.

Break up speech.

Even though Ya Juan’s parents apologize for troubling him, Jin Qin’s dad insists that no one’s to blame and that it’s Jin Qin decision. But hold up, then he says that he won’t allow Jin Qin to be responsible for the baby. What happened to it being his decision? There’s no changing the guy’s mind though. He’s not going to let his son take care of another man’s baby. Okay, yo…if Jin Qin really did love Ya Juan and the baby as much as he says he does, shouldn’t he have at least attempted to stand up to his dad? Ya Juan gives him back the engagement ring, and that’s that.

After breaking up with Jin Qin, Ya Juan planned to move to Xiao Long’s family’s place in the countryside for the rest of her pregnancy. But in a total surprise move, her mom stops her and insists that she stay at her own place. Apparently, she doesn’t give an eff anymore if the neighbors will gossip. Good for ya, lady.

This is your home.

This is your home.

Onboard the time machine:

Zhen Zhen goes digging through Chen Che’s stuff to find out his birthday/departure date. Rude!

Chen Che does President Wang a solid and gives him a heads up about Guo Sheng Tai and the fake pharmaceutical company.

Zhen Zhen continues her reign as the dumbest person in this drama (and life…?) by suggesting to Chen Che that she gets pregnant with his baby. Her reasoning? She’ll have the baby to keep her company when he’s gone. He basically laughs in her face and to GTFO of his room. Can y’all feel my eye roll through the computer screen?

Will they reunite in 2016?

Will they reunite in 2016?

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