Back to 1989 (Ep 17 Recap)

Will Chen Che live?

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Estelle’s Recap

‘Tis the day! Though Ya Juan is visibly sad she tells Chen Che that she is certain this is the best option for both her and the child. While waiting, Ya Juan asks Chen Che if the baby will hate her. He replies that as long she loved him, then he won’t hate her. Upon hearing this, Ya Juan confesses that she doesn’t know how to love the baby and that she feels like she is just being selfish. Chen Che comforts her by saying that the baby (aka himself) will love her no matter what. Oh the irony!


While Ya Juan is in the surgery room, Chen Che gets teary eyed thinking about how he will no longer exist. Just then, Zhen Zhen comes up to hug him and they share an intimate moment listening to the cassette. And of course she makes this all about her again by telling Chen Che how she will now have her own secret and how she will do all these things to cope with missing him. Argh. Girl, he is about to disappear, can you comfort him a little?

ANYWAY. While on the operation table Ya Juan suddenly experiences severe pain. As a result, Chen Che is also rolling on the floor outside. Zhen Zhen panics and screams at Chen Che to figure something out since he is so smart. OMG. Are you serious? She finally realizes that she needs to find a doctor so she bangs on the OPERATING room door. Uh, are there no other doctors?

Just then, the door opens and the doctor pushes Ya Juan out on the operating table. Turns out Ya Juan decided to keep the baby. Zhen Zhen is elated to hear this news and immediately runs to embrace Chen Che.


But let us not forget there’s still Ya Juan’s mom that she has to deal with. When she gets home, mom just got off the phone with the news that Ya Juan should be accepted into an university in America. Mom is super excited and claims that this is the only thing that has brought her joy since the Hong Yuan incident. Ya Juan kneels down in front of her mom to explain what happened that night, including the fact that Zhong En is the one who raped her. Mom immediately decides that Ya Juan needs to get an abortion and then go abroad. Ya Juan declares that she wants to give birth to her baby, but mom freaks out and blames Ya Juan for not listening to her about staying home instead of going out to parties.

As a way to stop mom from aborting her child, Ya Juan temporarily moves to Zhen Zhen’s house. Though she has decided to keep her baby Ya Juan still has a bunch of nightmares. Zhen Zhen comforts her by describing how awesome and handsome Chen Che is. Blah.

The next morning Ya Juan’s dad convinces mom to support Ya Juan’s decision, and they should be proud of her because she is brave enough to be a single mom, loving her child despite how terrible the father is.

Ya Juan is also busy looking for jobs to support herself because she’s certain her mom will not let her keep her baby. She explains that she will choose her baby over her mom because at least her mom has her dad but her baby only has her. Upon hearing this Chen Che runs off to tell Jin Qin what happened.


Jin Qin storms into Zhong En’s bar to beat the latter up.While arguing back and forth Zhong En finally reveals the truth – that when he found Ya Juan she was already hurt, and in order to protect Ya Juan from further harm, he just let her believe it was him all along. Zhong En insists that they convince Ya Juan to abort the baby, but Jin Qin is already ready to face everything.


Onboard the time machine:

  • Ya Juan asks if Zhen Zhen and Chen Che want to be her baby’s godparents, but both refuse. Zhen Zhen clarifies by saying the baby can call her “jie jie” which is older sister.
  • Ya Juan wonders why Zhen Zhen is so sure the baby is a boy. Ha!
  • Chen Che arranges for Ya Juan and Jin Qin to live in his client’s home temporarily rent free.
  • Zhong En sold his bar so he can move abroad. I mean that’s not too big a lose right? Only his friends ever visited.
  • Everyone makes up, except Ya Juan and Zhong En. Xiao Long gets kind of upset that he is still out of the loop.
  • Zhong En sees Ya Juan one last time – he watches as Ya Juan eats sweets with Zhen Zhen and Jin Qin. Awwww!

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