Back to 1989 (Ep 16 Recap)

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Anna’s Recap

Chen Che officially knows why his father’s identity was always kept a secret, and couldn’t be more miserable about it. Was it worth it coming back to 1989 if he couldn’t prevent or fix the problem? What’s already been done cannot be changed, but it doesn’t mean Chen Che isn’t going to try his hardest to change what hasn’t happened yet. Despite his efforts, I think we all know that his birth is one of those “fated” things that cannot be changed. Do we even want him to change his own very existence?

Episode 16

Having come to grips with the fact that his whole existence was completely unwanted, Chen Che is determined to spend whatever time he has left in 1989 with Zhen Zhen. They think that their time-traveling love is no obstacle, and they’ll just reunite in 2016. Wait, doesn’t Chen Che realize that he’s never seen Zhen Zhen in his entire life before coming here…?

Making the most of it.

Making the most of it.

Professor Chen sees Jin Qin standing outside the house, trying to catch a glimpse of Ya Juan. Poor guy thinks that she broke up with him because he isn’t good enough for her, and now he’s determined to win her back in the future. Professor Chen can’t do anything else but sigh and shake his head. To make matters worse, Ya Juan’s mom sees them talking and condescendingly shoos Jin Qin away. Whatabitch.


Uh oh…Ya Juan realizes that she hasn’t gotten her period yet. When she confides in Zhen Zhen, she convinces her to go to the doctor to get checked out. The doctor confirms Ya Juan’s worst fear: she’s pregnant. Zhen Zhen wants to tell Chen Che, but Ya Juan refuses to let anyone else know. Oops, too late; Chen Che was standing outside the door and heard everything.


Thinking that this child will grow up to be just as awful and evil as his father (currently still believed to be Zhong En), Ya Juan is convinced that she must abort it. Despite Zhen Zhen’s begging, Ya Juan has made up her mind. Because no matter how wonderful this child might be, everytime she stares at him, she’ll just be reminded of the rape. Seeing Ya Juan’s pain, Chen Che agrees that she should just abort the baby. Zhen Zhen’s freaking out, but he assures her that he’ll take care of it. Uh, how?

It's taken care of.

It’s taken care of.

Apparently Zhen Zhen didn’t realize that he wouldn’t exist AT ALL if Ya Juan was to get an abortion. Wth, wasn’t that obvious? Professor Chen tells her and Chen Che that there will be no traces of him left in either 1989 or 2016 if Ya Juan goes through with it. Chen Che knows firsthand how sad Ya Juan’s life becomes, so he’s determined to correct this “mistake” for her by letting her abort him. That sounds so weird.

Look of sacrifice.

Look of sacrifice.

Once Zhen Zhen realizes that this situation really, absolutely is not about her, she tries to console Chen Che. The roles flip real fast though when she starts wailing. Like, gurl, y’all been dating for like a week. I ain’t buying this weepy heartbreak. Nope. Classic Zhen Zhen, only thinking about herself. Kudos to Chen Che for being sympathetic to her, but dammit, he’s got his own shit to deal with!

After thinking about it all day, Zhen Zhen tells Chen Che that he should go do whatever he wants. It’s not right for her to be so selfish. She tries to put on a brave face, and even asks when he plans on taking Ya Juan to the hospital. His response: tomorrow.



The two decide to make the most out of their literal last day and night together, so he brings her to…his old high school. Wow, the romance. They celebrate all future birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with one measly cake. THEN, Chen Che sings “Happy Birthday” to themselves. THEN, he gives her a jar of caramels because it’s a candy that exists in both 1989 and 2016. Zhen Zhen rewards his awful gift with a make-out session and more wailing. Excuse me, I gots to go vom. I can’t even with this cheesiness.

Make a wish.

Make a wish.

After spending their last night on Earth together just chilling and staring at each other (seriously?), Zhen Zhen starts up the waterworks again. So much for accepting his decision. Chen Che gets her to shut up by giving her a cassette tape with a recorded message she’s. He then tricks her into going home first by saying that he’s got some stuff to talk about with Professor Chen alone.

Fare thee well.

Fare thee well.

Onboard the time machine:

Zhen Zhen is a bit weirded out that she’s dating her BFF’s son, but Chen Che has no problem with it. Ehhh.

With Chen Che’s help ($$$), Zhen Zhen is able to trick her mom into thinking that she “forgot” she hid money all over the house. Not enough to remedy the whole Hong Yuan fiasco, but better than nothin’.

Ya Juan’s mom re-mortgaged their house to get the funds to send Ya Juan abroad.

Jin Qin leaves a heartbreaking letter for Ya Juan blaming himself for the breakup. He vows to become someone successful and worthy of her love. Poor guy.

Chen Che tells Xiao Long that he’s leaving, so now it’s up to him to take care of that hot mess, Ye Zhen Zhen (ha, joking).

Bye, handsome.

Bye, handsome.

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