Back to 1989 (Ep 14 Recap)

Everyone is confessing their feelings! And baby daddy is revealed. Sort of.

Previously on Back to 1989… ep 13 recap


*Trigger warning: some content in this recap may be triggering to survivors of sexual assault and/or violence.

Estelle’s Recap

It is Christmas Eve and Xiao Long is hosting a party for everyone in the office, and plus the friends of course. Zhong En shows up and it is clear that things are still mad awkward.


Meanwhile, Chen Che and Zhen Zhen have yet to arrive. Instead of heading to the party, Zhen Zhen drives toward the tunnel where they first met, hoping that both of them can teleport to the future together! Womp womp!

Chen Che begins to sense that something is wrong when he notices the tunnel, and his suspicions get confirmed when Zhen Zhen starts to express her undying love for him. When she refuses to stop, they become entangled in a very dangerous fight on the motorbike, resulting in both of them tumbling off the vehicle. Zhen Zhen is super excited to find them still together when they wake up, thinking that they have successfully traveled through time. Of course, they are still in 1989 and Chen Che reprimands her for her stupidity. Yup, sounds about right.


Zhen Zhen does not believe him and stops some random guy to ask, and of course, it is still 1989. Cue eye roll. Oh, despite the disappointment Zhen Zhen is glad they are at least still together and promises to find another way to go to 2016. Chen Che tells her to forget about going to 2016 with him and that she should stay where she belongs – in 1989.

Girl can’t get a hint though. She interprets Chen Che’s angry outburst as him saying they should value their time now. Somehow he is touched by her gesture and they end up in a hug together.

Chen Che and Zhen Zhen finally arrive at the party. After an almost-fight with Xiao Long in which the latter nearly KO Chen Che for taking Zhen Zhen away from him, it is the showdown between Jin Qin and Zhong En.

Zhong En wants Jin Qin to leave Ya Juan alone because Jin Qin is not good enough or whatever. Jin Qin figures out that Zhong En likes Ya Juan (talk about slow!). Zhong En also tells Jin Qin that Ya Juan’s mom wants him to take care of Ya Juan instead. I guess this friendship is officially over.


Back at the party, Xiao Long challenges Chen Che to a drinking duel. Chen Che makes it clear that if he wins, Xiao Long has to wish him and Zhen Zhen well. And so the battle begins.

What about Ya Juan? Well, Chen Che is certain that with Zhen Zhen there she will be fine. Really? You are entrusting your mother to your silly girlfriend? Not a good plan yo.

And sure enough, Zhen Zhen is struck with sudden stomach pain and must rush to the bathroom. Ya Juan wonders where Jin Qin is and decides to go out looking for him. Can someone spell uh-oh?


Ya Juan comes outside just in time to witness the very end of the fight and Jin Qin running off like a little boy. Zhong En holds on to Ya Juan for a hot second as he confesses his feelings to her. She refuses and chases after Jin Qin, but before she can find him she gets pulled by someone into a dark alley.

Meanwhile, Chen Che, Zhen Zhen and Jin Qin are looking every where for Ya Juan. Soon enough, Zhong En spots Ya Juan crouching in a corner. It is clear something terrible has happened as Ya Juan’s legs are covered in blood.


Zhong En finds her shoes, but she is too scared to let him touch her. So he follows her as they stumble upon a worried Jin Qin. She immediately asks Zhong En to take her home, and he obeys, mumbling that once they get to America they will start over, forgetting all the bad things that happened here.


Jin Qin immediately mistakes this scene as Ya Juan having accepted Zhong En. Hello, does he not notice her state of being? Your girlfriend is covered in blood and all you are concerned about is your pride? Argh. Maybe you don’t deserve her.

Anyway, Zhong En takes her back to the bar so she can clean up and change into a dress he bought her. Zhen Zhen and Chen Che arrive shortly after to inquire about what’s going on. Zhong En tells them that Ya Juan got mugged and hurt in the process. Zhen Zhen wants to call the police, but Zhong En and Ya Juan both stop them.

After bringing her home, Zhen Zhen stays behind to keep Ya Juan company at the latter’s request. Zhen Zhen asks if Ya Juan wants to have Jin Qin come over since she is so scared, but she immediately refuses and threatens to end their friendship if she tells Jin Qin.


Onboard the time machine:

  • Zhen Zhen’s dress rips at the seams when she falls off the motorbike, Chen Che tears off the bottom.


  • Xiao Long plans an elaborate dance routine to impress Zhen Zhen and to confess his feelings to her once and for all, but before she gets to respond Chen Che pulls her in for a slow dance that ended in a kiss. Oopppssss.


  • The Ye family catches Zhen Zhen and Chen Che hugging together so their relationship is public now!


  • Because Ya Juan can’t remember what really happened, she goes off of her dream which points fingers at Zhong En.
  • Ya Juan agrees to go abroad, much to her mother’s delight.

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