Back to 1989 (Ep 13 Recap)

Things are amping up in this episode!

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Estelle’s Recap

Chen Che holds up his end of the bargain and gets Ya Juan to come to Zhong En’s pub. While the latter is sulking away, Ya Juan gets invited up to the stage by a deer-like mascot. Ya Juan dances with the mascot under the assumption that he is Jin Qin, but nope! It’s Xiao Long. Just as they are all in shock, Jin Qin appears under a spotlight nonetheless (who is operating the lights at the pub? And is it worrisome that no one else is ever at this pub?).

Jin Qin walks up to declare his undying love for Ya Juan. As he speaks, he bends down on one knee and pulls out a ring to ask her the big question!


As everyone watches in anticipation, Mom suddenly interrupts all the happiness! She raises her hand to slap Ya Juan, but Zhong En rushes in to block it, saying that he is willing to suffer for the sake of the mother-daughter relationship. Uh, whatever dude, step aside.

Mom gives Ya Juan an ultimatum: she either returns home or she stays with Jin Qin. Ya Juan bravely holds Jin Qin’s hand and chooses the latter. Mom is super disappointed, of course, and leaves the pub teary eyed.

It’s like things can’t get any worse – after Mom makes her exit, Zhong En volunteers to bring Ya Juan home. Whyyyy on Earth does he think he is the right person to do this? Who knows. Jin Qin is obviously not agreeing to the plan so the pair gets into a heated argument and Zhong En yells at Jin Qin for continuing to stick around when he shouldn’t be. Ouch!


Finally, Chen Che steps in to suggest that he and Zhen Zhen bring Ya Juan home. Ya Juan cries the entire way while wondering if she will ever be forgiven for dating Jin Qin. Remembering what his grandfather shared about his grandmother regretting not letting Ya Juan be with Jin Qin, Chen Che encourages Ya Juan to keep trying until Mom relents.

Ya Juan follows this “sage” advice and have this heart to heart with Mom. She shares that she has always obeyed Mom’s commands because she knew how hard Mom works for the family and how much she cares, but she needs to be with Jin Qin because that’s happiness to her. To Ya Juan, getting a green card is not that important – it’s Mom’s dream, not hers.


mom is not budging

While “worrying” about Ya Juan, Zhen Zhen runs to Chen Che’s room to ask about the difficulties of true love. He tells her that the greater the obstacle the greater the love. She takes this as a hint that he is talking about her and Chen Chen. Seriously, girl, you are thinking too much about this. Of course, he didn’t mean it like that, but she doesn’t care! Zhen Zhen decides she is going after Chen Che anyway!


Zhen Zhen starts by borrowing her bro’s sci-fi books so she can learn about time travel, but  even she questions how reliable fiction is as a source. YES. Slow clap, ladies and gentlemen, slow clap.

Not soon after, Zhen Zhen invades Chen Che’s room to ask him about the time travel things written in the sci-fi books she just discredited. He tells her those are not real, and that time travel is too complicated a topic for her. Zhen Zhen doesn’t mind though – she is actually super happy that there might be no solution for Chen Che’s problem because that means he will end up staying in 1989. I’m so unconvinced that Chen Che is actually in love with Zhen Zhen. You want to run away, don’t you Chen Che??


is it true that guys like silly girls?



The holiday season is upon us! So Zhen Zhen is collecting leaves to make holiday cards for people and hints heavily at Chen Che  to write one for an IMPORTANT someone. He does, by writing one to Ya Juan. Puhahahahah. He does eventually write one for Zhen Zhen though. In the card, he scolds her a bunch for being so clumsy and uh… basically dumb, but ends up thanking her for providing him with friendship and the warmth of family. Finally, he says he “will not allow” her to be unhappy in the future. Cue eye roll.

And of course, she writes one for him which includes a picture of a fox from Le Petite Prince and a line about how she’s his fox and he needs to take responsibility. Wow, that’s very forward of you, Zhen Zhen. Not that you haven’t been already. Oh, and she wishes him happy valentine’s day, arbor day and a whole list of holidays….. -.-;;

It is the day of the dance party Xiao Long is hosting! Zhen Zhen gets all dolled up and leaves her family cards explaining that she is going to 2016 to be with Chen Che. Why is she so convinced that she can do that? She overheard Grandpa telling Chen Che there might be time travel inducing magnetic fields on Christmas. So being unable to bear the “pains of separation” from her first and only love, she NEEDS to go wherever Chen Che is. Oh gosh, talk about clingy and desperate. I don’t know if your relationship with him is  at that level yet, girl.


Planning her future, literally

Onboard the time machine:

  • Manager guy is still trying as hard as ever to win over Hu Li Jin. He even buys her a Tiffany bracelet. She rejects him saying she has decided long time ago that she will not accept men’s gifts. Instead she will purchase things herself. You go girl!

everyone is watching with so much anticipation

  • Xiao Long buys everyone at Taiyuan drinks and offers one to Chen Che who rejects it, warning Xiao Long to be careful with his business stuff. Xiao Long gets upset that Chen Che is being all “sour” about his success.
  • Zhen Zhen reads Le Petite Prince and won’t stop quoting it. It’s as if that’s the only book she’s ever read.
  • Jin Qin wonders if Zhong En likes Ya Juan, but she is convinced that the latter is just acting like an older brother. #foreverfriendzoned
  • Manager guy asks Hu Li Jin to be his date to the dance party . She rejects him and he warns her of becoming a “Christmas cake.” What’s that? Apparently it’s what Japanese people call women who aren’t married by 25. If they aren’t “eaten” by Christmas they are tossed in the trash. Hu Li Jin tells Manager that she’s not afraid because women are not men’s cake. Nice!

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