Magical Space-time/Qi Miao De Shi Guang Zhi Lv (Ep 2 Recap)

Kisses for everyone!

Previously on MST… catch up with episode 1 recap!


Estelle’s Recap

With the push of a button and a click, Ruo Fei is transported to ten years ago. He is convinced he is dreaming, but of course, everything tells us he is not. He heads downstairs and spots his mom. Despite her complaints, he insists on kissing her forehead. Just then, Jia Xin also appears and he goes over immediately to give her a big smooch as well. Mom seizes this opportunity to knock him out with a pan and calls the security to take him away.

As Ruo Fei is being taken away he is amused that his dream is so fluid. He sees Pan Zhi Yong chatting with Zhao Wu nearby and looks over, but before he could hear anything he is back in 2016 again, leaving the guards confused as to where he disappeared to.

After returning to the present, Ruo Fei calls Wu Yao over to discuss this time travel business, but of course, Wu Yao doesn’t believe him. Ruo Fei tries proving it to Wu Yao by taking another selfie, but forgets the film. When he goes to grab it, Wu Yao threatens to break the camera, saying hallucination is the first sign of schizophrenia and this camera is the problem so it must be destroyed.

Just as these two are in a bit of a deadlock a rock flies in and hits Wu Yao, temporarily surrendering him unconscious. It turns out Qiao Qiao threw the rock at the window in anger because she has been waiting for Ruo Fei at the coffee shop for hours. Ah, yes, they were supposed to meet to talk about the party! Despite apologizing, Qiao Qiao still decides to expel Ruo Fei from the fan club as a result. Oops.


“let me show you!”

Ruo Fei is not terribly depressed though as he is eager to try the camera again. This time, he ties Wu Yao to the toilet before clicking so the latter cannot do anything to stop him. When he gets to the past, Wu Yao happens to be in the bathroom doing a #2 while writing the beginning of his new book! Ruo Fei takes the draft and warns Wu Yao to flush the toilet before taking off. ^^;;


Ruo Fei sneaks past the living room and enters his bedroom where he finds Zhen Dong lying on the bed with a sheet mask on. Zhen Dong hears something and assumes its Jia Xin, so he asks if it’s time to remove the mask yet and if he can get a kiss. As Ruo Fei is about to give in, Jia Xin comes in and covers for him.She then leads him out the house and plans on sending him off. Before he leaves he promises her that her husband will not die and begs her not to drive on March 25.

When Ruo Fei returns, Wu Yao confesses that he has a new memory of seeing Ruo Fei in the bathroom ten years ago. Ruo Fei offers up the page he took from Wu Yao’s draft as proof that he really did travel back in time. Now that Wu Yao fully believes, Ruo Fei decides to introduce him to Ah Ken. However, Ruo Fei does not want Wu Yao to tell Ah Ken anything about the past or his true identity.



terrified that he will kiss her again haha!

Meanwhile, Zhao Wu is still spying for Pan Zhi Yong. He sees Ah Ken meeting with Wu Yao outside Ruo Fei’s house and sends a picture to Pan. Pan now thinks Wu Yao is the one behind everything and is his new target. Uh-oh.

Not sure how good of a spy Zhao Wu is, though, I mean the dude was standing in front of the house calling Pan Zhi Yong. One thing is for sure, camouflage is not his strong suit.

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Say Cheese!:

  • We got this super close up of a humidifier in this episode… product placement anyone?
  • Qiao Qiao gets a new job as an assistant to rising star Luo La. However, because Qiao Qiao mocks Luo La for the latter’s lack of education, she almost loses her job. What saves it? Qiao Qiao’s boss is Du Kai, someone who knew Jia Xin and wants to help with the memorial party.



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