Back to 1989 (Ep 6 Recap)

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Anna’s Recap

If you’re following this drama, then you probably thought at one point or another that the mystery identity of Chen Che’s father is actually himself. While weird and totally messed up, this theory definitely would be some good drama material and allows room for lots of misunderstandings between our OTP (CC & ZZ, I think). I don’t think Chen Che is actually is own dad, but the drama is trying damn hard to make it look that way. At the very least, those aforementioned misunderstandings are now happening because Zhen Zhen thinks that he’s got the hots for her friend. God, I hope Ya Juan doesn’t fall for him…HER SON.

Episode 6

Chen Che shows Zhen Zhen how he distracts himself during power outages: playing the guitar & singing. (I just go to sleep.) This method seems to be working on her too because she isn’t freaking out about the thunderstorm anymore. In fact, she’s so over it that she’s jamming along with Chen Che. The two of them eventually fall asleep on the couch together after too much off-key singing. How does that even happen anyways? Singing one second and asleep the next. Silly. When he wakes her up the next morning, she’s like SO embarrassed and runs off to her room to hide.

Fan meeting.

Poor Chen Che is suddenly feeling all woozy because he’s caught a cold. But no worries because he somehow packed some Emergen-C in his backpack with him from 2016. Okay, maybe it didn’t work since he passes out at work! While he’s resting in the conference room, Zhen Zhen takes the opportunity to confess some things to the unconscious Chen Che. She goes on and on about how she’s grateful for his help during the thunderstorm and with her work problems. She’s so into her monologue that she doesn’t even realize that he is awake and listening.

Not-so-secret compliments.

Not-so-secret compliments.

He still isn’t feeling much better that night, so Zhen Zhen and Ya Juan team up to take care of him. Ya Juan brings over some ginger soup that Chen Che just so happened earlier said he wanted to drink. That mom-son connection, ya know. While she’s feeding Chen Che the soup, he woozily thanks and calls her…MOM. He apologizes for what he said to her in the hospital the other day about how he doesn’t care if he has a mom or not. He tells her he likes getting colds because then he can drink the ginger soup she makes. Aww.

Ginger soup to the rescue!

Ginger soup to the rescue!

Chen Che wakes up the next morning to find himself smothered with blankets and stuffed animals. There are also buckets of water all over his room. Homemade humidifier, duh. Zhen Zhen is acting so ridiculously shy and caring around Chen Che that even her fam thinks something’s weird. Gurl, chill. She even learned how to make ginger soup from Ya Juan last night especially for him. Heeheehee…eh whatever.

Who ya foolin', Zhen Zhen?

Who ya foolin’, Zhen Zhen?

Chen Che must be feeling a lot better today because he’s back to bickering with Zhen Zhen as she drives him to work on her scooter. Okay, girl does have some really shitty driving skills though. She doesn’t even notice when the speed bump knocks him off the bike! And when he stops her from going through a red light, all she can notice is that his hands are on hers. Yeah, Chen Che and I are not impressed.

No flirting while driving plz.

No flirting while driving plz.

Zhen Zhen tells Chen Che how he was super rude for calling Ya Juan “mom” yesterday, but he claims that he was just really out of it last night. Ya Juan pretends to be angry at first, but nah, she’s actually totally cool with it. She’s too preoccupied with her missing client who provided false information and insufficient funds. Even though she’s willing to make up the difference with her own pay, it’s still not going to be enough. But since no problem at Taiyuan is too big for Chen Che to solve, he’s on it!

Leave it to your son, ma!

Leave it to your son, ma!

After calling Director Wang (the bowling guy) to track down the client, he along with Zhen Zhen, Ya Juan, and Xiao Long find their way to a breakfast shop. Turns out that the guy isn’t just a bad customer, he’s also a bad husband and father. He used his wife’s name to open accounts to buy stocks, but he’s never actually at home. The wife is super upset to hear that she will have to take responsibility for all the money if they can’t find her husband. And when they all won’t leave the shop without a proper answer, she resorts to throwing a bucket of water at them. Chen Che immediately shields Ya Juan, allowing himself to get drenched instead.

Fire up that stove for more ginger soup.

Fire up that stove for more ginger soup.

Zhen Zhen gets upset seeing how protective Chen Che was towards Ya Juan. She wonders why she isn’t happy to see him helping her best friend, and realizes that she maybe, probably, totally has a crush on him. She immediately pulls out one of those relationship quizzes that she readily had available to see if she really does like Chen Che. The answer is, of course, a resounding yes.

1989 version of Cosmo.

1989 version of Cosmo.

Ya Juan is also facing her own relationship problems when Jin Qin has been MIA ever since that awful dinner at her place. She stops by Zhong En’s restaurant hoping to see him, but nope. Jin Qin does happen to call Zhong En to ask for time off, but immediately hangs up with Ya Juan tries to talk to him. He doesn’t want to see or talk to her until he’s organized his feelings properly. Sadface.

Text me, k?

Text me, k?

Director Wang’s men finds and brings the missing client to Taiyuan, but the guy’s totally shameless and refuses to pay his bill. He literally laughs when they tell him that he shouldn’t drag his wife and son into this mess that he’s created. Chen Che gets real fired up seeing how awful this guy is to his family, and berates him for being an irresponsible and bad father. When the client insults Ya Juan and is about to hit her, Chen Che steps in to punch him in the face instead. What a bae.

Wham! Bam! Pow!

Wham! Bam! Pow!

Chen Che steps in to take responsibility for the punch, but everyone’s still feeling uneasy about what will happen next. Zhen Zhen is feeling uneasy too but for a different reason. She thinks that this punch is just further confirmation that Chen Che likes Ya Juan. Better go take another relationship quiz to find out!

Damn that quiz.

Caught some feelings…

Onboard the time machine:

Zhen Zhen is afraid of thunder because once she was left waiting alone in a rainstorm when her mom forgot to pick her up from school.

Ya Juan learned her ginger soup recipe from Jin Qin.

Zhen Zhen and Xiao Long tries to cheer up Ya Juan by lying that they saw Jin Qin singing at Zhong En’s restaurant. Too bad she was at the restaurant last night, and didn’t see any of them there. Oops.

This mixtape cover tho.



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