Back to 1989 (Ep 4 Recap)

You don’t need to live alone on this Earth to prove the power of love. – Ye Zhen Zhen

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Estelle’s Recap

Episode 4

After a short stay at the police station the crew returns to the bar. Zhen Zhen wonders why Chen Che was there and he lied that he felt like listening to music and just happened up this particular establishment. Sure, buddy, sure. We all know you are here to see who your papa might be.

In any case, upon some questioning, Zhen Zhen starts to explain how the crew got together. Apparently, Zhen Zhen had wanted to join the guitar club and insisted that Zhong En (aka bar owner) and Xiao Long join with her. When they got to the registration table, Zhong En bumped into Ya Juan (literally, because other people were pushing) and they formally met (they’ve met once before – Zhong En had asked her directions). Zhong En was immediately smitten with her, but she was more interested in the “guitar prince” Jin Qin. Because there were so many people interested in the club all of a sudden, Jin Qin asked them to reconsider their motives for joining and added that they need to have the basics down before applying. Zhen Zhen fearlessly played a kid’s tune on the guitar in front of everyone. Jin Qin welcomed her to the club and passed out applications to the rest of crew too. I guess they don’t need to take the “entrance exam”?

While at the guitar store checking out instruments, Zhong En and Jin Qin fight over a guitar that Ya Juan likes. Once she explains that she doesn’t need to have that one particular guitar, Jin Qin immediately lets go offering it to her. At the same time though, Zhong En also lets go and the guitar falls on the ground. Luckily it doesn’t smash into pieces but the sound alerts the shop owner. The now fully assembled crew makes a mad dash out the store.


runnnn everyone runnnnnn

Back at home, Zhen Zhen’s mom overhears Zhen Zhen talking about work on the phone and learns about owing the client NT$ 10,000,000. The family freaks out for a second, but everyone scrambles to find money to cover the debt. Upon seeing this, Zhen Zhen gets teary eyed and runs to the park unable to face her family. Chen Che quickly follows to comfort her. People in dramas always live close to a playground or park. Are there really that many just sitting around in Asia?

Chen Che: Though you are sad now, you have family with you, it feels good, doesn’t it? This is what it’s like for family to care for each other. Even though you argue and fight every now and then, it feels nice to have them with you, right?
Zhen Zhen: It’s not the same for your family? It’s probably because you are in Taiwan by yourself so you feel lonely. But think about your family abroad. If you had any difficulties, they would definitely support you, right?

Chen Che: You still have the heart to comfort others? Don’t worry, I’ll help you solve this problem.
Zhen Zhen: How?
Chen Che: One, apologize. Two, pay back the money. Three, apologize plus pay back the money.
Zhen Zhen: Don’t joke with me. I can’t deal with jokes right now.
Chen Che: Or, there’s a fourth way. Marry him.
Zhen Zhen: What if he is old and fat?
Chen Che: Be a little more optimistic! Maybe he looks like Nicky Wu?
Zhen Zhen: Ok, then it’s decided – let’s go with this method.
Chen Che: Ye Zhen Zhen, you don’t have any logic do you?
Zhen Zhen: Don’t worry, I will definitely have logic with you.


nicky? is that you?

After the manager scares Zhen Zhen with the info that this President Wong (the client that lost money) has mob connections and sunk his last debtor into the bottom of the ocean, she heads off to meet him with Chen Che.

And… they end up at the bowling alley! President Wong wants to have a bowling match. If they win, they can get away scot-free. If they lose, he will taken something off of them as souvenir like a hand or something.

First up is President Wong who gets a strike. Zhen Zhen volunteers to go next since she’s played a couple of times. Of course, it doesn’t go well and her ball heads straight into the gutter.

Up next is Chen Che who, despite having never played before, gets a strike as well. And so this pattern continues, with Zhen Zhen messing things up and Chen Che sweeping it clean at the end – even the two pins that are not next to each other. I mean what is this guy? A bowling prodigy? Kind of crazy.

Anyway, though Chen Che tries his best, they still lose by one point.

President Wong: If it weren’t for your unlucky girlfriend, you would’ve won.
Chen Che: She’s not unlucky–
Zhen Zhen: I’m not his girlfriend —
President Wong: What? If she’s not your girlfriend then this doesn’t count. This is between me and you [Zhen Zhen].
Chen Che: Uh no, she IS my girlfriend. If she’s not, why would I help someone as stupid as her?
President Wong: It doesn’t matter anymore. You [Chen Che], I like you. And this game was pretty fun, so this thing is over. Consider yourself lucky!

Well, that was easy!


For some random reason Jin Qin invites Chen Che to a game of basketball. Afterwards, Chen Che tags along on a visit to Ya Juan’s home. Apparently Jin Qin found a new owner for the puppy he and Ya Juan have been taking care of together, and he wants to bring the puppy to Ya Juan for a final goodbye.

Inside the house, Ya Juan’s mom is telling Ya Juan about this Davy kid who is on vacation from studying abroad. Davy is an only child and his family is fairly well off so mom really wants Ya Juan to make a good impression at an upcoming dinner. While taking off Ya Juan’s scarf, she finds the necklace Jin Qin gave Ya Juan. Mom lectures Ya Juan on keeping her distance from Jin Qin because a boy who plays guitar at a bar has no future. Oh dear, I feel like Jin Qin is going to become some superstar and mom will have to eat her words.

Anyway, mom hears ruckus outside the house and walks over to find the boys in hiding. From Chen Che’s expression we can tell Ya Juan’s mom is quite a character. And sure enough, mom gives Jin Qin a tough scolding on finding his own future. To make matters worse, she even returns the necklace to Jin Qin and tells him to get a refund. Ouch.

Onboard the time machine:

  • Turns out Xiao Long overheard Zhen Zhen confess to Ya Juan about kissing Chen Che 😦
  • Xiao Long gets super angry and yells at his co-workers for gossiping about Zhen Zhen and Chen Che being a couple.
  • Chen Che claims that he knew how to play bowling purely based on physics. Dude, that works in theory, but not necessarily in practice! You skill need to know how to play yo.
  • Zhen Zhen has fallen for Chen Che HARD.

watching him play guitar

  • Chen Che thinks Zhong En might be his dad because Zhong En has asthma.

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