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Estelle’s Recap

Hey everyone! I’m back! So I had initially agreed to recap this drama with Anna, but I might actually only do episode 3 and 4. Why is that you ask? Well, mostly because Zhen Zhen annoys the crap out of me. I can bypass the dramatic acting and babydaddy plotline (I actually thought that was interesting) but a main girl I don’t like? Not so sure I can get through it. Anyway, since you are reading this recap you are obviously less interested in my rants and more interested in what went on back in 1989! So here we go 🙂

Episode 3

We pick up where we left off last – Zhen Zhen is admiring Chen Che’s phone and asking if it is the newest picture frame. Chen Che tries to get his phone back and the two engage in a little tussle, resulting in none other than liplock! Woot woot, accidental kiss, I was wondering when this was going to happen.

After Zhen Zhen runs off, Chen Che continues down the street and passes by a noodle shop where the burglar was eating. The thief notices Chen Chen and makes an attempt to run. Chen Che picks up the ashtray and throws it at the guy. Oh, but he misses and hits our babydaddy candidate numero uno. Not to worry though, Li Jin Qin grabs the burglar and throws him over his shoulder. Nice moves!

Chen Che tries to find out Li Jin Qin’s name, but the latter just tells him if it’s fate they will meet again. Uh ok…


we’ll meet again, bro!

Meanwhile, Zhen Zhen comes home but skips dinner because she is still preoccupied by the accidental kiss earlier. She tries to calm herself by coming up with all sorts of ridiculous reasons why it happened – such as gravity, weakness from running after the thief etc. Just then, Chen Che knocks on her door, hoping to return her wallet.


Zhen Zhen [turns off light]: I’m sleeping!
Chen Che: Do you think I’m stupid? You just turned off the light and it is still early right now.
Zhen Zhen: Then pass it through the door crack.
Chen Che: Your wallet is so thick, how would it fit?
Zhen Zhen: Then leave it at the door I’ll get it tomorrow.

And… of course he doesn’t just leave like that! Zhen Zhen opens the door to get her wallet and ta-da Chen Che is right here!


Zhen Zhen: Why are you still here?
Chen Che: I suddenly remembered you didn’t give me back my watch.
Zhen Zhen: Here! I’ve given you back your watch. Why are you still here?
Chen Che: I just suddenly thought… would you be interested in knowing who your “future husband” Nicky Wu’s future wife is?

A mortified Zhen Zhen could not fall asleep and to make matters worse, it seems like she has fallen for Chen Che. I mean the girl has imagined his face on that Nicky Wu picture. That’s like real love yo.


In the morning, Zhen Zhen makes an attempt to run off first without Chen Che, but realizes her motorbike is out of gas. Then, Chen Che points out her zipper is unzipped. She struggles to get it zipped for a while and Chen Che comes over to help. Like I know this is to create intimate moments between them, but really, what CAN this girl do?

So the two walk to work together and Zhen Zhen wonders what it means for them to be eating and walking together. Uh, it doesn’t mean anything because you are the one who forced Chen Che to live at your house? Hello!

Anyway, Zhen Zhen pulls out her radio and identifies the song currently playing as her and Ya Juan’s theme song – Meng Xin Shi Feng by Chen Shu Hua. Chen Che asks if he can listen as well and he becomes totally engrossed in it… until he sees Zhen Zhen weeping her eyes out.


Chen Che: Why are you crying?
Zhen Zhen: I don’t know, just moved by it.
Chen Che: Does this song have any special meaning for you?
Zhen Zhen: Special meaning? What special meaning?
Chen Che: Sometimes people like a song because of the lyrics or the rhythm. In a few years you might have forgotten why you like this song to begin with but you will remember how you felt when hearing it for the first time
Zhen Zhen: I just simply like this song. What song can represent your feelings right now?
Chen Che: Leaving the Earth’s Surface by Mayday.
Zhen Zhen: Mayday? Are they popular? Are they foreigners? Leaving the Earth’s Surface? So they are on the moon?

Their conversation gets cut short because they have arrived at the company! Later that day Zhen Zhen complains to Ya Juan in the break room and gets caught by Chen Che. The two then engages in another tango of sorts that looks something like this:


After Chen Che leaves, Ya Juan immediately suspects something is going on between the pair. Zhen Zhen confesses that they accidentally kissed. Oh, cat’s out of the bag! Is mama gonna interfere in this romance?

The girls continue their conversation over at the local watering hole after work. Zhen Zhen is clearly head over heels for Chen Che, but she vehemently denies it. Just then, Li Xiao Long and Li Jin Qin arrive at the scene. Man, everyone’s last name is Li in this drama huh!

Li Jin Qin gives Ya Juan a necklace and everyone’s all like oh la la except for the bar owner who totally have the hots for Ya Juan. Is he babydaddy candidate #2?


Later that night Jin Qin and Ya Juan have a heart to heart under the soft lamp light. We learn that Ya Juan is going abroad soon and Jin Qin nearly tells her not to go, but ends up just saying they can write letters instead. Awwww! Why do I feel like he’s probably not babydaddy?


putting on the necklace for her


</3 on the inside!

A new day brings new turmoil at the company! Hu Li Jing (aka the snobby one) blames Zhen Zhen for writing down the wrong stock number, causing her big client to lose a lot of money. Once Zhen Zhen gets called into manager’s office for another round of scolding, Chen Che confronts Hu Li Jing about the stock number. Turns out the other stock is even worse, so it is likely that Zhen Zhen didn’t make the mistake. Chen Che tells the manager he will take care of it and even the manager thinks its weird that Chen Che keeps on helping Zhen Zhen. The manager also reveals that he had to promise not to fire Zhen Zhen in order for Chen Che to agree to work there.

After work, Chen Che follows the crew to the bar where Jin Qin is performing. A group of rowdy men asks for a song that he doesn’t want to play and a fight breaks out. Chen Che jumps in just in time to protect Zhen Zhen from being beat up. The bad guys run away at the sound of siren (Chen Che pulls out his phone and plays it on the mic – his phone sure has a lot of random useful things huh! Why isn’t the battery out yet?), but real police arrives in time to arrest the crew. It’s not all bad though because Jin Qin finally introduces himself to Chen Che and the latter is basically starstruck .

Onboard the time machine:

  • Zhen Zhen doesn’t seem to notice that the woman in the Chen Che’s phone wallpaper is Ya Juan.
  • Chen Che also could not fall asleep at night – he believes gravity has something to do with the accidental kiss as well. Guys, this is not how gravity works!
  • Zhen Zhen and her bro have a pretty heated conversation about what love is. Apparently the bro already has a girlfriend and they’ve held hands.
  • Ya Juan returns the shoes to Chen Che.
  • Everyone at the company wants Chen Che’s advice on stocks. Chen Che is conflicted as to whether he should or shouldn’t tell people the future.
  • An old man sends his son to the company to ask Zhen Zhen out to dinner. At first she thought it the son was interested, but became so embarrassed when it was the dad! The whole company bursts out in laughter, including Chen Che.
  • Baby Che was bullied by his classmates because he couldn’t prove that he has a dad. Awwww 😦 Kids are so mean! And then he has been looking for his dad since to no avail.1989_21

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