Addicted/Heroin/Shang Yin (Ep 3-4 Recap)

Your love is my drug.

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Anna’s Recap

Yesss. We’re finally getting some OTP moments in these episodes. Even though I don’t think Gu Hai or Luo Yin has romantic feelings just yet, at least they hate each other less! That’s good news, right? I’m still a little unsure of what Gu Hai’s exact motivation is right now for getting close to Luo Yin. Since I don’t think it’s quite at that romantic level right now, I’m just going to assume he’s intrigued by him and wants to be friends. Luo Yin, on the other hand, is definitely seeing more of Gu Hai’s kind and caring side. (Will he buy me some breakfast food too?) This relationship is progressing along quite nicely. For sure.

Episode 3

If you ever needed to know the proper technique for a pullup, this school’s gym teacher’s your guy. Everyone sucks at it and has arms made out of spaghetti, except for Luo Yin, that is. Still feeling bitter over Gu Hai showing him up with those pushups earlier, the gym teacher challenges him to a pullup competition. Challenge accepted! While they’re busy flashing their biceps for the rest of the class, Luo Yin secretly steals Gu Hai’s jacket and does some sort of sewing project on them. Payback time?

Team Gu Hai, duhhh.

Team Gu Hai, duhhh.

Back in class after winning the pullup competition, Gu Hai quicky discovers that someone had sewn his jacket sleeves together. Dude, Luo Yin has got zero poker face. Zero! He’s sitting there laughing away while the teacher sends Gu Hai out into the corridor for being improperly dressed.

Not complaining about the view.

Not complaining about the view.

Luo Yin and his dad get interrupted during dinner by a phone call from some crying girl named Shi Hui. She tearfully whines that all the letters and emails she sent from abroad were ignored by Luo Yin. He tells her that it’s over between them, but she’s having none of that. If he continues to ignore her, she’ll be forced to call his dad’s cell phone Damn yo. Never underestimate a girl’s crazy.

Side chicks be cray.

Side chicks be cray.

Gu Hai continues his little game of annoying/teasing Luo Yin in class. It succeeds (or not?) because Luo Yin asks You Qi to switch seats with him. The prank war continues the next day when Luo Yin puts motor oil on Gu Hai’s desk. When he tries to get back into the classroom after washing his hands from the oil, Gu Hai finds himself locked out. No problem though because he calls the school’s office to kindly alert them of the teacher’s nonexistent fainting. LOLz.

Quick! It's a fake emergency!

Quick! It’s a fake emergency!

When the principal rushes over to “save” the teacher, he finds a note stuck on the locked door that points to Luo Yin as the culprit. After finally unjamming the door, the principal drags Luo Yin back to his office and calls his dad to reimburse the school $100 for the damaged door knobs. Yeah, no; Mr. Bai ain’t paying those 100 bucks when their family can’t even fix their broken door for 5 years. Welp, I guess that’s that.

New phone, who dis?

New phone, who dis?

Gu Hai gets picked by his chauffeur after school and sees Luo Yin walking home in the pouring rain. But instead of offering him a ride, he decides to follow him in the car. He sees Luo Yin and his dad hard at work helping their neighbor tend to her food stand. The next morning, Gu Hai leaves a large assortment of breakfast foods on Luo Yin’s desk. Luo Yin thinks You Qi is the breakfast-gifter, but is predictably annoyed when he finds out it was actually Gu Hai’s doing.

Peace offering.

Peace offering.

Episode 4

Yang Meng thinks the breakfast thing was super cute and tells Luo Yin that it’s pretty evident that Gu Hai treats him quite nicely. He’s also caught Gu Hai staring at Luo Yin during class several times, and that he always has an expression of ❤ on his face. Hehe. Luo Yin tests this out by turning around suddenly and does see Gu Hai looking at him. But yeah, the blackboard is in that direction so obviously he’s gotta look that way. Gu Hai then volunteers Luo Yin to sing an English song which was the randomest thing everrr, but he does give a nice rendition of, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” for the class.

Friend or enemy?

Friend or enemy?

Dinner get interrupted yet again by another phone call from Shi Hui. Same whining this time around. Blah blah blah. Some stuff about Luo Yin continuing to ignore her, and then she threatens to keep calling his dad’s phone until he pays attention to her. They end their call on an ambiguous note with Luo Yin just saying that he agrees. He then takes the liberty of destroying the SIM card. Bye, Shi Hui.

Deja vu.

Deja vu.

Luo Yin wakes up the next morning with a cold, but still goes to school after taking some meds. He takes his usual nap during class, but manages to correctly answer the teacher’s sudden questions. Gu Hai is like super impressed, and runs to the nurse’s office for some sleeping pills. Successfully acquiring two pills, he shadily slips them into Luo Yin’s water bottle. Just what kinda prank is this…? Those must be some super powerful, possibly illegal horse tranquilizers because Luo Yin is KNOCKED OUT in like 5 seconds.

On the lookout.

When Yang Meng goes around collecting the homework, he and You Qi can’t seem to wake Luo Yin up. Seeing how pale his face is, Gu Hai quickly carries Luo Yin to the infirmary. Instead of paying attention to the fainted student, the awful nurse is too busy asking You Qi about his reputation as the “Most Handsome Boy” in the class. Both Gu Hai and I tell her to stfu and to do her fricken job already. He also then caresses Luo Yin’s head…!!! You Qi finds the cold medicine that Luo Yin was taking earlier during that day, and they see that it’s way past its expiration date. The nurse tells ’em that he should be fine after resting a bit.

Quit playin', Luo Yin.

Quit playin’, Luo Yin.

Gu Hai insists on staying behind to watch over him, and sends You Qi and Yang Meng away. Luo Yin is surprised to see that it’s Gu Hai by his side, and is even more shocked to find out that he passed out from the expired cold medicine AND the secret sleeping pills. Luo Yin asks Gu Hai if he offended him in some way and that’s why he keeps bothering him. He responds that he can repay him for all his losses, but there’s no way he’ll leave him alone. Luo Yin frustratedly asks if he’s sick. Gu Hai laughs and says yeah, so Luo Yin suggests that he should take some medicine then. Gu Hai tells him that he’s the medicine. Eeeek! I don’t think he meant it necessarily in a romantic way here, but still cute!

What. A. Bro.

What. A. Bro.

Luo Yin and Gu Hai are teasing each other about their grades in class when some random dude from another bursts in through the door. Apparently he’s got some beef with Luo Yin and is just itching to fight him for some reason. After a lot of nonsense and tough guy-acting, random guy goes for the low blow. He screams that Luo Yin is a guy who had a mom give birth to him, but no mom to raise him. In fact, he knows that his mom is just someone’s mistress. Gu Hai’s heard enough and drags the guy out into the hallway to beat him half to death for not apologizing to Luo Yin. Finally, the teacher and principal step in to take Gu Hai away.

Have you seen Gu Hai's biceps?!

Have you seen Gu Hai’s biceps?!

Luo Yin sees Gu Hai later and thinks that he’s back to retrieve his stuff because he’s being kicked out of school. He promises that he’ll find a way to help him. Gu Hai laughs and asks what he’s talking about. He’s just coming back now to eat lunch and take a nap, and he’ll be back at school tomorrow per usual. Luo Yin is obviously relieved, but then notices all the blood stains on Gu Hai’s jacket. He takes his off, gives it to Gu Hai, and then leaves with the stained one.

I've got this.

I’ve got this.


5 thoughts on “Addicted/Heroin/Shang Yin (Ep 3-4 Recap)

  1. They are adorable! After a long hiatus I finally found something to take the place of Love Sick. (>_<) Gu Hai is such a kid with the teasing and bullying but I think he's met his match with the stubborn Luo Yin.


    • I can’t wait for more cute OTP moments in the later eps! Fangirl squealsss haha. Gu Hai is SO adorable with this whole schoolboy teasing/protective thing he’s got going on…so adorable!


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