Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 24 Recap – FINALE)

Final episode! Who’s the ultimate bad guy?

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Estelle’s Recap

What good is a smart car if it doesn’t save you in your time of need, right? Andy transports Jin Yan t o Dr. Barnes’ house. Man, this Dr. Barnes is getting a lot of screen time in these last few episodes, like way more than Xun Ran (are we going to get any closure on him?). Also, how did Andy know his address?

Anyway, I guess none of this is very important anymore because Dr. Barnes gives Jin Yan some sedatives to help the latter “rest.” When Jin Yan wakes up though, he finds a gun pointing at him and soon enough someone knocks him out with a punch. Uh-oh. Dr. Barnes, I thought you were a good guy!


The next time Jin Yan wakes up? In a dark room in chains… What else is new? And who’s the bad guy that shows up? Oh, it’s Zi Qi’s fiance, Yi Yang! C’mon, we all knew he had a bigger role to play when he flew all the way to Hong Kong to attend “rehab.”

After the two talk some more, Yi Yang pulls out a knife and stabs it into Jin Yan’s arm. What does he pull out? A spy cam! Wow, some accurate stabbing you got there. Anyway, as Yi Yang marvels at his discovery, the FBI rushes in and surrounds the two.

Though it is clear he is defeated, Yi Yang is proud that he went undetected for so long despite Jin Yan’s A+ detective work. Jin Yan reveals that he has noticed small cracks here and there before – for example, the fingerprints on some flowers delivered to Yi Yang’s room with a note for Jin Yan. If Yi Yang had been sleeping as he claimed when the flowers were delivered, how did his fingerprints get on there? Mmm… how could a criminal mastermind make such as juvenile a mistake as forgetting to wear gloves? Aiyah!

Susan also chimes in – she says that Yi Yang’s little trick with the dead body in the park was so “easy” to see through. Uhhhh are you sure? You guys seemed pretty incompetent… I mean you didn’t even think to get blood sample from the floor cracks in Evan’s house. Seriously, what kind of misstep was that?


so chill

Have movies taught you nothing? Now is not the time to chitchat! But of course, we still have half an episode to go so how can this be resolved so smoothly?

Apparently one of the FBI agents has been brainwashed by Yi Yang and once he drops the cross necklace, the agent turns. He immediately kidnaps Zi Qi (why is she here?) and Yi Yang grabs Susan’s gun, posed to shoot.

Sure enough, Jin Yan falls down, and then Zi Yu. Yi Yang commands the agent to kill off Zi Qi and Susan which he does, leaving behind four dead bodies. Now, how the heck did he shoot through Susan’s bulletproof vest is a mystery. Plus, why didn’t they protect the civilians and give them vests? Or at the very least provide them with more backup support?

Mystery solved! It is what Yi Yang had planned, but he wasn’t able to execute it. The blood sample from the floor crack matched FBI agent Sam so Mr. Evans came to the rescue! He knocked out Sam and saved the day. Awww, isn’t that nice?


hero shot

Meanwhile, Yao Yao is at the hospital, eyes glued to the video game aka GPS tracker, watching the blue dot get closer and closer. A soft knock on the door and she rushes to it.

Jin Yan: Let’s go fishing.


After fishing, they ride a little boat out on to the river…

Jin Yan: Marry me, Jian Yao. I love you. You are my only woman. A woman that makes my heart beat. My life used to be lonely. I used to be surrounded by so many people, and yet I was still by myself. Until I met you. Gentle you. Incomparable you. Wonderful you. I love you, using my entire wisdom and life. Marry me!


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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Yi Yang explains that Xie Han decided to commit suicide when he learnt that he was tricked by Jin Yan (re: video switcharoo).
  • Jin Yan and Zi Qi apologizes to each other, but in the end she says it’s all okay because they are family ❤
  • For someone who got shot multiple times Zi Qi sure is tough – I mean he acts like he is fine this whole time!
  • Dr. Barnes is not a bad guy – he is the one that sewn the spy cam into Jin Yan.
  • In the true fashion of Chinese dramas, everyone gets paired off – Zi Qi with Dr. Barnes, Zi Yu with his assistant, and Susan with Mr. Evans. Poor Xun Ran, #foreveralone.
  • What’s with the last scene? Slightly creepy yo.lmiyd_2429

36 thoughts on “Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 24 Recap – FINALE)

  1. Finally I can start watching the drama 😍 thanks Estelle for the recap. The last 2 episodes brings a total different ending from the novel though.


  2. Belly Button says:

    I like the plot twist away from the novel. The baddie was too obvious in the novel. Thanks Estelle for all the hard work. I enjoy reading your summary and the humour and funny pictures that come with you. See you again in another drama. ❤


  3. rinoak says:

    Loved the drama but yeah, that ending shot was weird. Wallace can really look like a psycho when he wants to. And not enough Xun Ran at all imo! How did the novel end??


    • I think the novel ends with Xie Han being the final bad guy, no one above him. Guess the show wanted something a little different. For reals, XR just disappeared after he got shot =\


      • rinoak says:

        Oh, I see. Well, they certainly spent more time developing the character of Xie Han so that would probably have made more sense. I was surprised he actually died, since that jumping off the cliff thing seemed kinda staged. I guess I’ll have to get around to reading the novel at some point.


    • Kichan says:

      I thought the creepy look at the end might suggest Allen does exist after all???😨hmmm…🤔 cliffhanger ending. Sth different from the novel.


  4. Kwwwwwww says:

    Thank you so much for an English review!!!!! Needed to read one so bad after I watched the last episode.
    The final cut of Wallace is messing with my mind. Is it suggestive of Allen still being part of him????? It seems to set the stage for part 2. I feel like I’m left hanging and the story is still screwing with my mind like it did many times. The ups and downs in the show sure felt like life though.


  5. pinkdiabolique says:

    Hi,hi..i’m so glad i found your recap. Aside from enjoying the chemistry between Wallace and Sandra (and pitied Xun Ran, poor handsome guy), i can’t help but wonder, on the prologue there were always clips of them together in America, running around cheerfully and romantically, were they taken from one of the episodes?


  6. Amour says:

    Thanks for the recaps ! At first I hesitated watching this drama, but I don’t regret my choice it was an awesome drama ! And not to mention Wallace *-* Surely one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen xD
    About that last scene, I found it quite weird too, but I saw an interesting comment on Viki, in short : The great master is really Allen because he managed to get rid of all the people who tried to tame him, and he became the real Xie Han… Simon thinks Allen doesn’t exist because he doesn’t remember but the truth is all of what happened was Allen’s great master plan to be number one…
    Anyway, it was a really good drama ^^


  7. sunset says:

    I spent days marathon watching the drama… and the creepy look in the end pissed me off… lol…
    In my heart Allen never existed at all. Thus the creepy look was the director’s way of teasing us…


    • sunset says:

      Or…. a sequel… But Heck no, I don’t want a sequel where Ji Yan (Simon Bo) will be a negative character. The leads have gone through too much for that…

      P.S. I’ll go with the director teasing…. That guy made us go crazy with all those dream & imaginary sequences which made me doubt every other scene lol!


  8. there was no such person as SImon, the entire time is was only Allen. Should i remind you that psychopaths have no feelings ? Wanna know why i say that there was no Simon? Cause of the stare at the end and at the beginning, we don’t even know who he was speaking to in that room from the start we never knew. Why ? Cause it was someone Allen killed and tortured.


  9. Becky says:

    I need a spoiler, I’m still on episode 14 and Xun Ran was just in the building that got blown up. Does he survive? I need to know!


  10. stjr says:

    Very interesting comments, here……Wallace and the cast were great…I hope for a season 2……but it would have to top Simon Bo vs. 3 serial killers in the first season.


  11. Lisa Arden says:

    I defenetly hope for a season 2 also.I mean, the serial’s end was almost great , Wallace was the image of the hero from the story and i liked that ,but the last scene was kinda creppy. Like the producers are trying to imply that he is actually a pshycopath and will kill every person close to him at some point. I most certainly don’t wish that to happen ,but hey, it’s more interesting this way right?


  12. aslls says:

    Thank you for the recap. I had to find some opinions because I was bemused by the ending. Anyway, I think the ending showed us that Simon did have an alternative personality named Allen and that Allen was part of what made Simon such a good criminal profiler. Simon’s eyes always kind of looked that way when he was doing his profiling thing. Anyhow, just because Allen is an alternative personality, it doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to hurt those around him. That said, these two incidents are particularly creepy in retrospect.

    1) When Zi Qi said Jin Yan had kissed her. I believe her. What was that about?

    2) When Jin Yan suggested Yao Yao climb up on the table of the “murder machine”. Yikes!


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