2015 Countdown #4: Best Chemistry

Chemistry is something that can really make or break a drama. If co-stars have it, even the dullest of dramas can suddenly seem fun and enticing to watch. But if there’s a severe lack of it, all the life would be sucked out of any well-written show. Even though it’s not the easiest thing to define, you’ll know there’s some good chemistry or mojo going on when you see or feel it between two people. Maybe it’s just the natural flow they have with each other or perhaps the spark that just sets a drama on fire.

2015 Countdown’s #4: Best Chemistry is dedicated to all those pairs and couples that lit up our screens this past year!

Best Chemistry of 2015

Anna: This is slightly coming out of left field for me since I’m usually such a sucker for the lovey-dovey OTP couples, but my pick for the drama pair that showed the best chemistry in 2015 is Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Tae Hyun in The Producers (K). Their characters are lifelong friends/co-workers/accidental roommates who harbor secret romantic feelings for each another. The two of them had a very realistic and easygoing rapport going on between them. Sarcastic friendships ftw! I knew that Cha Tae Hyun is quite the comedian, but was also pleasantly surprised to see that Gong Hyo Jin was able to respond in turn with excellent comedic timing. Together, they made for a very fun and likeable pairing. In less capable hands, these characters could have easily gone down the annoying route but thank goodness for skilled, veteran actors!


Runner-up: Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan in Eye in the Sky (HK) were one of my favorite bromances in recent drama history. They really took the definition of “bro” to a whole another level. Like, hello; they shared bunk beds! If that ain’t a bromance, then I don’t know what is.


Estelle: This one is pretty easy! It will have to be Choi Siwon and Hwang Jung Eum from She Was Pretty (K). Ok, so I know they are not the OTP or anything like that but boy was their chemistry STRONG! They paired off so well that me – the ever so dedicated OTP shipper – was moved and wanted to cast my vote for the second lead! That’s crazy talk so you know they must have SOMETHING going on. And I swear I was not swayed by Siwon or his abs or anything like that. (ok maybe a little bit but still). Their story line developed naturally and their personalities just meshed so well together. Every one of their scenes stole the show and the screen just lights up with adorableness when they show up at the same time. Even their parting at the end was somehow “the way things had to be” and so completely real. I loved every minute of these two and I hope they do a drama in the future where I can actually ship them without any reservations.(read my series review for more feels and deets)

swp17 swp16

Runner-up: Hwang Jung Eum scores again in this category, but this time with Goo Jong Hee at her arm. Their “sismance” was every definition of #friendshipgoals. Think of the obstacle that came between them – such a big deal especially in drama world! Unbelievable, but totally believable when these two brought it onscreen.


Which character or actors lit up your TV screen this year with their chemistry? How do you define good chemistry in a drama? Sound off below! And Stay tuned tomorrow for… Best OST!

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