Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 22 Recap)

Goodbye, Jenny.

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Estelle’s Recap

As Xie Han sings a weird song about falling star to Yao Yao over the intercom Jin Yan appears in the large empty factory. Xie Han watches with eager anticipation as the latter approaches. Finally, Jin Yan faces Yao Yao in what is expected to be her doom.

Jin Yan leans forward and forcefully take a kiss from whom he calls as “Simon’s woman.” As he draws back there’s a bit of gentleness in his eyes. He picks up his gun, tells her not to be afraid and then says his final goodbye.

Bye, Jenny.


Then BAM, one bullet straight to her heart and he leaves her lifeless as blood trickles down her white dress.


After confirming the meetup location with Xie Han, Jin Yan dashes out the factory as it blows up into pieces. In the next scene, we see a weak Yao Yao slowly coming to. Who is there to greet her but Zi Yu who is visibly tired and still just recovering from his own near death experience.

Zi Yu explains to her that everything was planned, including how Jin Yan got Susan/FBI in on it and how Zi Yu’s assistant Han Yu Meng created a video of Yao Yao getting killed to fool Xie Han. Apparently Jin Yan never shot Yao Yao – he just pretended to do so and Han Yu Meng infiltrated the security camera system to play her fake vid. In addition, she made this GPS/camera/audio all inclusive spy gadget to place inside the black tulip Jin Yan brought to meet Xie Han’s minion. That’s how the FBI learnt where Yao Yao was being held and how they were able to support Jin Yan through his plan.


Just then, Jin Yan turned on his spy system and the crew watches as he meets up with Xie Han. Over dinner, Xie Han presents Jin Yan with what presumably is human meat and the latter is forced to take a bite. Xie Han suddenly gets up to leave and Jin Yan jumps up to tell him no more games. Xie Han replies that none of this was intentional, he simply likes to watch Jin Yan eat meat. Argh, what a creep.


that fork looks way threatening, jin yan… -.-;;

Later that night, Xie Han shows Jin Yan to his bunker and Jin Yan uses the spy cam to give the crew a tour of the place. Yao Yao watches in tears as she cuddles with the pink doll that apparently carries some sort of significance between the two (Jin Yan had told Zi Yu it was one of Yao Yao’s favorite items, but seriously, we didn’t know this at all!). Han Yu Meng hands Yao Yao a device to talk to Jin Yan and all she can muster is a simple greeting.

Hello, Jin Yan.
Jia You (add oil aka fighting).
I love you.


not sure when this doll thing happened


she looks like she’s watching a korean melodrama

The next morning, Xie Han brings Jin Yan up a mountain to check out a prime shooting location. As they each pick up a gun, Xie Han suddenly turns to Jin Yan to asks how Yao Yao is doing.

Xie Han: You are a first grade profiler, but you are not a soldier. A qualified solider would know the difference between a gun with bullets and one without.

Jin Yan drops his gun and suggests that Xie Han give up because there are armed forces hiding around them. He goes on to say that Alan never existed – he was just a fabricated character used to buy time so the police can catch Tommy.

Xie Han: Don’t lie to me! I understand you more than you understand yourself because we are so similar. We both have an evil soul and body, and an unbreakable spirit. Think carefully, think about how much blood spill you have witnessed. There were serial murders and mutilated bodies. You are like a fly; if you see blood you flock over immediately. Is it really because of some sense of justice? No, no, justice is just a lie. It’s because you enjoy serial murders, you enjoy blood spill, you enjoy the kind of high and mighty feeling they bring you when you stand above everyone else. But you cannot achieve what I have because you are vain. Vanity is the original sin. You have a bloodsucking soul, but you cannot give up the joys of this world, vain admiration and boring love. What first grade profiler, what criminal psychology professor, what legendary investigator? Bull shit. Did you hear the tears your soul have shed for you? I can hear it. I want to help you, I want to help you release them, but you pointed your gun at me. In Jiang Zhou, in Tong Shi, in Hong Kong, how many people have died during this game between us? They have died for you, Simon, have you felt even a little bit of guilt? Now if you still remember what is just you should use the gun and shoot yourself.


Jin Yan: Our game? Did you really think so? Who do you think you are? Criminal mastermind, representative for the Devil, or Moriarty? It’s too funny. Do you know who you are in my eyes? A dog that has been hiding. You are just one of the many failures I’ve met. You are the same as those perverted criminals – the pedophiles, the rapists, the murders. You are right, I do enjoy it. Do you know what I enjoy? I want to see humiliation and anger in you when you are handcuffed. My only guilt is that I have not captured you earlier.

Xie Han: Looks like you still don’t know, Simon. You still choose to live a boring existence. My life will end today. From a certain perspective, your life is also over. Neither of us won. My Bo Jin Yan, I will wait for you in Hell.

Xie Han finishes up his speech and backs off the cliff. BAM! Some explosives go off and I guess that’s that. The amount of explosions in this drama is starting to one up one of Michael Bay’s movies.


Anyway, Jin Yan heads to the hospital for a tearful reunion with Yao Yao.

Yao Yao: Are they waiting for you?
Jin Yan: No, my work is done. I have saved whom I wanted to save.


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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Jin Yan goes to a mirror during his stay at the Xie bunker so Yao Yao can see his reflection and therefore him.
  • Xun Ran is not dead! Yay!


  • Jin Yan confides in Zi Yu that he is unsure this is all over because it seems like the puzzle is just not quite right.
  • Looks like Han Yu Meng and Zi Yu might be coupling up!


  • Mr. Evans tell Susan that the file about Alan is GONE.
  • In the final scene we see a masked man with a gun going into the house of Jin Yan’s police teacher (also the guy who said he will testify in court to prove Jin Yan’s innocence re: video of Alan admitting that he murdered three people). UH OH.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful recap. Happy New Year 2016 Estelle and Anna. May 2016 be another fantastic year for all of us. Final 2 episode this week 😍


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