2015 Countdown #5: Best Cinematography

We’re comin’ at you again with our annual “best of” list for the many dramas and movies we watched this year. It’s only right that we give some recognition to the highlights of Dramaland in 2015! Count down to the new year with us in this recap of the entertainment that made our year just a tad bit more interesting and memorable.

Kicking off our 2015 Countdown are our picks for #5: Best Cinematography. The artistic quality of this dramas helped highlight the romantic, endearing, sad, fantastic, mesmerizing moments and made them even more unforgettable.

Best Cinematography of 2015

Anna: The increasingly slick production values of dramas have made it equally difficult to pick just one drama with exceptional cinematography. They all look pretty darn good! While there wasn’t exactly one that made my jaw drop with its beauty (there was just no Back in Time …), my vote would have to go to the bittersweet, slow-burning drama, Valid Love. In spite of the scandalous cheating angle of the storyline, the drama had a very “gentle” quality to it. The look of it featured that Instagram-like filter that I am always drawn to, and I think it really enhanced the nostalgic quality of the drama. Also, because the story takes place away from the hustle and bustle of a city like Seoul, there were a lot more scenic and nature shots. The pop of colors that is used against the monochromatic palette of the drama further made each scene look like someone’s framed photograph from yesteryear.


Estelle: Like Anna said, it is becoming more and more difficult to pick dramas solely based on their beautiful cinematography because everything I come across these days look pretty. However, that being said, if we are talking about how the way images are being captured help to tell the story then I’ll have to go with Ex-Girlfriend Club. Why? Well, more than just nice scenery filtered through lenses, I liked the way certain scenes were slowed down to really encapsulate the emotions of those on screen. I liked the attention to detail – the angle choices and closeups all helped to develop and emphasize certain personalities of the characters. Sure it wasn’t the biggest budget blowing production nor was it screenshot inducing, but I enjoyed and savored every bit of that drama and thought it ended all too soon.


What are your thoughts on the best cinematography this year? What made you pause and take a picture or was there a drama made so badly that it deterred you from watching? Sound off below! And stay tuned tomorrow for… Best Chemistry of 2015!


One thought on “2015 Countdown #5: Best Cinematography

  1. cloudandsea says:

    Love how you ended 2016 with such categories! I know you might have heard it before but have you checked out Nirvana in Fire? It is a bit off at times but overall I thought that it was great!


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