Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 21 Recap)

Newspaper messages at play.

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Estelle’s Recap

The video of Jin Yan has gone viral and the media is all over it as they would. While Zi Yu is watching the news on repeat (seriously, it’s the same exact news clip) Jin Yan packs up some of Yao Yao’s favorite belongings to bring to the hospital. The police soon follow, but he has already escaped using the ID badge Zi Yu stole from the doctor. What I want to know is how Jin Yan was able to avoid media when the reporters nearly blocked the police from entering? Watch your loopholes yo.


good job, you are a true bro

Of course Zi Yu doesn’t tell anyone where Jin Yan is – I mean why would he when they are on a manhunt for his bffl who really needs to concentrate on saving his best girl right now? Anyway, according to the news, families of victims are also staging protests in front of the FBI office, because why? Well, they believe that Jin Yan’s alternate personality Simon is the ruthless killer who murdered all their loved ones. Argh, seriously?


yup, i would frown too

Jin Yan somehow is able to take out an ad in the newspaper and send Yao Yao a message that says “Hi J.” Xie Han sees it and is pleased at what is happening and the fact that the world is turning its back on Jin Yan. Is it that easy to take out ads? Don’t you need an ID or something or a form of payment? Wouldn’t his identity be exposed? Or did Zi Yu do this for Jin Yan? Hmmmm….


So now back to the story – Jin Yan has now gone under hiding officially. In broad daylight (great idea), he approaches an unsuspecting man in central park to get a copy of the newspaper and a half eaten sandwich. On the newspaper is a message from Xie Han. I just want to know who is approving these ads… is there no restriction on what kind of messages can be posted? Gosh, it’s not even written in codes or anything.



this seems too obvious…

Despite being sighted all over NYC, Jin Yan has been able to escape time and time again. Ah, what a good criminal – always ahead of the game. But I guess this is all supposed to help Xie Han believe that Jin Yan has gone “bad” or whatever. Of course, Xie Han is not stupid either, he sends one of his minions out to meet Jin Yan.

Jin Yan shows up in the middle of the night with a rose. The two chat a bit and soon enough Yao Yao’s name is brought up. The minion reveals that in order to demonstrate his change, Xie Han wants Jin Yan to kill Yao Yao. Jin Yan plays cool and pretends to be super excited to get started. He asks for Yao Yao’s location and the minion guy pulls out a super scanner. WHAT? Apparently he wants to check for bugs before giving Jin Yan further information. Can I just say this scene is SUPER hilarious and completely random? Not to mention where this full body scan is taking place and the poor acting in part of the random dude.


Xie Han is also doing prep work in anticipation of Jin Yan’s arrival. He shows Yao Yao a message from Jin Yan in the newspaper which is supposed to prove that Alan is coming, not Simon. I’m convinced Jin Yan is still fine, but he is just playing Xie Han’s game.

Looks like Xie Han is also unsure of whether or not Jin Yan is really Simon or Alan. Before saying goodbye to Yao Yao, he lets on that there are 300kg of explosives under her feet and should Simon show up instead, these explosives will kill them both.

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Xie Han tapes Yao Yao’s message declaring her eternal love to Jin Yan despite the latter’s multiple personality disorder and whatnot. It’s so moving that Xie Han even tears up.
  • Despite being a total psycho, Xie Han has some interesting outfits. Check out the butterflies on this one:


  • Susan has reluctantly agreed to join forces with Mr. Evans to investigate Jin Yan’s involvement with the murders.

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