Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 18 Recap)

Guess who’s back!

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chillin' with the villians

chillin’ with the villains

Estelle’s Recap

Based on the information Tommy supplied, Kevin is able to narrow down the suspect to a man named Uncle Cai who is some type of crime boss that the police has trouble nailing. It so happens that there’s an undercover cop planted among Uncle Cai’s gang. The plant tells the police that Uncle Cai suspiciously reserved the port for something, but there isn’t any business arrangement going down that day.


not shady at all

The police, Jin Yan, Zi Yu and Yao Yao surround the port that night and catches Uncle Cai’s gang in “action.” The police shoots down some guy (not sure why the fatal shots) and successfully rescues Xun Ran as a ship nearby explodes. What they don’t know though is that Xie Han has finished brainwashing Xun Ran.


Nobody suspects anything has happened to Xun Ran because he is normal most of the time, but when a nurse comes in to adjust his bed, Xun Ran sees the cross on her neck and immediately reacts to it, probably because Xie Han used a cross to hypothesize him. Luckily the nurse stands up shortly after. With the cross tucked away Xun Ran returns to normal again.


The HK doctor randomly suggests that Yao Yao take Xun Ran to America to get his surgery done by a Dr. Barnes. (Xun Ran needs to have something near his spine removed). Is it a tumor or something? Nobody knows. Mystery of century #2. I bet that the doctor was hypnotized by Xie Han and the reason for taking Xun Ran to America is to increase the chance of the cross appearing and therefore producing a higher chance for Xie Han to go cray cray. What do you guys think?

Anyway, Yao Yao is super worried about everything. I mean why wouldn’t she? And Jin Yan comforts her by telling her he will be around 24 hours so she should not be afraid. Erm, I guess that’s nice?


So a trip to America it is! But while they are in air, someone sends Tommy a toothpick in a piece of bread which allows the latter to escape the prison. I think Tommy kills a security guard with the toothpick, takes the keys to unlock his cell door, change into the uniform and escapes through the pipes. Oh, and he kills three prisoners on the way too. Geez. leave a path of destruction behind you why don’t ya?

the bread in question

the bread in question

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • The ship that explodes was supposedly meant for Xie Han, but we all know it wasn’t really.
  • Yao Yao has a nightmare that Xie Han has caught her and he offers her a heart.


  • Xie Han delivers some flowers to Zi Qi’s fiance’s room with greetings to Jin Yan. Zi Qi is all freaked out about it, worried that Xie Han will kill her fiance, but Yao Yao explains that there’s nothing to worry about because if Xie Han had wanted to do that he would have done it already. Yup, you tell ’em!
  • Zi Yu asks Kevin to help ship Andy to America. Yes! More Andy appearances please!
  • The end scene is creepy! Jin Yan gets up from his bed and looks totally different. He holds up a gun and shoots!
  • Look at how Xun Ran smiles at Yao Yao!



4 thoughts on “Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 18 Recap)

  1. Thanks for both recap. Another 6 episodes to go which means another 3 weeks… The wait is reasonable so I shall wait 😉 have a great week ahead


    • Lacey says:

      I respectfully disagree! lol The wait is not reasonable because with the way it ended I need to know what happened NOW! Oh well, it’s another lesson in patience I suppose.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahaha Lacey… Enjoy each episodes as it is being aired… I unfortunately does not have that privilege as I am on the road for the next 2 weeks hence it is easier for me to wait till the end for now… Since I just don’t have the time to catch up 😍


      • Lacey says:

        Well, that would be easier then, I will grant you that. I’ll just have to busy myself with other things too, at least, until episode 19 comes out! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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