Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 17 Recap)

Who to save and who to kill?

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Estelle’s Recap

Soooo I guess I was wrong. The HK police do find the underground dungeon where the victims are, but that doesn’t mean everything is over though. No, it is FAR from over.


Zi Qi arrives on scene (when did she fly to Hong Kong?) with a call from Xie Han who directs Jin Yan to stand in front of the mansion. Once there, Xie Han tells Jin Yan the bad news – there are two people strapped in bombs in the opposite sides of the house and the bombs can only be deactivated with Jin Yan’s fingerprint. From where Jin Yan stands he needs two minutes to get to either one of the rooms. However, the bomb is set to explode in three minutes so this means Jin Yan only has enough time to save one person. Needless to say one person is Xun Ran and the other is Zi Qi’s fiance.


Upon hearing this, Jin Yan makes a mad dash to Zi Qi’s fiance and saves the latter with one minute to spare. Instead of rushing to the other side of the house, Jin Yan calmly picks up the phone again. Xie Han wants to know why Jin Yan picked the fiance because Xun Ran was clearly a more reasonable choice. Jin Yan explains that he had known from the beginning that Xun Ran was not in the mansion at all – this was all a game.



so happy to be saved


Xie Han reveals that he was indeed playing a game and he is very happy that Jin Yan understands him so well. Eep. Xie Han throws away the phone and Jin Yan is faced with a crying Yao Yao, disappointed by the fact that Xun Ran is still nowhere to be found.

Jin Yan: I should apologize to you.
Yao Yao: Why?
Jin Yan: Though I made the most logical choice at the time, I wasn’t sure Li Xun Ran wasn’t in the other room.
Yao Yao: We are all humans, who can live and who can die are questions we have no answers for. In that situation, no matter what you end up choosing you will still end up feeling that it was wrong. I will think you made the right one regardless what choice you make because I know your heart.


at least she understands!

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Xie Han started to use hypnosis on Xun Ran 😦
  • Jin Yan tells Zi Yu that sometimes Yao Yao is cute and soft, but sometimes she is so strong that he feels comfortable relying on her. Awwwww!
  • Zi Qi is able to buy more of her fiance’s family business’s stock and successfully become the biggest stockholder of the company. What does this mean? She can cancel her marriage arrangement!
  • Zi Qi congratulates Jin Yan on his new relationship with Yao Yao! 😀
smiling at yao yao <3

smiling at yao yao ❤

  • Jin Yan and Zi Yu revisits Tommy’s files to find traces releated to Hong Kong. Apparently Tommy used to work at the Seattle port and he killed three people there. His co-worker also died and was shipped back to Hong Kong to be buried. They suspect that Tommy was ordered to kill this co-worker. Tommy reveals that he doesn’t know the man’s name, but he has a giant black lotus tattoo.



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