Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 16 Recap)

News from Xun Ran!

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Estelle’s Recap

From what the family and friends of the three victims reveal, Jin Yan is able to draw some inferences on why #1 killed those specific people who seem to have nothing in common. The female victim was moving to Nan Ya Dao, and that’s where the young male victim lived. #1 wanted them to meet and create a “family.” He also killed the old man because the old man was a language teacher and was an overall very nice and caring person. In his mind, the old man would be the perfect father figure to the young man who was an architect but wanted to be a writer (and was successful in writing on the side). The two young victims would also have a child who was represented by the doll.


At this point Yao Yao wonders why there’s no old woman to complete the family and Jin Yan explains that it’s because #1 hated his mother. When he came face to face with the young female victim, he felt emotions both as a child and as an adult. She is selected because she would be a suitable mate to the young male victim and also because she would be the mother that he had always wanted. Eventually though, he kills these victims because he wants to escape from this fabricated family. Once he abandons them he would repeat the cycle all over again.

Jin Yan concludes that #1 came to Hong Kong immediately after the explosion at the factory to attend the Xing He Sci Fi Awards. Zi Yu confirms that #1 received the second prize and the young male victim (Zhang Yu Zhe) received the grand prize. Unfortunately though the passport information used by #1 aka Mei Jun Yuan is invalid! Nooooo~~ it’s ok, I’m sure Zi Yu can dig it up.


WHY is everyone standing in front of the screen???

Just then, a policeman reports that two new people have gone missing – a retired professor and a young woman. Jin Yan and Yao Yao head over to the jewelry store where the woman worked to review the security video. In the video we see #1 entering the store, talking to the woman and leaving her his phone number. After he exits the store he doesn’t immediately leave but looks at something for a really long time.

new victim!

new victim!

Jin Yan and Yao Yao go out to stand where #1 stood and it dawns onto Jin Yan that there’s a school nearby. He calls up Zi Yu to find out if any student in the school has entered a writing competition recently. Zi Yu reports back that a nine year old boy named Xu Zi Xi won the outstanding award for writing and the award ceremony is happening NOWWWWWWWW!!!

The duo runs over to the ceremony site and sit in the back row. As Jin Yan gets up to approach the stage the light suddenly shuts off. In a split second everyone starts to panic. WHY is there mass panic? I mean the room just went dark is all. My first reaction would NOT be to get out of my seat and scream hysterically as I make a mad dash to the door. It makes no sense yo, but let’s roll with it.

cute kid!

cute kid!

So of course #1 sneaks up to the boy and tries to carry him away, but luckily Jin Yan spots the pair and puts a stop to it. After a bit of a struggle, #1 abandons the boy and makes an escape. Jin Yan chases after him, but #1 disappears into the crowd immediately.


Using the fingerprints left on the trophy the police is able to find #1’s real identity – Xie Han, English name Jabber. According to his bio (where do people get these types of personal bios?), Xie Han’s mom was a archaeologist who spent long periods of the year in Africa and did not pay attention to his upbringing. When he turned 19 his mother past away and he inherited a large fortune that did not match his mother’s salary. Since then he has slowly and secretly moved all his money from the States to China to fund his murdering sprees. Zi Yu also reveals that the last time Xie Han appeared publicly in USA was in 2006 which Jin Yan identifies as the year of Tommy’s first case.


There’s also a fifth victim in the video they had found. Yao Yao believes that is Xun Ran, but nobody else is so sure because apparently there is no way to see the images clearer or whatever. While Zi Yu is trying to comfort Yao Yao, the HK police guy rudely butts in and asks for an explanation of what’s going on. C’mon nameless dude! Show some respect yo.



Anyway, Jin Yan catches on and they look into the video some more. Sure enough Yao Yao notices that Xun Ran’s finger is moving and he appears to be using Morse code to deliver a message – 33767. What’s 33767? The number of a lamp post and there’s a mansion nearby that belongs to someone who works for Zi Qi’s fiance.

ok like seriously i thought they couldn't make the image clearer?

ok like seriously i thought they couldn’t make the image clearer? this looks like HD to me!

The Hong Kong police force head out to this mansion and they find a basement! We also finally learn that the police leader guy’s name is Kevin. Oh man, I was so sure he was going to be a mystery nameless man FOREVER.

The basement might be a surprise after all – it doesn’t appear to be a dungeon where the victims are being held. Instead, we see a man sitting alone in a room. Strapped on him is a ticking bomb. Meanwhile, we see Xie He making a call to Zi Qi and telling her that the police are on their way to save her fiance. OH DEAR.

no helmet yet again. does this guy have something to prove??

no helmet yet again. does this guy have something to prove or what??


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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Zi Yu codes a “small” search engine to help Jin Yan narrow down #1 –.–
  • Xie Han listens to classical music while he builds his bomb



7 thoughts on “Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 16 Recap)

    • Xie Han is indeed very creepy…. I am going to give these 2 episode a wait till next 2 episodes to be released as I don’t think I can handle the cliffhanging wait 😍


      • @mhyru, if you are going to wait 2 eps, you might as well wait until the show is over because i think we are on our main plot case and it might take a while =\

        Liked by 1 person

      • Estelle, ya maybe as the wait will be agony… I will rely on your recap for now 😍 luckily I would start traveling for the next 3 weeks starting next week so by the time I return I should be able to start catching up. Keep up the good work in the recap. 😘


    • Estelle says:

      @Belly Button, yeah the girl probably thought she caught a break and some wealthy guy is ready to sweep her off her feet, but alas he is a total psychopath. xh’s story and all that tells me he is creepy, but im not convinced by the acting =\


  1. Kay says:

    Thank you for the recap!

    It seem like a lot of people had the same question as you in regards to why people started panicking in the award ceremony. The fire alarm went off when the lights went off. That’s why there were those shots of the fire trucks as well. It’s been proven that people become dumber in numbers, it’s no surprise when one person start screaming it can quickly create havoc. Especially when the doors wouldn’t open.


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