Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 15 Recap)

There’s nothing scarier in this world than a shroud of darkness we cannot see through. – Jin Yan

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Estelle’s Recap

Before going to Hong Kong, Jin Yan suddenly concludes that Tommy is not the Flower Cannibal Serial Killer, the stalker guy is the actual #1 and Tommy is #2. So what does Jin Yan decide is the best course of action? Go to America to talk to Tommy of course! Oh, and he is bringing Yao Yao. Poor Zi Yu ends up heading to Hong Kong all by his lonesome. Zi Yu, I’ll go with you! Take me! As long as you pay for the ticket though ^^;;


zoom zoom! check the ferrari

The two lovebirds arrive in California and we get this fish eye view of the city before we head to Pelican Bay State Prison to meet Tommy. To be honest, The actor playing Tommy does a pretty shoddy job and is totally not convincing as a creepy psychopath. Not to mention the odd dialogue between him and Jin Yan where one of them speaks English and the other Chinese is totally confusing. Anyway, Jin Yan hands Tommy a bunch of photos of dead victims and the red numbers #1 has left behind. Tommy tells Jin Yan what we already know – that #1 likes to play number games. Tommy also throws out some random threats about how #1 will kill Jin Yan etc..


Jin Yan leaves the room and confides in Yao Yao that Tommy doesn’t actually know what he is talking about. In fact, Tommy is jealous and worried that Jin Yan is going to replace him. Turns out the real goal of #1 is to turn Jin Yan into his new partner in crime! Oh what a twist of events!


Now we head on over to check out what’s going on in Hong Kong. The police raids the residence of Zi Qi’s fiance to find it completely empty. They do recover the models we saw in the last episode – the miniature figurines placed to recreate each murder scene so far. Among the models is a sign that reads “you will be with me.” There’s also a video showing three different people who have disappeared recently and an empty room with a dog barking at a doll. Talk about eerie.

someone tell me why the leader guy doesn't have a helmet?

someone tell me why the leader guy doesn’t have a helmet?

is he TRYING to block people or what?

is he TRYING to block people or what?

At this time, Zi Yu storms in to announce (very grandly of course) that there’s a secret coded section of the clip which depicts the death of all three victims. Ah-ha! Upon seeing the incredibly gruesome images Yao Yao can’t help but think of what fate Xun Ran could possibly face. Is he also subject to the same torture? Or is he already dead? 😦


Later that day, some random civilians in a park find the various dead bodies and the doll. The female victim was up in a tree and a piece of her back skin was taken off. The young male victim was in the forest and his heart was taken out (yikes). The doll had its hands chopped off and the older man had some of hair snipped.

lmiyd_1412 lmiyd_1413

Jin Yan’s analysis time! The woman was repeatedly whipped so #1 must hate women the most possibly because he was abandoned by his mother. The fact that her skin was taken off is representative of something being taken away from him – maybe he was sexually assaulted by an older woman during his youth. The young male victim is representative of his father who likely abused #1 and that’s why the heart was removed. The doll is supposed to be #1 and the fact that the doll was with the dog meant there were dangers in his childhood which resulted in the loss of him reaching his potentials (therefore the hands). Finally, the old man was not tortured at all, but died from a medically induced heart attack. This is significant because it means #1 believes that getting old and dying is a form of torture in of itself. Jin Yan adds that #1 probably received higher education in psychology and sends the Hong Kong police guy to research psych schools in the States. (What is the policeman’s name?? Will we ever find out?)

lmiyd_1414 lmiyd_1415

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Yao Yao offers Zi Yu candy to make him “feel better.” LOL, does that remind you of anyone? 😛
  • Yao Yao proves that knowing someone’s kiss is an effective identifier – apparently Jin Yan hooks his tongue on hers at the end of every kiss.


  • Zi Qi has reported her fiance missing. Jin Yan doesn’t care though because he is sure the fiance is not #1.
  • Yao Yao wants to know how she can help Jin Yan and he asks her to go sleep and dress up when she wakes up because he performs better when she looks extra pretty…. –.–
  • Jin Yan takes off his shoes to check out a chandelier, but not sure why…
  • Jin Yan decides the white board is too small and uses the hotel rooftop to write out his hypothesis. LOL. I think you just write too big, JY.


  • We finally meet #1!!!!



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  1. Bertie says:

    Great recap. Would just add, for a little extra cognitive dissonance, the city shots are all New York, even though Pelican Bay is in California!


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