Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 14 Recap)

The bad guy might be closer than we all thought.

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Estelle’s Recap

Well, so much for secrecy, cat’s out of the back or rather Yao Yao finds out about the stalker pretty quickly – the fact that this bad guy is still alive. Yao Yao is obviously upset, but Jin Yan tells her that he had hoped the criminal did not discover that she is his weakness and that he had planned to send her away before the criminal found out about their relationship.

Zi Yu breaks their fight by alerting them to some suicide forum. He hacks into the back end to unlock all the sensitive pages and finds a suspicious username called “Wu Ye Qing Lan” which roughly translates to Midnight Blue. Upon further investigation, they found that this guy has been talking to someone named “Hui An De Tian Kong” which means Gray Sky. Zi Yu tracks the IP address of the latter and it locks onto Yao Yao’s neighborhood.


clearly this is what gps tracking looks like

clearly this is what IP tracking looks like

Meanwhile, the old man (Mr. Qian) from Xuan Xuan’s neighborhood has left the house with a tank of gasoline. His daughter finds a suicide note and rushes to Xuan Xuan to look for help. Luckily Xun Ran is there and the three of them head out immediately.


Having seen the IP location of Gray Sky, Yao Yao contacts her mom and learns about Mr. Qian. They connect the dots immediately calls Xun Ran to redirect him. The police also launches a full on search of the Qian house and finds info about his workplace which they suspect will be the location of crime.

Xun Ran dashes to Mr. Qian’s workplace and they surround the factory with police. Together with the factory boss man they narrow down possible danger areas and evacuate those in there. Just then, Xun Ran volunteers to enter the factory to look for Mr. Qian, claiming that even if he cannot stop the latter, he can at least buy some time. Uh-oh!


the brave one

This is especially concerning because Jin Yan and Yao Yao had just figured out that the target has been Xun Ran all along! Why? Well, the criminal wants Yao Yao to suffer, but Xuan Xuan and mom are too easy. The next one up is of course, Xun Ran. Yao Yao calls Xun Ran up but it is too late! Xuan Ran’s words to Mr. Qian have fallen on deaf ears, and the factory blows up in an instant!

lmiyd_1405 lmiyd_1406

The police recovers some of Xun Ran’s personal items and they believe that Xun Ran might have died in the explosion. Jin Yan, however, is unsure of this because the watch they recovered from the scene is not buckled up. What does this mean? Well, if Xun Ran had the watch on his wrist when the explosion happened, then the watch should have been buckled up. Yao Yao wonders if this means Xun Ran is alive.

Jin Yan states it is possible that the criminal took Xun Ran away and the latter was able to leave the watch behind as a clue. If they can find some security videos then they might be able to find some trace of what really happened. If the criminal had taken Xun Ran away, then he must have used a car.

hmmmm watch

hmmmm watch

lmiyd_1412Meanwhile, Zi Yu is able to locate the IP address of Midnight Blue and it points to Jin Yan’s future brother in law! Oh man oh man oh man. What else? Well, when Zi Yu brought Jin Yan back to China, the only two people who knew where he lived were Zi Yu and the sister. Upon questioning, the sister reveals that she has told this information to her fiance. So its off to Hong Kong to get to the bottom of this!


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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Xuan Xuan and mom have a heart to heart about the dangers of Yao Yao’s job.
  • Jin Yan offers Yao Yao candy in an attempt to comfort her in the aftermath of the explosion. –.–;;


  • Yao Yao tells Jin Yan about how her father died – they were prepping for her grandfather’s birthday at the grandparents’ house when the bad guys came and killed everyone aside for her and her sister because dad hid them in the cabinet and turned up the sound system so it would mask the screaming. Mom hasn’t arrived at the house yet so she was able to escape.
  • Xun Ran accompanied Yao Yao after her father died and always comforted her in those days.

check out kid xun ran

  • The police finds the words “now it begins” on the factory ground.


  • Jin Yan’s step-sister, Yi Zi Qi sends someone to follow Zi Yu beccause she “wants to know what Jin Yan is doing.” Argh, so shady.
"tell me, why are you following me?"

“tell me, why are you following me?”

  • Zi Yu and Zi Qi had dated at one point, but they broke up because the sister decided to listen to family orders and get engaged to her now fiance.
  • The end scene shows a set of figurines reenacting the various crimes. The latest addition is two identical figurines. What does this mean???



7 thoughts on “Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 14 Recap)

  1. Estelle, thank you for the wonderful read. Yes, indeed the drama is now way ahead of the translated cnovel. And what makes it wonderful, Episode 14 is already now available 🙂 Have a great week ahead. Looking forward to your recap next week


  2. maria says:

    Just maybe… just maybe. The criminal is sure about yao yao and jin yan’s relationship because the flower in chen mo’s back? There is an unkwon figure in ep 12. And he sent flower to xuan xuan. If he knew flower’s languages, it easy to figure out jin yan has fallen in love and she is his weakness.


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