Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 13 Recap)

Yao Yao nets two confessions in one night!

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Estelle’s Recap

Xun Ran’s time is up and he has to return to Tong Shi, their hometown. Yao Yao meets up with him before he gets on the train to give him some stuff to take home. Right as he is about to leave, he surprises her with a hug and tells her, “just this once. I’ve come all this way, I can’t leave with nothing, right?” 😦 😦 😦

look at that gaze

look at that gaze


Jin Yan calls as Yao Yao gets home – he asks her to get dolled up and get on a fancy car downstairs. She tries to find out why, but he doesn’t tell her. Of course not. I mean this is probably a part of his special date for her or something, though it sound super shady.

Once she gets in the car she calls again to get some 411. He finally reveals that he is completing what he wasn’t able to do before – a date with her! Though she complains about it, Yao Yao immediately breaks into a smile. Awwww!

Yao Yao arrives at the hotel and is led to the designated suite immediately. As soon as she sees Jin Yan it’s all eyes on him! I do have to say, he is looking rather dashing in that suit.

Jin Yan breaks the silence over dinner and asks her if what she said at the bar was true – the fact that she isn’t looking for a boyfriend. She replies that she simply did not need him to introduce her to anyone. His response? “I wasn’t going to introduce you anyone else.” Cute!

Shortly after, Jin Yan leads her to the bedroom to “show her something.” Oh gosh, this is not going to end well is it? As they stare awkwardly at the bed he begins to reassure her in the most Jin Yan way possible which as you may guess is full of self-boasting remarks.


But first, fireworks!


After a moment of pause, as if he remembers something, Jin Yan turns over and pouts his lips! He is waiting for a kiss tehehehehehe ^^


Yao Yao: What are you doing?
Jin Yan: What do you mean? Don’t you know what you are supposed to do?
Yao Yao: [Gingerly] Thank you, Jin Yan.
Jin Yan: You’re welcome. I just want though it was romantic.

Yao Yao turns back to look at the fireworks and Jin Yan strikes again! This time he went straight for her, but she dodges it almost immediately.


Jin Yan: Why are you hiding from me? Don’t you want me to kiss you?
Yao Yao: Do you want to kiss me?
Jin Yan: I do, desperately so.


SOOOOO desperate!

Jin Yan: Wasn’t that great?
Yao Yao: Why did you kiss me?
Jin Yan: I was kissing my own girlfriend, what’s wrong with that?
Yao Yao: I didn’t agree to be your girlfriend yet.
Jin Yan: Fine, start considering it now.


Jin Yan: Jian Yao, I like you. I’m the best fit for you in every way. It is obvious our previous relationship was incorrectly placed. If two people didn’t have feelings for each other then how can we have such great chemistry like just now? You don’t have to think too much, that kiss just now already proved that we have feelings for each other. Strong feelings for each other. [Turns her around] I like you. Be my girlfriend. I only want you.


Jin Yan: Have you finished considering?
Yao Yao: It’s only been a few seconds, I am still considering.
Jin Yan: [Lets go] Ok, fine, keep considering.


Jin Yan: Can you kiss my cheeks? Just now I initiated, now can you initiate and kiss me instead?
Yao Yao: [Kisses him]
Jin Yan: Just once I couldn’t get a very good feel for it, can you do it again?



Cuteness overload, seriously! But that’s enough of that because we need to get back to the crime and mystery part of this drama. Remember the guy who lite the room on fire at the end of the last episode? We are returning to him now.


that’s some explosion

Jin Yan and Yao Yao concludes that the explosion is part of a series. Someone is using psychological manipulation to control individuals to write their own suicide note and then ignite the fire. It is also clear that the victims were specially selected. Though the explosions are similar, they have been happening at locations of higher population density recently. Meanwhile, Xuan Xuan’s neighbor is beginning to behave weirdly. He even takes out a gas tank and heads out in a taxi. Uh-oh!

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Zi Yu enters Jin Yan’s apartment while the latter was massaging Yao Yao. Zi Yu immediately suspects that something else is going all because of all the noises Yao Yao was making. Ohy, Zi Yu, get your mind out of the gutter!


  • Zi Yu coached Jin Yan on how to impress Yao Yao. He also congrats the two after the deed was done. Tehehhe ^^
  • Jin Yan’s stalker is not dead, but Jin Yan doesn’t want Yao Yao to know.
  • Apparently Tommy (the serial killer guy) conducted psychological manipulation on Jin Yan before and this is what Tommy apparently looked like… –.–;;


  • When Yao Yao comments that Zi Yu is also a genius, Jin Yan quickly states that being good at computers is a skill and psychology is an art. Oh gosh.
  • Xun Ran tells Xuan Xuan that she is pretty great too. WTHeck man, don’t do that.
  • Xuan Xuan finds a flower in her bouquet that she did not purchase. It was probably placed in her bouquet when she got bumped by some dude.

“the florist probably made a mistake” – xun ran

  • The trio recovers a hard drive left behind by the mastermind at some repair shop. Zi Yu logs in to find a message for them “say hello to Jenny.”  Yikes!



7 thoughts on “Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 13 Recap)

  1. maria says:

    Thank you for your fast recap. Wow they skip many chapters. I only read the english version from one blog. And it doesn’t reach this part yet. I guess they will focus on Jin Yan’s nemesis right now?
    That’s cool!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you … Yes indeed they fast forward a fair bit. Cute interaction though. Credit needs to be given to BJY for trying to be romantic. Hahahah.


  3. i am crying with xun ran!!! dude… come to me.. lols.. his gaze, man.. if i were her, i would cry, why? cuz i didnt want to lose my best friend for life… more than it… my best friend made a confession.. no… i better not hear anything… aahh… sad. i hope he finds a good girl *havent finished reading the novel yet*

    aaaahhh i prefer Bo drama more and more now… cheesy lines i know but better than those scenes in novel.. too fast and furious 😀

    thank you as always ^^


  4. elvenstar says:

    after dinner in the hotel, my curiosity peak a bit. After the kiss in the cheek scene then skip to the morning when Yao Yaon steam his suit, do you think it means they ‘spent the night’ or not? hehehe


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