The Talk: Would you time travel for love?

We’re talking about that true, OTP love that would make you willingly give up your smartphone…forever.

You know what they say: if you can’t find love, go back in time! Okay, no one actually says that, but it seems like anyone who time travels in a drama will fall madly and deeply in love with someone from that time period. It made us wonder: do time traveling and falling in love go hand in hand? Who needs Tinder when you’ve got a time traveling machine.

Would you time travel for the sake of finding love? And if you did, would you then stay?

Anna: In all of the time traveling dramas I’ve watched, I always found it a bit unbelievable that all these protagonists would find their soulmates in a different era. Like really, there was absolutely no one you liked in the 21st century? But being the emotional crybaby I am when it comes to dramas, I still get suckered in and always find myself weeping towards the end when the couple is faced with the inevitable separation. Damn you, space-time continuum!


Alas, since I also consider myself as sort of a hopeless romantic in these situations, I would still willingly travel backwards or forwards in time to meet and fall in love with my one true love! I can learn to live without indoor plumbing and the Internet…right? Hopefully, it’d all work out the drama way where either I’m able to stay in the past with him or he comes to the present with me. (Preferably the latter, plz.) Just think, no one would ever beat us for a better “how we met” story! True love and bragging rights forever. So, thanks; A Step Into the Past, My Love from Another Star, Rooftop Prince & Captain of Destiny for showing me that not even time and space can stand in the way of true, logic-defying love!


Estelle: Though I’m all for defying odds to be with the one you love, but the practical in me can’t quite get on board with it. I mean what about your loved ones? Family, friends? What about your responsibilities? Are you just going to shed it all for love? That’s a bit selfish, no? Plus, in these time travel scenarios I would either be going backwards or forwards permanently and I’m not completely sure I can deal with that.


even if he loves me, i’ll probably end up like this because life

After the initial honeymoon phase I’ll probably be washing my face with tears everyday missing home. Not to mention if I’m traveling back in time I would likely have to learn a new language (it’s not as easy as it appears on TV – people did not speak modern Chinese or Korean or whatever back in the days) and obey some incredibly oppressive rules because women rights were not a thing yet. Add insult to injury I might have to share my husband with other women, even if HE may only love me, we might have to bend to societal pressures because that’s reality. I’ll probably also die a sad death at a relatively young age due to the lack of medicine and the high risks associated with childbirth. Eep.

Maybe he can come to my time instead? Bring some pots and pans from his time and we will make a fortune selling “antiques.” Now that sounds more like a plan!

look of the appraiser

sell it to this guy right here and we can live happily ever after 😀

Let’s be real here and give us your takes on:

Would you time travel to find your true love? If yes, would you stay?

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12 thoughts on “The Talk: Would you time travel for love?

  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    In the new movie version of Scarlet Heart (“A Time for Love”?), the potty humor is indeed humor at various methods of elimination from the past. I guess that was the biggest difference they could figure out. It’s a pretty movie but not much plot – however, the heroine gets the best of both worlds with Tony Yang staying in the past and Dou Shawn traveling in the future.


  2. HappyTrooper says:

    Hi Guys 🙂

    It’s interesting to see you talking about this, I had been thinking about something similar after stumbling on a fanfic for “Faith /The great doctor”

    Would I travel?
    Yes, but just out of curiosity.

    Would I stay ? NO

    I would NEVER consider such a thing…If he wanted to come to my time, that’s fine. I’ve never understood how someone could give up Family & Close friendships….all because of a “love” that might just be ones hormones acting out.

    Giving up my whole life just for one person?! Impossible.
    To be honest, I’ve always been impressed by people who believe they can subsist on love alone…love of a complete STRANGER at that…

    Love built as a result of mutual respect, compatibility, attraction, respect and kindness…that I can understand.

    But to be honest, I like the fluff…a girl can dream, but fantasy land and reality are two very different things 😉


    • chasingpolaris says:

      Just out of curiosity, why is it fine for the guy to travel to your time and stay but not for you to do the same? Wouldn’t he have family and friends too?

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      • Absolutely! I considered including that but thought that would just make the post too long. He can choose to stay in his time period if he wants or travel to mine if he likes. I’m not one to make that decision for him. I would feel bad for leaving my family and friends behind but if he doesn’t and wants to come to my time then I’m not one to reject him! Does that make sense?

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  3. chasingpolaris says:

    This is a very interesting topic.

    I would quite possibly travel in time for the sake of exploration, not necessarily to look for love. Supposing that I arrive in the 70s and 80s then it would probably be much easier for me to adapt as it’s not too different from the present aside from the technological advances. As a female I’d still be treated the same way, if not worse. Gender equality is another issue to consider, ladies!

    All of that isn’t as bad as traveling to several centuries ago and to China. I’d probably be too busy looking for means of survival than to find love. (Probably be married off to someone I haven’t even met!) If I happen to find someone I like while I’m trying to make a living, then sure. Would I stay? Quite possibly, if there are no ways of getting back to the present. But if I had a choice then I’d prefer not to stay. I wouldn’t want him to travel to my time either, unless he has absolutely no one left in his time that needs him. Now that’s also impossible as he’ll have his duties to fulfill. Each of us is responsible for something after all. That being said, it’s probably better if we both live in our respective times because the relationship is never going to be “equal”. It is going to be selfish if I ask him to stay and adapt for me, and vice versa. Plus, you can still love someone who is not physically there with you, so there’s that. Not a fluffy love story, unfortunately.


  4. (New commenter on the blog here! I’ve only started following since maybe a month or two ago, but I love it.)

    I wouldn’t go back in time, not on my own terms. If I had to, then I would just be looking around for curiosity’s sake, not looking for love. I mean, who has time for love when you’re in a whole new era? Also like Estelle said, old versions of Chinese and Korean are not easy to learn (even the modern ones are difficult for most people); the societal pressures would be terrible, especially for a modern woman with a liberal mindset; and just *cringe* epidural-less childbirth and no modern medicine. Those are all reasons to go “Nope!” and stay snuggled in your soft bed with your laptop/phone.

    If for some reason I was sent to a different era, fell in love, and me and my beau survived all the drama- and era-typical troubles, hopefully he would make the sacrifice and come back to my time with me. I can’t leave indoor plumbing, the Internet, and everything else behind~! (Also, yes, bring the “antiques”, and we’ll be rich!)

    But as a separate question, are we going by Bu Bu Jing Xin rules of time travel where it’s just your spirit going into someone else’s body? Or Rooftop Prince rules where you yourself are being sent back/forward in time? Only if it was BBJX rules, I think I would be sort of okay with being transported into a different era. Otherwise, it’s not going to work out. (A black woman in ancient China/Korea/wherever? Not gonna be good.)


    • Hmm interesting question. When I wrote this, I was thinking more along the lines of Rooftop Prince rules where it’s YOU (body and soul) that time travels. But the BBJX rules might make it a better deal since then you’ll already have a life in the olden days.

      What if we just traveled to a “previous incarnation” of ourselves? Haha so many time travel options now!


  5. Oh my.. what a question you ladies throw at us. *dilemma*

    This month, I re-watched BBJX, re-watching Faith for the xx times, read Faith novel translation and fanfic “Less Than A Hundred Years”, plus Jude Deveraux’s “Knight In A Shining Armor”, my all time favorite novel about time travel historical romance. Hence, I’m still on cloud #9 right now, dreaming about my warrior and prince charming. So, the answer of a hopeless romantic me is: “Yes! I’ll do that in a blink. Our love is bigger to overcome the differences of era, the loss of what I left behind, and difficulties.”

    Bear in mind, ladies, my answer would definitely be different when I’m landed back to real world later on..Then my answer more likely would be like this:
    No internet! *gasp*, No mobile phone! *gasp*, No aircon/Heater! *gasp*, No modern toilet+tissue! *gasp*, No malls! *gasp*, No travel by air! *gasp*, and so on… *groaannn* *horror*

    …Instead of a knight in a shining armor and white horse, I’ll find my knight in a shining bentley or jag then, from the era where I live right now. And hey, LMH, LJK and Wallace (C+H) live in this era too, right? ^^


  6. Have you seen Queen In-Hyun’s Man? I thought the time-travel in it was handled very well. And one of the things I liked best was, even though he had no family and few friends to leave behind, it was still a very difficult, emotional choice for him.


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