Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 9 Recap)

Skinship! And another mystery is solved 😀

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Estelle’s Recap

Now that Jin Yan has all the suspects gathered under one roof he makes rounds to see if anyone is lying. He throws around a few comments about how the victim’s earring was found near the assistant manager’s door and some strands of hair were located by the manager’s room. After all that, he retires to a van outside the residence where the rest of the gang is monitoring the suspects.lmiyd_901lmiyd_903 lmiyd_904

In the middle of the night a take out delivery man drops by Pei Ze’s room and everyone assumes he must be the murderer, expect Jin Yan. Luckily they didn’t rush out because this was probably a test. Later that night, four different people randomly appear. Yao Yao locks on one of them and they notice him put something on the ground which projected the words “I miss you so much buddy” in red. Jin Yan and Xuan Ran run out toward the projection and it explodes.


funny expressions upon hearing the couple in the back chatting


“i miss you buddy”

Meanwhile, someone sends Zi Qi (aka Jin Yan’s step-sister) a text message via Jin Yan’s number asking her to meet him in five minutes. Believing the message to be from Jin Yan, she goes out to the yard immediately. The next time we see her she is unconscious while the perpetrator used her car to escape.

Jin Yan returns to the mansion and watches as Pei Ze walks away in handcuffs. He then approaches the remaining suspects to identify the real murderer.


The moment of truth is finally here! And of course the real murderer is not Pei Ze because that would have been too obvious. The real bad guy? The quiet employee, Lao Zhou, who roomed with Mai Chen! Apparently he is the top dog in the drug chain and Pei Ze is just one of his underling. How did Jin Yan figure it out? Well, Lao Zhou had claimed to be taking care of Mai Chen the entire night after the latter got drunk, but what kind of alcohol would have knocked someone out cold so quickly? Clearly someone had put sleeping pill in his drink and that was none other than Lao Zhou. In addition, there was a call to Mai Chen’s room from Wan Wei during the night, but no one picked up. If Lao Zhou was in the room like he said he was, why didn’t he answer the phone? Jin Yan concludes that during this time, Lao Zhou was actually in Wan Wei’s room. So she ran out in fear and cried for help, but none of the other suspects opened their doors. After killing her, Lao Zhou finds her suicide note and decides to fake her death as a suicide by cutting her wrist and putting a knife in her hand.


Here’s where it all breaks down though. Because it was not a premeditated murder, Lao Zhou did not have any other knives lying around so he had to use the knife he kept with him. This knife is the same knife that he was holding in a company picnic picture. Bingo!

never use an identifiable knife to commit murder!

never use an identifiable knife to commit murder!

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Jin Yan and Yao Yao almost kiss when she turned around at the same time he does!


  • Jin Yan teases Yao Yao about their shared kissing being her first, but it is his first too!


  • Zi Qi was knocked out after getting kissed by the fake “Jin Yan.” Ewww kiss with a criminal!


  • Jin Yan takes Yao Yao to the police station to get Pei Ze’s phone and delete that photo as promised. Awwww!
  • Yao Yao’s hair was among the items collected from Pei Ze. Apparently the creep made a calligraphy brush using women’s hair.
  • Zi Qi’s car was found under a cliff – burnt along with a body inside.
  • Yao Yao has decided to stay in Zi Qi’s company aka quit being Jin Yan’s aide and he is upset! Ho ho ho!

15 thoughts on “Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 9 Recap)

  1. maria says:

    Looks like there is a change in the preperator. It’s different from the novel.
    Thank u for the fast recap. It’s worth while waiting for the eng sub


  2. poor Zi Qi, she kissed the criminal.. but from the novel said she thought he was BJY. in another word… she likes him, right?

    ah, BJY thought that it’s his first kiss too… they are so cuteeee… i love this couple super much ^^

    thank you.


    • Well, I don’t know about the book, but in the drama she thought JY kissed her and she was confused by that. I don’t think she likes him; she has a fiance!


    • Oh man!!! I was wondering about that too! A part of me feels like it was unintentional and subconscious because he pretended like it was all fine when she woke up!


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