Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 10 Recap)

“Let me see your scars.”

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nice new haircut!

Estelle’s Recap

It has been TWO days since Jin Yan has last seen or spoke to Yao Yao. Annnnndddd he is annoyed though he pretends to be all cool and chill about it. But of course, he totally wants to see her so he goes along with Zi Yu to pick Yao Yao up from her school (she’s taking graduation photos).


Zi Yu bars Jin Yan from getting out of the car though because “she doesn’t want to see you right now, you might scare her away!” LOLLLLLL. He also gives Jin Yan a tip – try pleasing Yao Yao.

Oh, and when Jin Yan sees Yao Yao coming, he moves aside to let her sit next to him, but she sits up front instead! Tehehehehe.


So at dinner, Jin Yan immediately serves up juice and picks out the bones in the fish for her.


Yao Yao: What are you doing?
Jin Yan: Can’t you tell? I’m trying to please you!
Yao Yao: Please me for what, so I will return to being your assistant?
Jin Yan: No, not only that. I also think we should reconcile.


Later at the supermarket…
Jin Yan: Hey, Queen! Gum!
Yao Yao: Why are you calling me that too?
Jin Yan: Don’t worry about it. I’m doing this willingly without wanting anything in return.
Yao Yao: [Points to a different gum jar] I want that flavor.
Jin Yan: Yes, right away. [Hands the gum over] Reconciled?
Yao Yao: Yes, yes, I’m scared of you.
Jin Yan: Ah, serving the queen is my honor.
Yao Yao: Stop calling me that!
Jin Yan: Ok, ok. Hey, queen, what else do you want to eat?

Sooooo cutteeeeeee.


Now that Jin Yan has got Yao Yao in the bag, he is onto the real deal – finding who the dead body in Zi Qi’s car belongs to. So he chats with Susan from FBI (in that weird Chinese/English convo again) and learns that the body is of a man named Jiang Hao, who was one of the Flower Cannibal Serial Killer’s 27 victims. Susan explains that some victims of extreme trauma repeat these traumatic experiences in order to deal with them. Jin Yan brings up another possibility – that Jiang Hao was never a victim to begin with – he may have been a part of the crime from the beginning and only pretended to be a victim in order to escape punishment.


skull glasses and jug? really?

The case doesn’t end here though. Jiang Hao is probably just a pawn and there is likely a bigger fish behind it all. Jin Yan warns Zi Yu to keep this away from Yao Yao so she would not get worried.

Later that night Jin Yan comes over for dinner and spots nougat on the table. He beings to chew on it aggressively.

Yao Yao: My friend made that nougat herself.
Jin Yan: Mm, it’s pretty good. Tell your friend to make more.
Yao Yao: Don’t eat so much of it, we are eating dinner soon.
Jin Yan: [Ignores her completely]
Yao Yao: There’s black bean fish.
Jin Yan: [Abandons nougat immediately]


tough to chew

Jin Yan: So what did you and your friend say about me?
Yao Yao: We didn’t talk about you.
Jin Yan: Every time you come back from meeting your friend you would talk about what you discussed. This time you didn’t. There’s one possibility that you talked about nothing at all, but since she is your best friend from college it is not possible. It is highly likely that you talked about me because I’ve been the center of your life recently. So what did you say about me?
Yao Yao: Bo Jin Yan, can you not be so self-centered? Eat.
Jin Yan: What did you say? Tell me.
Yao Yao: Eat.



The next day, Xun Ran alerts everyone that they have found Jiang Hao’s apartment. The trio (that’s Jin Yan, Yao Yao and Zi Yu) drive on over. Does Zi Yu have another job? He is NOT getting paid to tag along…

Anyway, on the way Jin Yan starts to persuade Yao Yao to return as his assistant again. He begins by saying how Zi Qi doesn’t know her true potential and ends with “this opportunity won’t last.” Yao Yao agrees and informs him that she has been accepted into the police force as well!

Yao Yao: So now you can tell the one sitting in the back seat that you had known all along I would say yes.
Zi Yu: How did you know he said that to me before?
Yao Yao: He’s not the only one who can observe other people’s habits and behavior.
Zi Yu: You are really beginning to understand him more and more.
Jin Yan: So, I was right the other day when I said you and your best friend talked about me.
Yao Yao: Pay attention when you are driving.

Wait, I thought he has Andy? The smart car? Why does Jin Yan need to drive? I miss Andy!


At Jiang Hao’s residence they found a room with photos of Jin Yan and Yao Yao covering all the walls. Upon their return, Jin Yan suggests that she move in with him again so she can be his assistant 24/7. She rejects by saying that she needs her own space in case she gets a boyfriend in the future. Oh man, the look on his face as he walks out of the room!

lmiyd_1015lmiyd_1017 lmiyd_1018After he leaves the room, she suddenly decides to look through some files of the Flower Cannibal Serial Killer and sees information about Jin Yan’s capture. Apparently he was in captivity for about half a year and lost a lot of blood, incurring various internal organ injuries. During that time he secretly sent information to the FBI and was able to save 27 people.

Yao Yao starts balling her eyes out and asks to see Jin Yan’s scars when he reenters the room (in a new shirt – why did he feel the need to change?). He tells her no woman has ever seen his scars and she replies with “I am your assistant, I can see them.” So he unbuttons his shirt. To be honest, this jump was kind of strange and random. Is there something missing? Tell me, oh drama fairy!lmiyd_1019lmiyd_1020lmiyd_1021

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Zi Yu tells Jin Yan that if he is Yao Yao he would choose to work in Zi Qi’s company. LOL.
  • Yao Yao confesses to Zi Yu that she likes Jin Yan. He urges her to do something because Jin Yan has zero EQ and will probably not react until she is married to some other guy.
"give him a little more time and a little more chance"

“give him a little more time and a little more chance”

  • Jin Yan doesn’t let Yao Yao touch his scars because it would be ticklish.
  • A woman gets killed in the middle of the woods and the murderer takes her phone and cash.
  • Yao Yao’s best friend’s cousin introduces her new bf to the best friend. While walking around they see the dead body!

22 thoughts on “Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 10 Recap)

  1. Thank you for the recap Estelle. So far the drama has followed closely the novel with minimal changes which is very nice…. I miss Andy too… Such a cute car… Especially when he call … ‘Andy’ in one of the episode after JY make some statement… Waiting for next week’s recap


  2. diana says:

    Thanks so much Estelle for the recap, ^_^
    (while i read your recap, this episode was not fully subbed)
    The story keeps more interesting,.. I Love both of them.
    Can’t wait for next week


  3. ratnaillahi says:

    Thanks Estelle! Though the subbed video is out, it’s still fun to read your recap.
    About the jumping in scenes that you said, the details are in the novel so probably for those who read the novel as well (including me) won’t noticed it. So you might want to check out the novel as well 😉


  4. Rosie~* says:

    Hey again 🙂 .. Thank you Estelle for fast recap ..

    I don’t know why but I have this feeling that these two episodes the events are fast not like previous ones ..the are jumping quickly .. And what does the criminal wants from BJY sis I mean if he wants the car he could have just take it why kiss her ?! I wish for those who read the novel could tell us what is the difference . Not the whole story just per episode .. I wanna read it but I think it’s only in Chinese ><


  5. Gaeina Lee says:

    Thanx for THE recap, Estelle~!

    I love watching logical man with zero EQ.. The way he’s presenting his brilliant idea to move in for the sake of practicality and efficiency is so LOLable. The crestfallen face when rejected for second time is so priceless. If I were her……. *winks*


  6. mic says:

    lmao mte at the “let me see your scars” i had to fast forward thru that part. did the writers think it would be romantic or sexy b/c that was so awkward. wallace huo is so good looking but I don’t think it’s right to lie to her that there’s no one following him/them.


  7. thank you as usual.. i watched this one without engsub, hehe.. but i understood some scenes from novel and my poor mandarin 😀

    i think, the unbutton scene cuz she learned about him from the x-files hehe… but i just dont understand why in this drama, he refused her to touch him while in novel, she touched him and the feeling clings on his mind..
    emm.. i think, it’s one of the best scene cuz it tickles him, not just on his skin but also his mind 😀

    and he’s such a baby boy when he’s with her… so adorable.. super adorable,,

    thank you ^^


  8. Rosie~* says:

    yeah the unbutton scene was awkward .. i wished it was executed better ..

    they should have stick to the novel ><

    thanks Yui =]


  9. Jen Ramos says:

    Never thought I would ever encounter a foreign drama that was intelligently thought of, acted upon and an amazing twist of events – A CLASS A drama indeed, it was like viewing an international film & could even compete with the movies of James Bond. Just by the mere glimpse of the drama’s trailer anyone would be entice to view the drama & would even inspire everyone to have an analytical mind when it comes to crimes. TWO THUMBS UP TO THE PRODUCTION TEAM OF ” LOVE ME IF YOU DARE ” & MOST ESPECIALLY TO WALLACE & SANDRA. – Philippines


    • Glad you enjoy the performance and the story, and thanks for dropping by! There are plenty of dramas of this caliber out there, you might just have to look more carefully 🙂


      • SY says:

        I saw your blog for the first time when I checked out Battle of Changsa, and decided to check out Love me if you dare after that series since I fell in love with Wallace there!!
        What other drama of this good caliber would you recommend? I’ve seen a lot of bad dramas from both China and Korea, so I have to give both battle of changsa and love me if you dare credit for being fantastic!


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