Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 8 Recap)

Jin Yan thinks Yao Yao is “cute.”

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Estelle’s Recap

Despite Xun Ran’s warning, Yao Yao decides to go to the welcoming party. Equipped with the high tech from Zi Yu, Yao Yao is ready for some investigation! Woot woot! Cue spy music.

Jin Yan: [while putting on earpiece] How come I can’t get it in?
Yao Yao: Let me do it. [while shaking her head] Can it fall in?
Jin Yan: Yes, it can, so don’t shake your head randomly while eating.



Zi Yu and Jin Yan drop her off at the Pei Ze’s place. The two men wait in the car while she heads up. Before she goes though, they give her a pep talk…erm sort of.

Zi Yu: We can solve this case in many ways, so we don’t need you to probe too much to lock on a suspect. Safety is the priority tonight. Don’t ask too many questions. Don’t cause people to suspect you, ok?
Yao Yao: I know, you are so naggy!
Jin Yan: Don’t be nervous, they won’t be so stupid as to kill you tonight.
Yao Yao: Are there people who encourage others like that?
Zi Yu: Yao Yao, remember, it is raining.
Yao Yao: [looks out window…in a parking garage] It’s not raining.
Zi Yu: No, this is the safety phrase. Once you say that we will run up immediately.


say “it’s raining”

At dinner, Pei Ze sits right next to Yao Yao and puts the moves on her – saying she is blushing and taking a picture of her. SO UNCOMFORTABLE. And of course, Yao Yao feels that way too so she escapes to the bathroom to uh… search for drugs. While poking around she finds a plastic bag in the water tank, but before she can pull it out, Pei Ze knocks on the door and she has to come out.

Once she is out, other guests begin to leave with only her, Pei Ze, Xue Qing and her assistant manager lover guy remaining. Pei Ze tells the other two to clean up and he invites Yao Yao on a tour of his house. Uh-oh.


“empty bottles are not useful; don’t take them” – zi yu

Soon enough the other two exits and Yao Yao is left alone with Pei Ze. He shuts off the light and pulls out a cart. And then he trips over her, both tumbling to the ground. She tells him to get up, but he asks for a kiss first. In a moment of panic, she calls out “it’s raining!” Of course, by this time, Jin Yan is already speeding up the stairs.

lmiyd_810 lmiyd_811

Zi Yu rushes in only to find Pei Ze unconscious from a needle in his neck. Don’t worry! It is just anesthetic. Jin Yan pulls the cloth over the cart to uncover … a cake. Apparently it is Yao Yao’s birthday and Pei Ze wanted to surprise her. Zi Yu panics, saying that they have now caused a lot of trouble, but dude, I don’t think Pei Ze was THAT innocent to begin with.


hm, large cake for two!

hm, large cake for two!

Anyway, Jin Yan hands Yao Yao a taser and leaves her alone to wait for Pei Ze to wake up. The taser would be her explanation when Pei Ze asks how he passed out, but seriously, she probably could’ve gotten that a little earlier, don’t you think? I mean she was in imminent danger! Oh, and that plastic bag in the water tank? A load of cash. Zi Yu suspects it is dirty money from dealing drugs but who knows?

Pei Ze wakes up suddenly (that anesthetic wears off FAST) and Yao Yao is all freaked out. He won’t let her leave… but it’s only because he wants her to cut the cake. So she does and he takes her home. As she is about to leave the car, he pulls one of her hair off to keep as a “repayment” for tasering him. Thin Man from Charlie’s Angels anyone? Also, super creepy.


“my favorite part of a woman is her long dark hair”

The next day, the police aka Xun Ran brings all the employees in for investigation. Everyone denies any wrong doing and they all seem to have an alibi. However, Xun Ran slowly breaks them down. First, Manager Lin says she was sleeping during the time of murder, but she was in fact on the phone with Pei Ze. She quickly admits that she just wanted to fire Wan Wei, not kill her. Then, Xun Ran points out the hole in Assistant Manager’s story – he said he had his curtains drawn so he couldn’t see out, but Xue Qing had said earlier that she saw the light was off in Wan Wei’s room. Finally, the Assistant Manager admits that he saw Wan Wei enter Pei Ze’s room. Faced with these evidence, Pei Ze admits that he controlled Wan Wei with drugs and she did stop by his room that night.

lookin' good in an uniform

lookin’ good in uniform

Yao Yao brings this news to Jin Yan, but he asks her to tell the police to hold off on releasing the news of finding the real murderer. Why? Because he wants to use this to bring out the big boss behind it, the one that is watching him. So his plan? Round up all the employees and reenact the day of crime!

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Yao Yao asks Jin Yan what to wear to the party and he is SUPER picky.


  • At the welcoming party, the co-workers are discussing Jin Yan’s sex life, or the lack of. Of course, Jin Yan is un-amused on the other end.
  • Jin Yan’s birthday wish to Yao Yao: be smarter.
  • Jin Yan still has Yao Yao’s key and invites himself over for meals all the time. And she has his key too 😀
  • Yao Yao walks in on Jin Yan half naked and sees the scars on his back. He shows her gruesome pictures of victims of the Flower Cannibal Serial Killer which he has pinned on the wall. Gross, man.




  • Jin Yan leads Yao Yao to the aforementioned pictures by holding her hand! That’s cute, right???


31 thoughts on “Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 8 Recap)

  1. right… that’s sooo cuteeeeee…

    and im glad you put wang kai’s pic too.. thank you ^^

    they’ve got the killer, so… he wont keep working there, right?

    i really enjoy reading the recap. from 7-8. and couldnt stop smiling hehe. i cant wait to watch it. hope the subs will be released tomorrow or tonight 😀


  2. chasingpolaris says:

    Thanks for the recap.

    I really like how Jin Yan as positioned himself comfortably into Jian Yao’s life without her noticing. First he noticed Xun Ran’s cup on her table and now he has his own at her place and it matches her own. Then he’s in and out of her place without any resentment from her. Poor Yao Yao has walked right into his web. 😉


  3. wunny says:

    Half naked oh my god look at that sexy back and the photos are creepy thank for recap. pls can’t u make the recap a little fast I have waiting the whole week. I will happy if u make it fast. Thank


  4. Gaeina Lee says:

    Estelle, dearie~, I fall victim to your recap again.. *sigh*
    I’m dl-ing the episode and will marathon it these 2 days. Thanks to your recap dear, you lured me with sweet temptation called drama and swoony OTP.. ^^


      • I am a big fan of the other Wallace since TLTSILY, never watch this Wallace. But after marathon-ing 8 eps in a day, this W is surely growing on me. Stoic, solemn, socially-awkward genius with half arrested smile/smirk in a flawless 2 or 3 pieces suit is a sight to behold.. and, uhh, my weakness. I’m hooked.. *winks*

        Liked by 1 person

  5. cinnamon says:

    Been searching for this drama recaps for days and I’ve finally found them here. Thanks, Estelle. I watched 6 episodes in one go. I don’t regret investing so much time for this cute show. This drama keeps me smiling throughout the episodes. It’s not even a romcom! It’s just perfect so far. Wallace Huo is manly handsome. Can’t get enough of him, lol.


      • cinnamon says:

        Apparently Love Me If You Dare is my first Wallace Hou’s drama and I completely fall head over heels for him. Oh, my God! He perfectly portrays his role of Bo Jin Yan here as if he were portraying his own personality. Of course, when I wrote my comment here for the first time I was watching the last two episodes (only there’s an internet connection issue so that I had to wait for the buffering process and then I googled recap if any:) ). After finishing LMIYD, I might give Battle of Changsha a try. Wallace Huo, you’ve got a new fan! Plus, he’s older than me so that’s why I find him (usually actor in his age)…ahem…sexy? lol


      • cinnamon says:

        Thank you, Estelle. It’s nice to have a place to write comments on drama we’re watching, isn’t it? Doesn’t mean that I did not at all find any recap before, but I just find yours interesting along with the comments. So, I count it as the first. So picky? lol. Waiting for episode 9 and waiting for your recap. When is Thursday? 🙂


      • chasingpolaris says:

        Battle of Changsha is actually the drama that made me a fan of him. I never thought of him as a decent actor until that drama came along. It also helps that the rest of the cast is amazing too.


      • cinnamon says:

        Hi, chasingpolaris.

        You too said it’s good. I think I really should add it to my watch list then. 🙂


  6. Rosie~* says:

    Hey Estelle .. First of all let me thank you for the drama recap I have been searching for a group to discuss the drama together and I found yours PLUS a big hug for you you translate some phrases in the drama that weren’t clear in the subtitles so thanks

    big hug +—————-😊—————–+

    😌✌🏻 .. It’s my first drama for Wallace but I really admired his acting skills .. I love the process of their romance I mean it’s natural not too soon or too far .. Yesterday my sis start watching the episodes but she told me that there are a lot of similarities between this drama and “I remember you” for me I have not noticed XD what do you think people ?

    I hope you accept me as friend 😊 see ya


    • cinnamon says:

      Hello, Rossie

      Yes, I do agree that both “Love me If You Dare” and “I Remember You” are similar in theme but quite different in execution. I mean, people have their own preference for sure, but for me myself I like this one better. Like you’ve said, the romance is natural and I love the chemistry as well, two things I cannot find in “I Remember You”. Of course, I appreciate whichever your preference is. 🙂

      Plus, watching how Wallace treats Yao Yao that way makes me blush as if I were her, lol


      • Rosie~* says:

        Hey cinnamon =)

        I admit I liked I remember you but through watching it know how Korean drama are ..they start good but at the end you start to lose interest -_- I was really disappointed ..BUT you are right the execution is different and I like love me if you dare better ..

        About your comment of how Wallace treat Yao Yao .. It’s not only you my friend .. When he looks at her secretly and smirk … I can’t even look at the screen XD


    • Haha of course I accept you as a friend! I LOVED I Remember You! Great drama plus ❤ Seo In Guk! Anyway, there are definitely some similarities but I think the story and characters are different enough that they are not the same. LMIYD probably has more humor and silliness, and IRY had more of that kdrama charm (for a lack of better words). Both good though 🙂


  7. LovelyVee says:

    Thanks for recapping! I can’t wait for the newer episodes to come out! So far it is pretty similar to the novel! Can’t wait for the relationship development!

    Liked by 1 person

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