Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 6 Recap)

Jin Yan asks Yao Yao to move in!

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Estelle’s Recap

Yao Yao is back at work and there’s a new manager in town. Everyone is not entirely clear why his office is on their floor instead of the management floor. Whatever the reason is soon to uncovered as they rush off to attend a meeting to meet this new manager.

And guess who he is???



Jin Yan: Let me make it clear. I’m here for a short term so you don’t need to suck up to me. I have my own habits when I do things so as long as you corroborate then we will all be fine. And when I leave I will rate you all A.

Part of me thinks he is here to solve the suicide/murder case or follow some sort of lead and another part of me thinks he is here to be closer to Yao Yao. And of course, she gets assigned to be his secretary temporarily.

He asks her to follow into his office and she angrily storms in to ask for an explanation. Before anything can be really said, a table and computer are moved into his office for her.


Yao Yao: Don’t tell me there’s a case here so you came undercover to solve it.
Jin Yan: I’m so glad your brain is starting to turn. It’s just that it is a little slow.
Yao Yao: Bo Jin Yan, how can you be like this? You can do your investigation but you don’t need to disturb my work. Do you know how hard I tried to get this job? This is my life long career. When you investigate a case you don’t want there to be any disruptions, so it is the same for me when I work. But now look at me, am I an office employee or a double agent? After you leave, how can I interact with my co-workers? People are going to say “she’s a spy, we have to be careful when we talk.” Or do I wait for your next case and then go there?
Jin Yan: I thought you liked helping me. We collaborated so well together in the previous case.
Yao Yao: Me wanting to help you is one thing, my life and work being occupied by you is another thing. Your EQ can’t be so low that you don’t even understand this simple logic?

grumble grumble

grumble grumble

Annnnd then Pei Ze, the bossman, comes in to deliver two coffees and leaves. To break the remaining awkward silence, Jin Yan asks for the mocha. Ohy. As if that’s not enough, he goes on to insult her job, saying that she is just taking cheap items and selling them at a higher price.

Jin Yan: In the future, do you want to tell your grandson how many items you’ve transported or how many people you saved?

Dang, that’s a harsh. Despite all her complaints, she still proceeds to read the file on the victim. Apparently, the dead woman looked a lot like Yao Yao and though he is not very interested in this case, there’s a reason he is here and we are soon to find out!

mocha, please!

“mocha, thanks!”

So the CEO of the company they are in has been receiving mail telling her that the woman’s death was not a suicide, but a murder, and the family was paid a lump sum of 100,000 yuan to cover it up. The letters also indicate that this was all because of some secret dealings and the money came out of an account in America.

The CEO reveals that the account holder is her fiance, Yi Yang. However, she is sure that he is not involved because he is in Hong Kong. Before Jin Yan agrees to taking on this case though, he has one final request – for Yao Yao tokeep her position in the company after everything is over. Awwwwww!


The next day, Jin Yan arrives bright and early in the morning to take Yao Yao shopping, only after criticizing how her PJs does not suit her first.

Yao Yao: So you want one of everything in my house? Pillow case, blanket, paper weight, rice. But yesterday you said you couldn’t understand?
Jin Yan: Correction, two of everything. Fu Zi Yu heard and wants a set too. Don’t you think this is a great idea though? You did a lot of repetitive and trivial tasks, but if you shared your findings with us it will triple your efficiency.
Yao Yao: Bo Jin Yan, do people compliment others like you?
Jin Yan: I admire your tastes, but loath your efficiency; it doesn’t conflict.


head to toe evaluation


too early in the morning

Annnnd then when they are shopping he asks her to move in with him! Progress! Except totally not really.

Jin Yan: Jian Yao, move in with me. It is apparent, if you lived with me efficiency would increase. What I don’t like is what you like and are good at. This way my work efficiency would increase. You would also create more value indirectly.

Of course, Yao Yao refuses. I mean what kind of woman agrees to this kind of proposal? It also gets worse as he continues the conversation in a crowded elevator. Granted it was empty when they entered, but there were a lot of people around them as he tells her she has made a wrong choice. Oh gosh. SO AWKWARD.

testing the bed

testing the bed

“why won’t you move in with me?”

Now that’s over, they return to solving murders. Yao Yao reads the victim’s final letter to her mom, saying that she is going to commit suicide. Jin Yan explains that since the letter lacks logic and has a lot of habitual errors it is probable that this is a real letter, not a forged one or one written while threatened. The duo concludes that they should look into the victim’s background and history first.

Yao Yao decides that the best place to start is at the victim’s old workstation. She opens the computer to find that there is nothing even in the victim’s personal blog. Just then, Pei Ze comes out of nowhere to invite her to join a team lunch. What I want to know though is why would anyone have their info lying around at work? I mean, don’t you log out of it normally even if you log on during the day?

oh dear, yao yao needs a trim

oh dear, yao yao needs a trim

Anyway, Jin Yan somehow gets a hold of the victim’s blog. The blog documents a lot about this woman’s crush on a co-worker. Yao Yao deduces it is Mai Chen, a young employee at the company because the victim describes the man as clean and with a bit of light. Jin Yan agrees and then asks Yao Yao what women would describe him as. She responds with “a snobby and arrogant Labrador retriever.” HA! But labs are adorable though 😀




not too happy with the answer 😀

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Looks like Jin Yan is now a regular at Yao Yao’s.
  • CEO is Jin Yan’s step-sister. Some twenty odd years ago his mother married her father.
  • Yao Yao buys giant orange ceramic hippos for Jin Yan and Zi Yu. Not sure if that was included in the list of things they wanted…
  • While buying a bed, Jin Yan asks the salesperson if the bed will sustain a lot of rolling around. –.–;;
  • Yao Yao pokes Jin Yan in the face after he warns her to avoid being touched by others. And then he pokes her back. CUTE!

20 thoughts on “Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 6 Recap)

  1. chasingpolaris says:

    This episode retained a lot of the classic scenes and lines from the book. Bo Jin Yan is undoubtedly harsh but he’s so funny when saying these things that it’s hard to dislike him. I think she got him back with the last scene though. Hehe.


    • Ikr! Those were some classic Jin Yan lines that made me chuckle when i read it. But when I see Wallace speak them it’s definitely just as funny. So far I recognise soo many lines from the novel which is great as they are sticking to the source material quite closely.



    oh yeah, i just commented on soompi but back here to comment here.. love your recaps so much. i read ep 5 and 6 and they are so hilarious. ah… i really enjoy reading it and grin ear to ear.. hihi…

    but no wang kai in this 2 episodes??? 😀

    thank you ^^ please update 😀


  3. Belly Button says:

    Thanks Estelle for the super quick recapping and hard work. This weekly intermediate relief is a must whilst waiting for viki subs. Can’t live without your recapping! I am happy you captured ZiYu’s happy and funny face. I love that.


  4. hua says:

    I was skeptical about this drama after watching the trailer, but I needed my daily dose of Wallace so I decided to watch it. I’m loving it so far! I like this production. Sichun and Wallace are super cute together. So far EP6 is my favorite. I was gushing the the entire time. Can’t wait for the next two episodes to be released with subs!!!


  5. joyce1993 says:

    Thank you! I can’t remember the last time that I got addicted to a drama, like really addicted. This is drama is so good. It gets better and better every episode. They have great chemistry together.


  6. ratnaillahi says:

    Sooo happy that I’m not the only one obsessed with this drama (helloo everyone!), and now the novel as well!
    Thank you Estelle for translating, cause I’m not a Chinese or Chinese speaker either ^^
    The drama is so close with the novel and I think both leads nailed their characters. Will wait patiently for the updates!


  7. Jesyu says:

    this drama is so interesting, never thought Chinese drama would be this exciting….hahaha… Can’t wait to read the next episode…


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