Love Me, If You Dare/Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (Ep 5 Recap)

I like her – Jin Yan to Zi Yu.

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So we return as Yao Yao and Jian Xuan arrive at Jin Yan’s house to pick up the fireworks. Jin Yan, of course, looks too cool to care what they do, but we all know he wanted to spend time with Yao Yao! Good thing the fireworks are too heavy and Yao Yao asks him for help.

squealing with uncontainable excitement

squealing with excitement

me? carry boxes?

me? carry boxes? unthinkable!

While everyone  (yes the sisters and some random folks who happen to be at the beach) is excitedly watching fireworks explode in broad day light (how can you even see it?), Jin Yan quietly pulls out a surgical mask and covers his face. Does fireworks really smell that much? I don’t think I ever noticed. Then again, Jin Yan is not quite normal as well all know.

He walks up to Yao Yao and she sternly stops him from talking because “once you talk you will ruin the mood.” HA!



“don’t talk”

Soon after he couldn’t resist and goes over to release some fireworks after a little girl prompts Yao Yao to invite him. When everyone else runs away after lighting the fireworks, Jin Yan remains behind and walks nonchalantly back to the group acting all cool. Yao Yao just stares at him because she is totallyyyy falling in love.

too cool for school

too cool for school

can't take her eyes off

can’t take her eyes off

Anyway, it turns out that the only reason he wanted to light fireworks is because he wanted to prove to the little girl he wasn’t afraid of it as she had suggested. He even went over to tell her that he, in fact, had disassembled a bomb, “a giant firework that goes BOOM!” And… Yao Yao drags him away while the little girl buries her face in her mom’s embrace, traumatized for life. Yup, good job, Jin Yan, good job.



Nonetheless, Yao Yao invites Jin Yan over for dinner to celebrate some holiday. He was hesitant at first, but she entices him with fish! Yes, fish!

Yao Yao: Tomorrow, come over to my house for dinner. We will celebrate the holiday together.
Jin Yan: Your house?
Yao Yao: You are by yourself, so I’ll invite you.
Jin Yan: I can just spend it at the house…
Yao Yao: My mom loves a good time. Plus she’s even happier when there are guests. You can pretend that you are just coming over to help me add to the headcount. [Leans over] I’ll tell you a secret, my mom’s fish is cooked really well.
Jin Yan: [Pauses] What kind of fish does she cook?



The next evening, Zi Yu and Jin Yan arrive together. While the women folk are in the kitchen busy cooking, Jin Yan gets pulled aside by Xuan to inquire about the set of numbers he found in the last episode. Jin Yan refuses to answer, saying that it isn’t of his concern or interest because his job was simply to find who the murderer is. What the murderer was thinking or what a set of numbers represent is not of his concern. Despite saying this, it is clear he is worried about something as he scans his surrounding before leaving the balcony to go eat dinner.

At dinner, some awkwardness ensues. First, the police chief raises his glass to Jin Yan, thanking him for his assistance in solving the case. Jin Yan quickly shuts it down by commenting that he was just doing his job. Then, Yao Yao’s mom praises him for becoming an Assistant Professor at such a young age, and he tells her that he could’ve been a full professor but he just hasn’t been employed long enough. Oh gosh, smack him someone?

Thankfully everyone takes it in strides and the dinner continues in general pleasantry. Uh except when Zi Yu offers to help Yao Yao look for an apartment near her new job, he gets all sour with jealousy.

somebody spilled vinegar? cuz it smells sour!

somebody spilled vinegar? cuz it smells sour!

After all the guests leave, mom is all like Yao Yao, Zi Yu is a great guy, you should date him! Yao Yao denies there is anything going on and even coolly inquire after mom’s thoughts on Jin Yan. Mom tells her that Jin Yan is great too, but his job is too dangerous. Hmmm, mom you are going to be so heartbroken when Yao Yao joins this profession then!

Mom is not without her reasons though. Apparently Yao Yao’s father was the vice chief of police and he along with his parents got murdered when a criminal was seeking revenge. Yao Yao and her sister were only able to narrowly escape the same fate.



Finally the day has arrived for Yao Yao to move to Jiang Zhou where he new job is! Xuan Ran takes the day off to help Yao Yao move, but she already arranged a ride with Jin Yan. OUCH. She also brings dried fish snack among other random junk food for him and he is secretly pleased. The conversation they share in the car is more interesting though!

Jin Yan: What’s your new job?
Yao Yao: International business.
Jin Yan: You mean import, export, translate a simple customs report, sign some contract and attend business negotiations etc.?
Yao Yao: Yes.
Jin Yan: Boring, average, a waste of life.
Yao Yao: I had a classmate in elementary school named Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming wanted Li Li to sit next to him, but she already picked Xiao Qian. So everyday Xiao Ming would go up to her and tell her that Xiao Qian is a fat, ugly and stupid boy who forgets his eraser every day, essentially the worst person to sit next to. Don’t you think elementary school kids are really immature?




Back to seriousness. It’s Yao Yao’s first day at her new job. Despite learning that she has been moved to a different department, she has decided to stay. Her new boss is this playboy kind of man who pretends to be nice, but is totally sketch. Sure enough, once she sits down she discovers a creepy photo of a woman hugging someone, but the other person is scratched out. A co-worker named Xue Qing informs Yao Yao that the woman is her predecessor and she committed suicide not long ago. Eep.

shady bossman

shady bossman

the picture

the picture


dead lady

Yay! First night after work and Yao Yao is cooking in her… bathroom on a portable stove. Why? Because she doesn’t have a kitchen, that’s why! It’s totally gross though; I would never be able to do this. Wait, there are more surprises. The moment she comes out of the bathroom she finds Jin Yan standing in the middle of her living room.


Jin Yan: Why are you cooking in the bathroom? (yes, I would like to know too!)
Yao Yao: How did you get in?
Jin Yan: [Motions towards a key on the table]
Yao Yao: How did you get a key to my house? [Pockets the key]
Jin Yan: It’s annoying to always have to knock. [Looks over] That’s the key to my house.
Yao Yao: [Returns the key] I don’t want the key to your house.

Jin Yan: I’m hungry.
Yao Yao: You didn’t tell me you were coming. I only prepared enough for myself; you have nothing to eat.
Jin Yan: [While eating] Even if you keep looking at me the food will not get any tastier. What kind of rice is this?
Yao Yao: Thailand fragrant rice. I bought twenty plus fragrant rice to compare and picked this one. It’s good, right?

old married couple

old married couple

Oh gosh, someone help me because I’m totally gushing over her. They are SO cute together. SO CUTE. And wait, did he just eat shrimp? I thought he doesn’t eat any meat besides fish, or doesn’t seafood not count as “meat”? Is she “changing” him already? 😛


just eating me some shrimp

Jin Yan: How many hundred hours did you spend to decorate this not-even-forty squared meter house?
Yao Yao: I like it. I like this process.

Jin Yan: Maybe Zi Yu is right.
Yao Yao: What did he say?
Jin Yao: That I don’t understand women. I think, I won’t ever understand why women would spend hours to do things like this.
Yao Yao: This is my pursuit of a quality life.

quality life starts with ceramic hippos!

quality life starts with ceramic hippos!

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Don’t Blink Yet:

  • Zi Yu jokingly pretends to be Jin Yan again at the Jian residence.

look at that smile!

  • During the holiday celebration, Yao Yao’s mom urges Yao Yao to attend to Jin Yan instead of staying in the kitchen, but she says he can take care of himself. Mmmmm not sure about that!
  • When Jin Yan drops Yao Yao off at her friend’s place, she runs out to the balcony to see him off. Teheheheh ^^
  • Zi Yu gets a call from a woman named Yi Zi Qi asking about Jin Yan, but it is clear Zi Yu is annoyed of her.
  • Jin Yan tells Zi Yu that he wants Yao Yao to remain as his assistant because he thinks she is swell and that he “likes” her. Zi Yu acknowledges the fact with a smirk. I gotchu you, Zi Yu, I gotchu!
  • Jin Yan tells Yao Yao that though they are in the same building, his apartment is three times larger than hers and that hers can only fit “small silly trinkets.”
  • Jin Yan gets creepy text messages of pictures of himself & company as well as a message that says “I’m walking in front of you.” Clearly someone is out to get him 😦



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