The Talk: What was the most epic kiss?


For any drama fan, the kiss scenes between the OTP are definitely some of the most anticipated ones. These kisses fall under a wide range of categories: funny, sad, romantic, angry and even weird. But if there’s one thing that we can agree on…if a kiss scene is done well, it will forever live on in our drama memory.

So, what was your favorite or the most epic kiss scene you’ve ever seen?


Anna: Although I only very recently watched the beloved 2011 romcom, Greatest Love, I can say with certainty that one of the kiss scenes between Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won landed the #1 spot for me. The kiss that I’m talking about is the one shared by the OTP after Dok Go Jin (Cha) is led to believe that Goo Ae Jung (Gong) has chosen the second lead over him. But, twist! Of course, she’s only putting on a show for him to purposely drive him away.


As he’s silently processing his heartbreak in the car, she realizes that she loves him too much to give him up. You go, gurl! She walks up to his car window and stares at his sad but handsome face until he opens his eyes to see her crying. Dok Go Jin rolls down the window, reaches out so that half his body is out the car and grabs her into THE most romantic and epic kiss I’ve seen. The combination of the music, acting, and story had me in tears. TEARS. And that is how you do a kiss scene, ladies and gentlemen. (Fun Fact: This kiss scene won for “Best Kiss Scene” at the 2011 MBC Drama Awards!)

Estelle: This was a really difficult choice for me. There was the famous coke kiss in Lie to Me, the MANY kisses in It’s Okay, That’s Love. Then there’s the kiss in the street in Boys Over Flowers I’m fawning over again after watching it recently with our friend-whom-we-are-trying-to-convert-into-a-fan. And let’s not forget the roll and tumble in Huan Zhu Ge Ge though neither Anna nor I could remember if it resulted in a kiss.


Ultimately though I think I will have to give it to Gu Joon Pyo’s swoop-in kiss with Geum Jan Di. I mean that was THE moment when he realizes he loves her too much to just drive away because his evil mother is grabbing onto him. He stops the car, breaks free from his mother, gets out (leaving the door open to boot, boo-yah) and closes in on Geum Jan Di. In that moment, only she mattered and only she existed in his world. And that kiss sealed their love for each other and solidified the beginning of their story. Let’s just say it was a pretty epic kiss.

Let’s be real here and give us your takes on:

What is your favorite or the most epic kiss scene you’ve ever seen?

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7 thoughts on “The Talk: What was the most epic kiss?

  1. Christina says:

    Oh, man, so many choices. There’s the obvious one from Coffee Prince, or a great, very passionate kiss/makeout scene from Autumn’s Concerto. I think my favorite in recent memory is actually from the Thai remake of Full House. Everyone calls it the ice cream kiss. What’s funny is it’s not a deep or intense kiss. In fact their lips barely touch, but the way it was filmed was so good. The chemistry of the OTP, the way they conveyed longing and desire was perfect. The lighting was beautiful and how the scene was cut made it very intimate. I’ve watched that scene on YouTube way to many times.


  2. Table122000 says:

    There are many good choices out there, but my all time favorite has to be the intense kissing scene in Ep. 6 of Me Too, Flower. I get swept away by the passion of that scene every time, especially the second part of the scene where the girl kisses the guy. You really get the feeling of watching 2 people completely lost in one another.


  3. hariaharia says:

    I’m in Anna’s team all the way. Okay, perhaps I lack a liiiittle objectivity since The Greatest Love was my first K-drama. I had watched numerous films before coming across Korean TV. The whole concept was a “terra incognita” to me and it has absolutely nothing to do with anything I knew about romantic comedies. That kissing scene was just AMAZING. It had everything: passion but not in an angsty teenage way, the difference in height came with a purpose (credit to Hong sisters), the burst of feelings was so touching (and the OST helped a lot). The Award did not come out of nowhere, I swear, ladies! Thank you, Anna for the clip, I haven’t watched it in ages. There was a reason why they called this “The Snake Kiss”, hahaha! Cha Seung-won proved to keep himself in excellent shape,- he also displayed his superior “kissing” talent in City Hall. 😉


      • hariaharia says:

        Well, I know every itsy-bitsy detail about Greatest Love. It’s all their fault I became a proud addict after all! 😉


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