Top 10 Favorite TVB Songs (Part II)

You didn’t really think that I only had 10 favorite TVB songs, did you?

I already told you about my Top 10 Favorite TVB Songs of all time, but that doesn’t mean I was done! Besides those super classic theme songs that will forever remain at the top of the list, there are quite a few other songs from more recent TVB dramas that I also love. While most of the songs in my first list are very memorable opening theme songs from beloved dramas, the ones here today are mostly sub or ending themes. In some cases, the ending theme sounds even better than the opening. This new TVB generation brings a whole new batch of repeat-worthy theme songs!

Hi Ray!

Hi Ray!

10. Hanjin Tam ft. MC Jin – 沒時間後悔/No Time to Regret from Ghetto Justice (2011)

You probably recognize Hanjin as the teddy bear-lookalike judge on TVB’s The Voice and MC Jin as the most well-known(?) Asian-American rapper. Together, they make easily one of the coolest TVB theme songs ever.

9. Myolie Wu & Ron Ng – 是你嗎?/Is It You? from Lady Sour (2014)

Ronolie is not only one of my favorite TVB OTPs, but their duets are always on point too. This drama was totally meh, but they sound so good together. Also, is it me or does Ron always sound better when he’s singing these old school Chinese melodies?

8. Jinny Ng – 越難越愛/Love is Not Easy from Line Walker (2014)

They called this the “brainwash song,” and I’m inclined to agree. It totally wasn’t my jam when I was watching the drama because they overplayed it so much…but then it got stuck in my head lolz. Word of caution: not an easy song to sing along to AT ALL.

7. Edwin Siu & Ruco Chan – 巨輪/Big Wheel from Brother’s Keeper (2013)

A very sweet, uplifting song that matches the vibe of the drama. And TVB, let Ruco sing more! The man’s got a voice to match his beautiful face!

6. Susanna Kwan – 無心害你/Didn’t Mean to Harm You from Moonlight Resonance (2008)

Consider this the sequel to Susanna’s classic Heart of Greed theme song (my #1 of all time!). Not quite as memorable, but equally dramatic.

5. Raymond Lam – 愛不疚/Not Enough Love from Moonlight Resonance (2008)

Raymond was obviously going to be featured on this list. What can I say; his chocolatey smooth voice is just too good. I’m also very amused whenever this song is referred to as “fong sau/let go” because that’s the only line anyone ever remembers.

4. Fred Cheng – 投降吧/Surrender from Overachievers (2014)

This song was “love at first listen”; so much so that it was my pick for Best OST in 2014! It was seriously the best thing to come out of this drama…which was a hot mess.

3. Elanne Kong – 手掌印/Palm Print from E.U. (2009)

Even though this drama is infamous for introducing the world to Laughing Gor, another highlight for me was this ballad by Elanne Kong. Her acting may have been a hit-or-miss, but her voice is sweet enough to carry off this wistful ballad that’s clearly talking about Ron.

2. Kevin Cheng – 雪下思/Thinking Under the Snow from A Fistful of Stances (2010)

One of my favorite TVB dramas with a theme that sounds both powerful and sorrowful at the same time. Spoiler alert: that was the point of the drama. Also, Kevin sounds pretty good singing here!

1. Myolie Wu & Bosco Wong – 感激遇到你/Grateful to Have Met You from War of In-Laws II (2008)

Ah, Boscolie…what could have been. They were perhaps my all-time favorite TVB couple, but it just wasn’t meant to be. This was the drama that made me really ship them, and listening to this sweet duet always reminds me of those happy days. I call this a duet, but it’s definitely more of Myolie’s song that features Bosco. Even though I love this song, it’s become a bit more bittersweet than romantic. Sigh. But do listen to the song because it really is lovely! The drama was a fun one too. Boscolie 4eva.


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