Current Faves (Korean Edition)

I’m back with another installment of my current faves, and this time, we’re talking all things Korean!

1. So Ji Sub


You’re welcome, ladies.

Okay, I know this may be blasphemous…but move aside, Kim Soo Hyun, because I’ve got a new man in my life! Yes, that’s right; you read that statement correctly. I’m picking someone besides my beloved Do Min Joon to be my ideal kdrama leading man. While watching So Ji Sub in Master’s Sun (2012), I fell so hard for him. Maybe it was his character or the acting or just his overall charm, but I LOVE him. He has that playful attitude that I really like from a leading man. I literally swoon everytime I see him. He could literally be sitting there doing and saying absolutely nothing and I’d be fanning myself from his hawtness. That charisma, yo. I even changed my phone’s lock screen to his beautiful face, so y’all know this is for real. If this isn’t a serious case of fangirl love, then I don’t know what is.

P.S. Please get together in real life with Gong Hyo Jin if it isn’t gunna be with me.

2. Micky Yoochun/Rooftop Prince (2012)


To be honest, I’ve always dismissed dramas that starred Micky Yoochun because I didn’t think idols had any business being in dramas. Plus I was never a DBSK fan. But during my recent drama drought, I went looking for anything decent to watch and my sister recommended Rooftop Prince to me. I honestly did not have any high expectations for it, but color me surprised! I thoroughly enjoyed the drama and really liked all the mysteries and plot twists packed into this time-travelling romcom. But even more than the drama itself, I loved Micky Yoochun in it. He is a legitimately good actor with insane crying skillZzZ, and he was straight-up pleasant to watch. Now, I wanna watch all his other dramas and am seriously bummed that he’s off serving in the army right now. Come back soon, Micky!

3. Hong Sisters


Greatest kiss scene ever? Hmm.

I used to be a really big fan of the Hong Sister dramas. My Girl is, after all, one of my all-time faves. Maybe my tastes just changed as I got older, but I no longer found their formulaic romcoms that appealing anymore. But I also picked up watching Greatest Love (2011) and Master’s Sun (2012) during my drama drought, and realized how much I actually missed a good ol’ classic romcom. (Okay, Master’s isn’t exactly a romcom…but that’s another love confession for another day.) I must have been watching too many dark and gritty dramas/movies as of late because it was so nice to have all those quintessential drama moments between the OTP that you could swoon and cry over. I guess what I’m saying is no one really gets too old or jaded for a romcom that’s done well. So Hong Sisters, keep on doing what y’all are doing!

Was Warm and Cozy good? Should I watch?

4. Korean Englishman

Since I’m going through a serious Korean phase right now where I’m loving all things Korean, I picked up watching Korean Englishman’s YouTube videos. Quite the departure from my usual makeup vids. If you aren’t familiar, the Korean Englishman is Josh, who’s Caucasian and British but speaks pretty fluent Korean. He goes around introducing Korean culture, food, entertainment, etc. to non-Koreans. He seems like a really nice (and good-looking) dude who’s genuinely passionate about Korea. I love me a good cross-cultural story haha. I’m especially digging his current videos about his friend, Johnny’s, first trip to Korea. I would seriously wanna party with these guys because they seem so much fun and just up for absolutely anything. Dance-off with ahjummas? You got it.

I Luv U too:

– Start of the 2015 NFL season! Football is finally back! (American football, not soccer haha) Here’s something you guys might not know about me: I’m an avid football and basketball fan. When football season rolls around, my Sundays are completely blocked off because I’m watching the games all day. Yes, all day.

– Pumpkin everything. The weather is getting chillier where I live which means fall is here! Fall is my favorite season because I heart sweater weather and pumpkins. Pumpkin lattes beer, I’m coming for ya.

– Pakho Chau.  After not keeping up to date with the current music scene of Hong Kong for awhile, I’ve only just discovered Pakho. Better late than never, right?! I’m really enjoying his songs even though it’s admittedly nothing groundbreaking or amazing. Bonus fact: he looks like either Wallace Huo or Edmond Leung…depending on how much you squint.

And that’s all for this installment of my current faves! I know that I previously said I wanted to highlight some non-drama favorites in this feature, but there really haven’t been too many of those for me lately. Hope you still enjoyed reading what I’ve been loving recently, and let me know what are some of your own current faves. Dramas, music, food, weather…anything. I wanna know!

❤ Anna

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One thought on “Current Faves (Korean Edition)

  1. Blue says:

    Actually in Korea a lot of idols have acting skills and are expected to star in dramas. Idols can become actors, actors hardly ever sing too. Park Yoo-Chun is indeed a good actor and he makes good choices. I can’t think of one drama that I have seen with him that I didn’t like 🙂


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