The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 44-45 Recap)

Everything is a serious mess, but at least there is some progress!

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the only strangely happy couple

the only strangely happy couple

Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

Leng Xue follows a bunch of Ji Yao Hua’s henchwomen to this her residence in an attempt to rescue Li Mo. Despite telling folks not to look for him, everyone secretly tag along. Mu Xue was convinced to remain behind, but she offers Wu Qing a bracelet that promises to protect him or something. This cannot end well.

Once he arrives, Leng Xue tries to reason with Ji Yao Hua and tell her that ASG is only interested in using her. She doesn’t listen and continue to blame both Leng Xue and Li Mo for her downward spiral. She does bring Leng Xue to see Li Mo, but she has him blindfolded. Upon seeing Li Mo, Leng Xue is tempted to just bust her out, but throws that idea out the window when he learns that Ji Yao Hua has planted a bomb beneath the jail cell that can go off at the touch of this super fake looking skull.

the new alliance

the new alliance

“why have you come?”

Elsewhere, Zhui Ming fights with some of the henchwomen, but falls down a cliff after he inhales some drug the women scatter. When he wakes up, he becomes incredibly childlike. Meanwhile, Wu Qing faces off with ASG, but of course he is no match. Just as things begin to look dire, Mu Xue comes swooping in on a horse to Wu Qing’s rescue. As the duo ride away (not to the sunset), Mu Xue gets hit by a leaf ASG throws out. Guess what happens? Mu Xue dies. Yup, Wu Qing is destined to be #foreveralone. And what’s up with all these woman dying to save him? As a result, Wu Qing becomes listless and wasted.

zm's definition of playtime

zm’s definition of playtime


wow that five o’clock shadow is intense. when did he have time to shave before?

Back at Ji Yao Hua’s residence, she offers Li Mo a pill that makes the latter fall asleep more or less permanently. She then brings Leng Xue to see Li Mo in this state. In exchange for the cure, Ji Yao Hua asks Leng Xue to spend a night with her. Seriously gross.



Without any other choices, Leng Xue agrees. After bidding farewell to a temporarily alert Li Mo he sets out to fulfill Ji Yao Hua’s request. As things get heated up (I’ll spare you the details), he quickly searches her body for the medicine, but before he can find it, Ji Yao Hua starts to have some sort of bad reaction. What’s going on? Well, that pill she got from ASG does not allow her to love, so whenever she has these sort of “forbidden” emotions, her heart hurts or something like that.

farewell my love!

farewell my love!

Leng Xue uses this opportunity to educate her on ASG’s crimes, including her father’s murder. I don’t know why this wasn’t something disclosed to her from the beginning. I mean that would’ve stopped her from aligning herself with ASG, but of course that would’ve been too easy and the second half of this story would not exist, right?

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The Fifth:

  • Tie Shou and Yi Yi find Zhui Ming and bring him back, but they lose him again soon after when Zhui Ming insists on playing hide and seek.
  • ASG harms Li Mo to creates a deeper misunderstanding between Ji Yao Hua and Leng Xue.
  • The Princess escapes the wash house and the evil lady! Ok, she is not completely stupid.


  • Li Mo finds out that her mom is locked up at Huan Yu Shi Ku, the cave that has the special weapon ASG wants. The lock to the cave can only be opened by the blood of the wolf prince and the leader of the women in white. Uh, ok.

7 thoughts on “The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 44-45 Recap)

  1. Ji Yao Hua was just plain stupid. She disappeared before anyone could tell her anything and she immediately fell under ASG because of his “so-called” cure. Personally, I don’t think she would have listened to Li Mo or Leng Xue anyway. That whole sleep with me crap was #2 drama scene that really ticked me off about the writer! The first was the whole marry the spoiled Princess! Man, I was glad when that was over.

    Yes, poor sweet and gentle Wu Qing is definitely “destined to be #foreveralone” Okay, 3 things I was made at the writer for!!


  2. Jeanette Hada says:

    these recaps are better than watching the actual drama! cannot stop watching though. ASG’s make up is special.


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