Meet Miss Anxiety/Wo De Zao Geng Nv You (Film Review)

Anxiety about marriage? Worry no more!


  • Zhou Xun as Qi Jia
  • Tong Da Wei as Hong Xiao Ou
  • Wallace Chung as Liu Chong
  • Zhang Zi Lin as Lin Shu Er


  • Chinese/Mainland
  • Release date: December 12, 2014
  • Running time: 98 minutes
  • Language: Mandarin

Quick Rundown:

Qi Jia was so sure she was going to marry the love of her life right after college. So much so that she showed up to her graduation in a wedding goen. When it doesn’t pan out the way she envisioned, she acquires a series of symptoms that perpetuates her belief that she will be forever alone. This is when her secret (or not so secret) admirer Hong Xiao Ou steps in. Can he use Qi Jia’s low tide to his advantage and win her over once and for all?



This is your standard rom com with a cute story line and fairly good acting. The story is adorable and the Zhou Xun/Tong Da Wei combo is pretty sweet as well. I have become more of a Zhou Xun fan as of late, and despite her age, she played a convincing newly grad. Tong Da Wei repeats his magic as the loveable goofball who is reliable but not without a few kinks. Wallace Chung doesn’t have much of a role, so I would put him as cameo. If you are in it for him, then you might be a bit disappointed. As to Zhang Zi Lin, she is more of a catalyst, but not a weighty character either.

The plot is simple and straightforward. Like all rom coms, you know where it is going almost immediately. But that’s why you watch rom coms right? Not for the element of surprise in who gets together with whom, but for the little moments our OTP enjoys while getting together. There is no lack of those moments in this that’s for sure.

Overall, I wouldn’t say this is a must watch, but I wouldn’t totally cross it off your list. Pop this one in when you are bored or need a quick pick me up. It is quirky but comes with plenty of fun and good laughs.


This & That:

  • Zhou Xun was recently in Women Who Flirt with Huang Xiao Ming and Sonia Sui. She will be seen next in Dream Escape with her husband, actor Archie Kao. The film will revisit locations the couple went to together and the production is supported by House of Wax director Jaume Collett-Serra and photographer Phedon Papamichael.
  • Tong Da Wei was last seen in movie version of He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo aka Silent Separation aka You are My Sunshine. He reunites with besties Huang Xiao Ming and Vicki Zhao in Hollywood Adventures. He is also due to been seen again on the big screen later this year in Lost in White.
  • Wallace Chung cameos in Monster Hunt starring Jing Boran, which premiered on July 18. He will have a small role in WWII film The Wasted Times. We will see more of him next year though in several upcoming movie projects.
  • Zhang Zi Lin is the first Chinese person to win the Miss World title.



2 thoughts on “Meet Miss Anxiety/Wo De Zao Geng Nv You (Film Review)

  1. Jae says:

    *whines* but where did you waaatch iiiiiiiitttt?? I can’t find English subtitles anywhere. Unless you watched the raw or something?


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