The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 41 Recap)

Oh dang, Leng Xue kisses you-know-who. (No, it’s not Li Mo).

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

Li Mo pressures Leng Xue for an answer as to his sudden change of heart, but he just continues to push her away. No matter what he says though, she is convinced that this is all an act and that something is up.

look who is emo

look who is emo

Leng Xue: Chu Li Mo, you think you know me well, is that it?
Li Mo: Do I not know you well? You are the type to like the breeze in the afternoon, the forest in the dawn, the stars in the night sky, why would you like the richness of the Forbidden City? You are not that kind of person.

tell me, tell me!!

tell me, tell me!!

sadness in her eyes :(

sadness in her eyes 😦

Well said girl, well said.

Later, the Princess and Leng Xue go sun-set watching. The Princess keeps going on and on and on about how she wants Leng Xue to take her traveling and do fun things together, but he is not really listening. Soon after, he tells her to stop chattering because they are watching the sunset with their eyes, not their mouths. HA!

so happy with herself

so happy with herself

look for your eyes, girl!

look for your eyes, girl!

As if matters cannot be worse, Li Mo happens upon the Princess and Leng Xue while they are together. Leng Xue spots Li Mo from the side of his eyes and pulls the Princess into his embrace to plant a kiss on her forehead. Ouch!



However, something good does come out of the kiss! Since she didn’t feel anything, the Princess finally realizes that she is not in love with Leng Xue! Woot! Progress! She also finds out that Leng Xue only agreed to marry her because of the Emperor’s orders, so she decides that she no longer wants this arrangement.

This resolution comes a little too late though because Li Mo has decided to leave Shen Hou Fu in search of her mother. We all know that’s really just an excuse to get away though. Upon hearing this, Leng Xue dashes out looking for her. He flies atop some building and calls out her name like crazy until she emerges from the crowd. He promises her that he will not let her suffer any more injustice as long as she remains with him.

where art thou!

where art thou, juliet?

Alas the lovers embrace!

Leng Xue: I love you.
Leng Xue: I said I love you.
Li Mo: What? I didn’t hear it.
Leng Xue: Chu Li Mo, I love you!!

the obligatory twirly hug

the obligatory twirly hug


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The Fifth:

  • The Princess believes that Leng Xue has fallen in love with her. Zhui Ming tries to make her see that she is only interested in Leng Xue for his reputation and the sense of pride she would feel by marrying such a “perfect” man.

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